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I thought my experience with the clinic was good. The therapist was helpful, professional and engaging. I thought that the combination of talk therapy and discussion was helpful to get me back on track and focus on where I want to be going forwards. I feel in a much better position now.
(Dr. Shirin Shams) - Posted 1 year ago
Professional service and a pleasure to work with.
(Dr. Rebecca Spellman) - Posted 1 year ago
I have found Tamara to be fantastic. She is thoughtful, engaged, supportive and has offered extremely valued advice.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 1 year ago
Becky was a great spokesperson and provided an interesting and insightful psychological perspective for a day of radio interviews. She was thoroughly prepared and extremely knowledgeable of her area of expertise. Becky is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.
(Dr. Rebecca Spellman) - Posted 1 year ago
My daughter saw Tamara Licht for several sessions, and she really helped her manage her feelings for the better, addressing both a bullying problem and a related sleep problem. She gained my daughter’s trust from the outset and I am most grateful for the help.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 1 year ago
My daughter’s and my own experiences with Tamara Licht at the private therapy clinic felt very natural. She was very easy to talk to, maintaining a professional yet comfortable environment within which my daughter felt she was able to express her thoughts freely. I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking therapeutic assistance.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 1 year ago
Have been having sessions with Vivi for about 2 months now – made coping and dealing with my anxiety and low moods & / depression much better. Have tried 2-3 other therapists this year before this, and they never suited me well. Sessions with Vivi helps me with dealing with my thoughts and how I deal with them. Her approach is very professional and comfortable. Instead of 'I'm sorry you're in this state' she's more like 'Right. Let's try to work this out with these options –'. I also like that she helps me to deal with my problems first without quickly/conveniently suggesting medications/pills.
(Vasiliki Gofa (Vivi)) - Posted 1 year ago
I came to Dr Sawa to deal with anger management issues. This has been a long time problem for me. He was very accommodating and recommended Psychotherapy and medication. I was reluctant to take medication but I am glad I gave it a try. My situation improved significantly within 2 weeks and I am now doing Therapy to implement a long term result. Dr Sawa has been very helpful and I highly recommend him. Mental health is at least as important as physical health and people should not shy away from seeing a Psychiatrist. You don’t need to be mentally ill to benefit from it. Most people have some sort of disorder that is holding them back in life.
(Dr. Matthew Sawa) - Posted 1 year ago
Dr Becky Spelman, has been instrumental in giving a new lease to my life. I was suffering for 30 years with PD & Agoraphobia. She had a road-map of 6 months to take me from my limited movement of 20 kms radius from my home; to make me FLY (over 10 hours flight) She is very professional, a subject matter expert, she understands the challenge faced by the patient, has the HUMAN TOUCH, and a patient listener, constantly encourages, and most of all a very ethical person. She made me feel, that she genuinely wanted me to get OK, and not just lip service to justify her one hour session.
I would highly recommend Dr Becky Spelman to those who have been suffering and have tried several other Therapists/Doctors.

Trust is earned, when action meets words.
Thanks to Dr Becky Spelman
(Dr. Rebecca Spellman) - Posted 1 year ago
My sessions with Dr. Matthew Sawa were integral in helping me understand what was going on and how I can feel better. And I wish I have taken this step sooner. Dr. M. Sawa really listened to me explaining and remembering what was going on and really considered it in details. My sessions helped me understand a more complex nature of what I was going through - and helped me consider different ways of how I could feel better now and on the long term. I wasn't that keen on medication and Dr. M. Sawa was attentive to this and worked with me to find other ways of how I can recover. He also opened me up to considering how I can deal with more urgent situations and explained where I could receive support. This really worked for me and I am very grateful for his help, his recommendations and attentiveness. These sessions were extremely important for my recovery.
(Dr. Matthew Sawa) - Posted 1 year ago
Speaking to Dr Matthew Sawa was integral in helping me understand what was going on and how I can feel better. He really listened to me during our sessions and suggested many different ways in how we can approach my situation. My sessions with Dr Matthew Sawa encouraged me to consider a more complicated nature of what I was experiencing and helped me feel much better. It was a safe environment and Dr M. Sawa was very attentive to the details of what I was saying. I wasn't keen on medication and he was attentive to this and helped me find a way to feel better which really works and I am comfortable with.
(Dr. Matthew Sawa) - Posted 1 year ago
Very professional and really helped me through a difficult time.
(Vasiliki Gofa (Vivi)) - Posted 1 year ago
I really look forward to my sessions with Vivi because she knows how to make me comfortable and it feels really easy to share how I feel without any judgment. Since the start of my sessions up to now I noticed great improvement in my self confidence and character.
(Vasiliki Gofa (Vivi)) - Posted 1 year ago
I am very pleased with how the private therapy clinic has been with me. I was contacted back on my initial contact and was given a full breakdown of what I can expect and the process that will follow.
Tamara has been amazing and has helped me work out all areas of my life which I can see noticeable improvements on. I have recommended a few people to the private therapy clinic and will continue to do so. 5/5
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 1 year ago
Dr M Sawa is the first professional who has acknowledged my systems. I have on many occasions went to different practices and they always assumed I was fine because I had a good job and eventually got a good education.
Dr Sawa seen past the job and education and seem the struggles, signs and symptoms I have being living with.
Within an hour, of our consultation, I felt heard and got knowledge on how best to go forward.
Dr Shaw will remain on the top of my list for support, help and advice from now on.
I would recommend anyone struggling to see him. He is fantastic at what he does. Most importantly, will give answers or alternatives.
(Dr. Matthew Sawa) - Posted 1 year ago
I am so impressed how Dr. Daniela sorted my messed up mind so constructively. I am experienced in psychology, though had some issues I needed someone to guide me through, so I needed an expert. Daniela is a true expert you would be looking for in many areas. She definitely helped me, I am in harmony now. Thank you Daniela. xx
The Private Therapy Clinic 5 star review on 21st March 2019
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 1 year ago
I’d never been to therapy before, but I was struggling with my sleep which was impacting my day to day life so started attending sessions with Daniella.

My sleep has returned to normal and I feel a lot better positioned mentally to deal with the day to day.

I can not recommend Daniella enough.

Thank you!
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 1 year ago
I started doing therapy with Vjosa not long ago and I cannot believe how much is positively affecting my everyday life.I moved to UK few months ago and I started therapy because I was finding it difficult to fit in on this new country.Secondly I lost my motivation to work for achieving my goals.Vjosa has been very supportive and has listened to all the problems I’ve been facing .We are both fighting to work on them.The fact that we’re both Albanians also helped me expressing myself more easily and feel more comfortable with her as we can also speak in Albanian are share things in common.
(Vjosa Hyseni) - Posted 1 year ago
I am very satisfied by my initial meeting with Dr. Matthew Sawa. In particular, what I am grateful for is his sympathetic and understanding demeanor to my issues and situation. Unlike my previous experiences with other Psychiatrists, he gave a wholistic approach giving a variety of suggestions and possible treatments to cover the breadth of my different, but related issues. I can see he is trying to get to the root cause as opposed to treating superficial symptoms. He was reassuring about life experiences I had that upset me. He respected my religious beliefs and was very professional. I am happy to recommend him to a friend or family. The Private Therapy Clinic has made an excellent recommendation for me in seeing him.
(Dr. Matthew Sawa) - Posted 1 year ago
Great service, polite staff and professional advice. I am particularly grateful for the extensive and friendly insight of Dr Sawa.
(Dr. Matthew Sawa) - Posted 1 year ago
The Private Therapy Clinic is rated 4.81 based on 366 reviews