Novatech Reviews

2.96 Rating 28 Reviews
Happiness Grade

Novatech have a Customer Happiness Grade of C-. Customers love their prices and delivery but are unhappy with their customer service and refunds.


Price - Excellent

Industry Average
Considered a good e-tailer however very frustrating where back-orders are concerned. They entice you to enter their website and take up their offers however upon stocks arriving advise of colossal price increases. They should not be advertising low prices on OOS items that clearly they're not going to honour upon stocks arriving.
- Anonymous
Helpful staff, competitive prices, really nice to do business in person without paying a premium
- sfxyz
Great price and quick delivery. Will use again.
- Keith Brown

Delivery - Fast

Industry Average
Very good Customer Service and great Speed on delivery times. The product also came in great condition with an added fan.
- Anonymous
Extremely fast delivery and competitive pricing!
Excellent customer service, Prompt delivery, friendly service all round
- Ransford Rogers

Refunds - Difficult

Industry Average
Products ok customer services, warranty claims, refunds absolutely dreadful, like I read in another review they will fight you to the bitter end if you are after a refund even though if they are wrong, consumers need to be made aware of this, absolutely disgusting, unfair, unreasonable treatmentment towards a loyal customer for years.
- A loyal customer for years but not anymore
Offered a refund with a 20% (£70) reduction due to the 'damage' which, after an hour and a half of banging my head against the wall, I accepted under protest.
- ady7970
I received an email saying that the memory works (been tested 13 times!) and that I had scratched the flanges (there are lumps of aluminium stuck to the RAM (for cooling i presume) Got nowhere with customer service except "cant issue a refund, look at the pictures we sent you you damaged the items) received the pictures could see nothing and even the technicians own admission says its hard to see.
- unhappy customer
Industry Average
Poor quality product that was faulty and a very poor quality company in customer service absolutely small minded unprofessional approach to solving customers problems from management. be warned this is not the type of company you would like to try and return a default product to, best shop somewhere else .
- Mark Harrsion
placed order on 10th Jan, order suppose to arrive Fri, 19 Jan 2018, never heard from them, contacted customer service to get answered by rude customer service all that she was saying, item not in stock, we don't know when it will be back, I think she was reading from a paper, received email saying item will be back in stock last week.
- Anonymous
As the item is still not here I have just called them to chase and was advised it isn't expected to be delivered before end of November!!? I have ordered well in advance, paid increased delivery cost, just to make sure it arrives on time, and all I got was rude, unprofessional, not even apologetic attitude from their customer service saying that's it, nothing they can do.
- Irina