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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Having paid for a Saturday delivery my treadmill did not turn up - i was told that the courier didn’t have a big enough van! (really!!). Contacted Nordictrack on the Monday - they apologised and re-arranged delivery for the following Saturday. Was contacted by the courier at 15:20 to tell me they would be with me at 16:00. They did not turn up!! Tried to contact customer services but no joy there either. I have now wasted two Saturday’s in a row waiting for a treadmill that has never arrived! This is quite easily the worst customer experience I have ever had! I could have purschased via my Amazon Prime account and had no problems at all. I think I will cancel my order on Monday and purchase a treadmill from a reliable source. Such a shame but I recommend you look elsewhere it you actually want to receive your goods.
Posted 2 years ago
This was such a disappointment and waste of time! After purchasing a £799 crosstrainer (on sale, initial price was £1499) and unwrapping it (which took quite a long time and made a lot of mess), we couldn't even put it together because it was faulty( the frame was bended and the screws wouldn't fit).
I honestly thought that the price would be proportionate with the quality. Obviously not the case!
Posted 2 years ago
The goods are still outstanding. Di taking money very good indeed. The rest like delivery no good. Except to solicit this review! Maybe this will attract some attention from them other than to my cash? Hope so
Posted 3 years ago
I have not got it yet as am away until 21st August no one can take delivery until then and I can only communicate by e-mail please contact me by e-mail or text which you have
Posted 3 years ago
I repeatedly asked for build support, which I am quite willing to pay for and I made this clear in my calls but was refused each time I requested help. Some of the replies were it is very easy you just have to hook on the paddles etc. Wrong it seems to me the team in Ellipticals have never attempted to build one. The build instructions were buried at the bottom of the box, I suggest they should on top, My daughter and 2 friends have attempted to build the machine and I would think we are nearly half way there.

Perhaps it may help if I describe I detail my medical situation. I am currently under 3 neurologists at UCLH. Something is attacking my Cerebellium. They know it is not Parkinson's but cannot find out what the problem is. My motor system is slowly degrading so that I am very prone to losing my balance and can only move around with the aid of a stick or rollater. I go for a weekly appointment with a Physical trainer for balance exercises part of which is on her Elliptical machine. This is where I first came into contact with your products hence my desire to purchase one of your machines. I purchased one of 9 series, however, it was designed such that it the angle could not be set lower than 3 degrees and so the machine was returned. At that time you were offering build support and I was extremely pleased with your reactions and help. Your reactions could not have been better.

This year I came across your adverts for the series 7 machine and it looked as though my problems could be solved, hence my order. The delivery went according plan and then delivery team said they would no longer build the machine. Repeated calls to your elliptical division produced no help at all. As I said above they seem never to have attempted to build a machine. Whilst a fit and able person may be able to build the machine I cannot.

I am desperate to complete the build of my machine. I see this as way to delay my final destination to a wheelchair and most likely bed. Please help me with the build of my machine.

David Bartle 01494727730
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr Bartle,

Thank you for the review you have left on our review site.

In relation to the review, all our products are sold as a self assembly products which does require the user to assemble the machine. In the past we did offer an installation services however in December they stopped offering this service.

I do sympathise with your situation as I have read through your review about your condition however our carriers simply just deliver the product, there is no mention that they would install the product at the customers property.

I may be able to find you a number for one of our engineers that could potentially assemble the item however there will be a cost involved which would be discussed between yourself and the engineers.
Posted 3 years ago
Whats Happened
I ordered and paid for the cross trainer, delivery promised 7/10 days
A courier (Northampton based) called and promised me a Monday deliver, I took a day off work as i live alone. Guess what It didn't turn up
Nothing for three days so I called Nordic no one helped
The courier called again and earliest deliver was another 7/10 days later so thats now 20 days after i began.
No alternatives or apologies take it or leave it attitude
I had my refund and am currently buying another cross trainer from your competitors

Piss poor customer service and as a result 100% I would not recommend you to anyone
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr White,

Thank you for your honest review.

