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About ProBion Wasa Medicals:

ProBion is state-of-the-art probiotic customised for improving digestion for all ages including infants. Expertly chosen strains create harmonising effect, and guaranteed potency produces therapeutic results

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
ProBion helps me in a great deal every day. I am a 40 year-old woman and sometimes I need to work under stress. I got to know ProBion a few years ago when I got serious skin problem and candidiasis problems. At that time my friend introduced probiotic to me and started with ProBion Clinica. I took 2 pills per day. One after breakfast and one after dinner. Together with other supplements, a plain diet and cutting down sugar intake, around a week my skin problem and Candida problem started to heal itself. When I continued to take ProBion, my constipation problem disappeared! I could go to toilet in regular time in the morning. Due to the strong effect of detoxification from ProBion, I got rid of the health problems without taking other medicines. When I finish the small bottle of Clinica, I started to use ProBion Active, as suggested by the store, and also because Clinica is much more expensive in the local store here. I took 1-2 pills of ProBion Active in the morning and the same amount after dinner. I found that ProBion Active is also very suitable for me because whenever I got any trace of skin problem, like when a small rash or a tiny blister develop on my skin, (usually this happens after I had more sugar intake!) I take more ProBion (2 in the morning and 2 after dinner). Those skin problems will heal very quickly. I have also tried ProBion Basic and ProBion Daily but finally I came to a conclusion that ProBion Active is the most suitable type for me. I like it very much because I can feel that taking it every day it improves my health and well being.
I recommended probion for high concentration of good bacteria and effectiveness. It worked for my bladder infection quickly and I use it daily since.
I have had bouts of diverticulitis for about 15 years and before I discovered probiotics, I suffered several attacks a year. Probiotics haven't totally stopped the attacks but they have vastly reduced the number and the necessity to take antibiotics so frequently. I can't remember exactly where I first came across Probion.... I think someone on a facebook group recommended them, I went to the website and saw the free bottle of Clinica offered and decided I had nothing to lose. I didn't actually start the Clinica for some time mainly because I was so used to my old brand, I was a bit nervous to change. The Probion Clinica are very good and I now have purchased a bottle of Probion Daily. Probion probiotics seem to have reduced even further my cramping and bloating and my worries about my next attack of diverticulitis are no longer in the forefront of my mind. At the moment, because I still have some Clinica, I am taking one of those one day and the next day two of the Daily ..... all seems good so far! So pleased I've made the change and will continue with Probion.
This probiotic is of the utmost quality. The researchers have put so much thought into the formulation, and you can be assured that the probiotics will be delivered to the GI tract. Studies have proven ProBions efficacy, so I feel confident taking this product. Very happy with my purchase.
I ordered ProBion Clinica for a cancer patient who is undergoing intensive treatment, specifically because she was routinely receiving antibiotics due to complications with chemotherapy-related infection. Her experience was very positive. The ProBion Clinica helped with treatment-related diarrhoea and with her digestion in general.
I am glad to have been introduced to ProBion. And yes this product has help me in that I get much less gastritis nowadays. It has also help my bowel system. I do not see a need the use of antarcids for now.
Very helpful for health!
It is always good to find a company whose product actually works and who are interested in developing and improving their service and products. Very quick delivery coupled with good customer service and follow up.
Excellent!! I suffer with very sensitive gut, and ive tried just about everything. I was slightly apprehensive to try these i must admit. But when signing up i was offered a free sample, and that tempted me to at least try them. How glad i am that i did!. After suffering, GORD, Hiatus hernia, Gut dysbiosis, Allergies, just to number a few ailments, i didnt want to upset my Gut. These tablets are great!... No problem in taking, there is very little ingredients in them, so please, dont think twice, order them and give them a try, im glad i did.. THANKYOU PROBION :)
Initially I had to just take half of a tablet because I had to get used to it. Then after about a week I took the full tablet and noticed a massive improvement in my stomach. I was no longer getting IBS in my stomach which I had been getting for several years. I did try other probiotics and I used to go and see the doctor frequently about my stomach issues. I had an endoscopy and they found nothing. I even eliminated certain foods to try and find if that would help. Nothing changed though until I took your probiotics. I have been taking them for 3-4 months now and have had no problems with my stomach. I would recommend them to everyone.
I used to take a probiotic capsule then the company decided to change the capsule to a vegetarian one. The ingredients used made me feel bloated and very uncomfortable. My husband is a pharmacist and said this is very common in women. I went to a number of health shops searching for a probiotic that was not a vegetarian capsule with no luck. Then after a lot of searching on line I came across ProBion. I am so pleased and I feel so much better and more comfortable now I am taking a probiotic again. Thank you ProBion
I've long had digestive problems and have tried various remedies including probiotics, with varying degrees of success. However, when I contacted Mike at ProBion after reading about their range of probiotics I got a very helpful reply and a sample of the Clinica to try. It's transformed my health. The company are so helpful and the orders arrive quickly. Highly recommended.
Have tried Active and Cinica so far. They are really helping with gut dysbiosis, something I've wrestled with for years. I'm particularly impressed with the clinica - and that's on only a one a day dose. My skin is noticeably clearer, my gut is happier and digestion has improved. I shall increase the dose gradually - too much has caused unpleasant die off symptoms. Love the tablet form - easy to take.
I have found that the Probion staff were very helpful when I was trying to discover if ProBion would help me. They directed me to the research and the experience of other people which I found very helpful.
I must say I'm pleased with the Probion Clinica tablets, they have helped to settle my gut, I've had some mild discomfort especially in the first two weeks. I started with these probiotics for the known benefits that occur by having a healthy gut flora. I've been prone to episodic gastric upsets prior to taking Clinica and they appear to have stopped these flair ups.
I tried Probion probiotics because I was experiencing symptoms such as bloating and abdominal cramps periodically. I was already taking a prebiotic but wanted to see if a good probiotic would help further. I have found that I am now experiencing fewer symptoms since starting Probion and am impressed by the scientific research behind their products.
I noticed the effects from these probiotics within days, my sluggish digestion returned to normal and I had increased energy levels. Although I did have a few more aches and pains to begin with probably due to the detoxing effect, these reduced considerably after that. I also noticed that a bad taste I was getting disappeared, probably due to the detox effect. Where I am most impressed is how much my sleep has improved, it was taking me hours to get to sleep now it takes minutes so definitely recommend these for insomnia. Powerful probiotics, you can feel the difference with these.
Thrilled with dealing with ProBion…...No problems with ordering and they arrive in a timely manner.....Also brilliant tablets which do as they say.....Couldn't be happier....Thank you....
Products are amazing. I have tried a few but these had immediate and long-term results. Great customer service too.
I had some weird symptoms at the beginning. As advised by Probion team it was normal as part of the process of detoxification, however, after 2-3 weeks I felt slightly better, I kept taking it and I feel massively better now, really impressed how I feel in between meals and my digestion has improved a lot. I will buy this for my mother as well.
ProBion Wasa Medicals is rated 4.86 based on 44 reviews