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Great service, understanding therapist.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 6 months ago
I saw Dr. Rossi for approx. 15 sessions for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. She delved right into the heart of my problem, and understood me in a way no one else has. She was very welcoming, charismatic and funny, and never made me feel uncomfortable. She has started me on a path to change my life for the better. Secondly, The Private Therapy Clinic was very professional, with quick and helpful responses via email and phone. Thank you all for your help.
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 6 months ago
I can’t thank Tamara Licht and The Private Therapy Clinic enough for the amazing support I received at a very distressing time.

From the first to the last communications, I have been treated with nothing but Respect and for the first time in several years, Tamara gave me hope.

Tamara was amazing. She is eminently qualified but I was amazed just how quickly Tamara was able to put me at my ease and unobtrusively obtain the material she needed to diagnose and provide a prognosis for my condition. Tamara made me face up to the criticality of my situation.

As a self-funding client, not only did I receive an exemplary professional service, the cost of the service was very competitive and proved to be excellent value for money.

I trust Tamara and the Clinic implicitly and both come with my highest recommendations.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 6 months ago
We approached the Private Therapy Clinic to help my son to sit the WISC-V IQ test with the view of him applying for membership with the British Mensa. Staff at the clinic were very helpful and within days we had an appointment with a psychologist. My son thoroughly enjoyed his IQ test which lasted just under 2 hrs and when he came out of the test his reaction was "Mum, I wish I could have carried on with my test, the activities were so enjoyable"! The psychologist we saw was child friendly and professional. We had a fantastic service from the clinic and my son is a happy member of the British Mensa.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 6 months ago
I’m a 26 year old, who was really struggling with my mental health, particularly anxiety.
I never really understood what I was going through and why I was feeling the way I was.
It took me months of nagging but ultimately I realised I needed help and signed up.
I can’t tell you how much peace therapy has brought to my mind.
I use to be nervous and anxious to attend the sessions. Now I look forward to them because I know how much better I’m going to feel after.
My therapist always says it’s your hour and you get to talk about whatever you feel like.
Overall, I’ve learned so much from therapy and it is really helping me grow as a person.
I would recommend this to anyone.
I’m personally being treated by Vjosa, and I highly recommend her.
(Vjosa Hyseni) - Posted 6 months ago
I had a wonderful experience with Vjosa Hyseni and would recommend her to everyone who experiences a dilemma or feels stuck and unable to make a choice. Initially, I was very hesitant to ask for help but I have to say that Vjosa really helped me to relax and structure my thinking process. There is no magic and a lot of work has to be done by the patient, but it is so critical to have a professional therapist leading the process! Vjosa helped me to peel off layers of my experiences, look at them critically and get out of endless loops of thoughts that I was 'playing' in my head. I feel positive now and although the big decision is still in front of me, I feel prepared to deal with it and know I'll handle it well.
(Vjosa Hyseni) - Posted 7 months ago
The therapy I have received from Dr Rossi is five star. She has always been extremely professional , knowledgeable , helpful and has been the first therapist that has shown a real understanding and I feel has really listened and taken time to understand. Whilst having my sessions Dr Rossi has helped me understand why I behave the way I do, given me useful private reading and helped me reflect on life through an adults eyes when previously I was stuck as a scared child. I would recommend Dr Rossi to anyone in need whom has been a victim of their childhood and has been stuck in not knowing how to move forward as an emotionally healthier adult..She has made a difference to my life. I have no complaints re the private therapy clinic and the continuity of care I have received. I do feel that it would have been detrimental to my therapy if this had been session restricted. I have felt that the private clinic has been generous with my sessions but I can categorically say I have really needed that amount of time to challenge my thoughts and behaviour which had become habitual, damaging and hard to change. I thank everyone that has made this possible for me but especially would like to thank Dr Rossi for her empathy , knowledge and professionalism. I have felt safe in her very capable hands.
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 7 months ago
Dr Rossi has been amazing & really transformed me, after going to few different counsellors but having the same issues, I came to Dr Rossi who was able to very quickly give me tips to help me work through things. The admin department however is very disorganised, difficult to get through, and can cause much stress.
(Dr. Daniela Rossi) - Posted 7 months ago
We were referred to Tamara Licht. We found her to be impressive in that she was quick to grasp the nature of the problem with our son, his anxious and depressive state, how to work with us as the parents, and not afraid to speak her mind and provide directions. She reads people and personalities well and knows what to do to engage and help. She worked outside her normal hours and that showed a sense of care and desire to resolve a problem. She can be sympathetic and firm when she can be. She inspires confidence. Anyone with children in this state will tell you how tough a journey it is for a family but she can be counted to rely on.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 7 months ago
My time at the Clinic has been thoroughly supportive and entirely constructive. Dilek is brilliant to work with, she approaches each aspect in a structured methodical way with in a team work mentality, I can’t rate her enough!
(Dilek Aygun) - Posted 8 months ago
I found my work with EMDR and Dr Chrysagi to be extremely rewarding and hugely beneficial - I feel very positive benefits from our work, and recognise changes in my behaviours and how I feel about things. I came into this therapy with an open mind and an open heart and Dr Chrysagi more than met me half way: she is warm, encouraging, and yet direct and asks the 'difficult' questions, prompting self reflection and increased self awareness. She gives great feedback. I do not hesitate to recommend the EMDR process.
(Dr. Alexandra Chrysagi) - Posted 8 months ago
It never occurred to me I would benefit from support for mental health issues as I've always considered myself as "level-headed". I was very wrong and I let things get far too bad before seeking help. Dilek has been incredible. Her way of telling me back things I told her but with a positive, reasonable slant on it has allowed me to see things differently and far more calmly. My sleep has improved, my anxiety has reduced dramatically and, when it does start to rear its ugly head, I have tools Dilek has given me to deal with it and move on. I started out unsure whether therapy would work but I am hugely grateful that Dilek has proved me very wrong. I can thoroughly recommend her.
(Dilek Aygun) - Posted 8 months ago
Tamara is kind and understanding therapist who has helped my son.
The environment and space is very respectful and confidential.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 8 months ago
I achieved amazing results from Dr Alexandra Chrysagi in a very short space of time. She is extremely personable and put me at ease immediately. This allowed me to easily open up from the very first session and quickly get to the root of the issues I had been facing. If you are particularly interested in trying EMDR therapy, you will find no better therapist in London.
(Dr. Alexandra Chrysagi) - Posted 8 months ago
The clinic itself is quite average including the admin support which was poor and the facilities should be improved significantly.
However, Dr. Alex Chrysagi was AMAZING and literally saved me and turned my life around. She opened up my eyes to so many things and I am so grateful for all of her support.
(Dr. Alexandra Chrysagi) - Posted 8 months ago
These sessions have helped massively, and of all the therapists and councillors I’ve tried, this has been the fastest and most effective. I would highly recommend to anyone
(Dr. Alexandra Chrysagi) - Posted 8 months ago
I have been seeing a grief specialist from the Private Therapy Clinic for three months and it has been incredibly helpful. Can't recommend this team highly enough, they're amazing!
(Dr. Alexandra Chrysagi) - Posted 8 months ago
I've been seeing Vjosa for anxiety issues for a few months. She has helped enormously in de-tangling years' worth of anxiety issues, which had built up from a few life experiences and further complicated by a previous therapist who, I began to realise after a while, was making no difference/ actually made things a bit worse in the long run by pushing theories on me that didn't actually make sense to me. Vjosa really built my trust up again in the therapy process, and I feel genuinely confident now that what we discuss in our sessions is actually focused on what's really going on in my mind and getting to the root of the issue.