I do apologise that you had not received the level of service as intended by our carriers. Judging by their notes, they received the order a day after the order was processed (order placed 3/5/17, processed 4/5/17 and carriers received 5/5/17). Unfortunately with the delivery originally failing, the only dates they could offer you were the following days afterwards.
Posted 3 years ago
Very disappointed! I still have not received my C7.5 Elliptical. Ordered on 19th April, promised delivery within 5-7 working days, paid extra for Saturday delivery. Delivery was booked for 29th April, but was cancelled on the morning of 29th as the product had not arrived in the warehouse. Having rebooked delivery by email, I still got no confirmation of a new delivery date. Called to find out what was happening, was told they could not deliver on Saturdays! Finally managed to get a delivery date - told the earliest available Saturday was 13th May. Fuming and wishing I'd ordered elsewhere.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Hazel,

Thank you for your honest opinion.

Unfortunately due to issues on our carriers side the item ordered could not be located in the depot which is quite a rare event but there is no excuse. When the item was finally located, due to the length of time (which we raised with senior management at Panther Logistics) the delivery date was pushed back.

I see the item was finally delivered on the 13th so I hope the machine is serving you well.
Posted 3 years ago
Having spent £1800 on a treadmill, I was very disappointed that having spent 4 hours building it, that it did not work.
When I telephoned customer services, I was told no one was available to assist me until the next day but they would order a new console as this one was faulty.
That was with out asking any questions so I can only assume this is a regular fault.
I was then told it would take 3 weeks for a replacement part and then a visit of an engineer would be required.
I asked if their would be any compensation for this and was told to write in and ask as no one would speak to me as managers don't speak to unhappy customers.
I then asked for it to be taken away as I would use a different company only to be told I would have to pay for it to be removed as it had been built.
24 hours later I phoned and spoke to a sales agent and explained my anger at the level of service!
He called me back and had arranged an upgraded console at no charge.
The engineer is coming tomorrow so we shall see if we can finally get it working.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Clive, its Josh from NordicTrack.

Thank you for your review.

I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment of having an item arrived faulty. Sadly, on rare occasions, this can happen however our customer services were glad to help you get this resolved as quick as they can. I can assure you this is not a regular fault.

I cannot comment about our customer service representative mentioning that no one was able to assist you but this will be investigated.

We do hold parts for many of our numerous products for a number of years however if the parts happen to fall out of stock there is a length of time that is required to wait before they are re-stocked. On this occasion that seems to be the case.

Our policy for any complaints is to write in to our UK office in order for our customer care manager to go through the customer service logs in order to give yourself a thorough response in due time.

I'm glad this had been resolved by the upgraded console which would be fixed by our engineers.

I hope you are enjoying your machine!
Posted 3 years ago
NordicTrack FreeStride FS7i broke down within 1st week after delivery. My video on this issue:

Right side pivot joint locked on the frame. Incline engine barely worked, also when using the trainer it vibrated abnormal and sounded weird with bumping sounds on every step. Incline engine started getting very hot. Called in trainer's specialist, he diagnosed manufacturing fault on the right side pivot joint part sitting on the frame and increased it's inner hole diameter (part number 75) to let it move freely. Also the iFit chest heart rate monitor belt was not working (DOA), which they asked to send in and promised to send a new replacement.

Took 2 hours to inspect and another 5 hours for specialists to take the trainer apart, repair the manufacturing fault and put everything back up again. What they did: took almost all parts completely apart, took part number 75 (pivot joint seen in the pictures) off the frame with a special press tool, removed metal shavings (most of the fault is on them and the poor quality control of NordicTrack who lets them be close to the joint so they can easily get int between frame and pivot joint), cleaned the frame place where pivot joint sits, then grinded the pivot joint's inner hole to increase it's diameter as they indicated it was wrong size according to the frame piece where it is sitting on in the 1st place, it was dead locked in the position. Then they mounted all the parts together and voila, no more hot incline engine, no more bumping sound when pedaling and no more vibrations, just a smooth ride just like NordicTrack ad states - 'like floating'. They indicated if this would not be repaired now, the incline engine would have burn out within couple next days if I continued to use the FreeStrider (just like for the people seen in this video: ) and let me touch it after couple of tests, it was burning hot, my laser thermometer showed over 80 degrees of Celsius just after going from 0 incline to 10 and back to 0. While after repairs have been completed it was room temperature after 6 times going up and down all the way. 350 euro loss on 1 week old FreeStride FS7i trainer repairs and NordicTrack declined monetary compensation even thought it was 1 week after delivery and the specialists who repaired my FreeStride trainer indicated it was manufacturing fault.

