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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The glasses are durable and strong as I had many accidents and they are still ok. Ok quality for the price I paid on offer.
This is my second purchase, I got more items this time. Best product after tried other 3 brands
Je suis très satisfaite de mes deux achats : j'ai acheté l'écran pour mon MabBooAir 13,3 pouces et pour mon Iphone et j'en suis ravie !
J'avais également acheté l'écran pour le Mac 27 pouces et je n'ai pas pu le garder parce qu'il faisait des bulles. Ocushield m'en a renvoyé un autre pour faire un 2ème essai. Ce 2ème essai n'étant pas plus concluant que le 1er, j'ai été remboursée sous 24h, sans discussions.
Je trouve cette attitude commerciale particulièrement agréable et suffisamment rare pour que je la souligne ici. :-)) Bref, je recommande cette société.
Huge improvement for the eye strain I was experiencing with extended screen time.
I did have a little difficulty with getting the shield in place but once there it stays very well. Just hope I can remove the tabs and place replace the shield on the new laptop when that time comes.
Ordered From: New York, USA
Occupation: Quality Control Specialist
Order Arrival time: 3 Days - https://i.imgur.com/9szhukz.png
Advice: Don't be a numb nut. Model numbers of your monitor changes when ordering from a different country. Don't confuse display aspect ratio with monitor aspect ratio; take out some measuring tape, physically measure the monitor, and do a little basic math to compare specifications to be sure of the monitor ratio. If you're not from the UK, and you weren't enough of an adult to realize Europe has a different measuring system from the USA, then getting the wrong size is your own fault for not paying attention to any science or math class for 12 years of public education.
Review: Satisfied! Crying shame Google and internet trolls don't do quality focused companies like Berkey, Alen Air, and Ocushield any favors. I have a 27'' monitor, so the edges can darken with the privacy protection if the screen isn't properly distanced. I was careful to rub out as many bubbles as I could on the double sided tape, and some were visible after putting the screen on, so be careful about that. The shield covers the screen really well, and even compensates a little for thin lines that show up through the sides. If little imperfections bother you, install with the monitor laying down for a slightly better result.
After reading reviews and seeing their products on Youtube, I bought a screen protector for my iPhone. I was getting really bad sleep from being on my phone, it was straining my eyes and this product has helped SO much! I would definitely recommend it.
The screen did not help my eyes at all. In fact, the many lines that it has (probably due to the privacy filter) made the screen very grainy and dark, and it strained my eyes even more. When I tried to return it, which I thought would be much easier due to the "100 day refund policy" that they advertise, it was such an ordeal. They kept trying to convince me to keep the screen or to send me a new one instead of letting me return it and get a refund. It took so many emails back and forth until they finally agreed to give me a 50% refund. They do not issue return shipping labels, nor do they cover return shipping, so you will have to arrange your own returns (which is more arduous and expensive if you live abroad), thus making a 50% refund pretty much the only option. Furthermore, when I suggested making the return policy clearer, they acted very defensively saying there was absolutely nothing wrong with how it was currently described, which was very off-putting. All in all, it was a very stressful and disappointing experience, when all I wanted to do was to protect my eyes. If you are planning to purchase this item, expect to keep it and do not expect an easy return process.
The website is clear and understandable and the products can really help the health of your eyes.
Today is September 24,2020. I have been waiting since august 20,2020. There’s no tracking number so you can’t track where your item is at. This will be my first and last time ordering stuff from this website.
Ocushield is rated 3.89 based on 9 reviews