Vjosa is very intuitive, and has demonstrated a few times an understanding of what's going on in my mind before I even describe it. But crucially, she also always checks with me whether her interpretation is accurate, and in the instances where it doesn't quite match up with what I'm feeling/thinking, she listens openly to my new explanation and changes tack. This has been essential for me, because it really allowed me to build trust after my previous experience of therapy. It was also incredibly reassuring, as I was feeling totally overwhelmed by how knotty and confusing the anxiety issues had become, but her genuine openness and patience reassured me because it made me really believe that she would sit there and puzzle it out with me, even if it meant changing course a few times. It never felt like she was trying to push me in any one direction, or that she was becoming impatient or her pride would be hurt if I disagreed with what she was suggesting. She also seems to have a genuine passion for what she does - she always seems genuinely so interested in how my thought processes work, and figuring them out with me. I think this combination of her positive attitude and her open-mindedness are what have really allowed me to trust her fully. And once she gets something, she really gets it, in what seems like a very natural and intuitive way.

She also manages to strike the balance between challenging me and reassuring me. She can tell if you're not properly focused on getting to the bottom of something, and will call you out for it! And then on the flip side once she sees you're really trying, she is incredibly supportive and empathetic. When I got frustrated or felt hopeless about my mental state, she really managed to reassure me that there was nothing too complicated that we couldn't figure out.

We recently passed a huge milestone and I'm now taking a break before going back to deal with some further underlying issues. I'll definitely be going back to Vjosa to pick up where we left off, after I've enjoyed a bit of my new-found peace of mind!
(Vjosa Hyseni) - Posted 8 months ago
Tamara is very professional and caring. She also is very accommodating of our schedule and needs. She has worked wonderfully with our daughter and her school to facilitate needs. We would highly recommend her to any parents looking for help with their teens.
(Tamara Licht Musso) - Posted 8 months ago
My therapist (Dr Chrysagi) was excellent, using a number of techniques and engaging me fully in the process. She provided links to reading materials between sessions so that I was prepared and understood the purpose of the exercises. She was supportive and understanding but also prepared to challenge where required. The course has made an enormous difference to me and to my close relationships
(Dr. Alexandra Chrysagi) - Posted 9 months ago
The Private Therapy Clinic is rated 4.81 based on 366 reviews