All in all it is very hard to rate the trainer itself, when there are manufacturing and quality assurance issues straight out of box and you even don't get a proper fast response from customer support and when you ask to compensate all you get is a decline.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Giedrius, its Josh from NordicTrack.

We have received your dispute through the online dispute resolution platform and we will work through this process with you.

Thank you.
Posted 3 years ago
The treadmill was dead on arrival. It does not work at all. It doesn't even turn on
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr Muprhy, its Josh from NordicTrack.

I'm sorry to hear that your machine does not seem to be working on its arrival.

Looking on our customer services system it seems that our customer service's team have gone through a diagnostic with yourself to try identify the fault with your machine and now an engineer visit has been raised.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer services if there are any other issue's or after sales queries you require help with.
Posted 3 years ago
I put my order 3 weeks ao tru baclays loan until now i dont have any feedback if its granted or not...
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr Balmores, its Josh from Nordictrack.

Thank you for your review.

We broker finance for Barclays Partner finance. I have checked their system and it seems you were accepted so they sent you an email for the final confirmation steps but this was not responded to.

If theres anyway we can help complete this purchase please contact us directly.
Posted 3 years ago
Recevied a new faulty machine with control board and vertical motor need changing not a single apology. Not complete yet. I will return the machine if I can.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr Sadek, its Josh from NordicTrack.

Thank you for your review.

I believe this has now been resolved with our customer services and the Paypal dispute team.
Posted 3 years ago
The delivery did not turn up on time. When delivery finally turned up they damaged my property, even though they only had to deliver to the first room on the ground floor of my house. Then the equipment was damaged when we opened it and we cannot use it. Also we never received the iFit memberships we paid for. I now have two complaints outstanding. Not impressed for £3000. To make matters worse Costco were doing the same elliptical for £150 less, even though the NordicTrack web site had said they gave a 40% discount! If there was an option here for no stars then I would have picked you 1 star is far too much.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Mr Bennett, its Josh from NordicTrack.

I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment in relation to the delivery our carriers provided. There is no excuse for any damage caused to our customers property.
Did you raise this with the Panther delivery company via claims?

The iFit membership code email had an error which is why you had not received this initially so the two codes were resent out to your email address.

I cannot comment in terms of price-matching as we only price -match like for like with online pricing. Possibly a price-match was was not available due to the product was cheaper in the Costco warehouse rather than online.

I hope this has been resolved now and you are enjoying your machines.
Posted 3 years ago
making a mess of the delivery. First floor delivery was not instructed to the delivery company. Then they said that they will arrange a three men delivery. When they came second time again they could dot deliver as two men delivery was instructed. The delivery people said Iconic was trying the same trick with different company rather than arranging three men delivery. I wasted two half a days waiting for this. After two weeks this has not been delivered and there is no further information from the company.
Posted 3 years ago
Hello, its Josh from NordicTrack.

Thank you for your review.

I do apologise for the delivery failures that Panther Logistics had caused. We had instructed them that the item had required upstairs delivery as per your order however it seems mis-communication within Panther Logistics led to the failed delivery attempts.
They are well aware our procedures however in this case it seems they had not been adhered too.

I believe that this had been resolved and I hope you are now enjoying your machine.
Posted 3 years ago
I ordered the machine over a week ago, I have had no contact from the company, no delivery date and hence no machine feels like poor customer service for what is an expensive piece of kit
Posted 3 years ago
Hello Lisa, its Josh from NordicTrack.

The order was received by our carriers on the 31/10/16 which they tried contacting you 8 times which they were not successful. The item was finally booked for the 21/11/16 which I believe was succesful.

Thank you for your review. I hope you are enjoying your NordicTrack Incline trainer.
Posted 3 years ago
Horrendous customer service. Would stay away.
Posted 4 years ago
I can't comment as I haven't received it yet
Posted 4 years ago
My experience with NordicTrack.
I will not be using your services again, my order was delivered. Once we opened the box no parts were available to put the bike together.
After a number of calls to your offices nothing has been resolved. 10 days after delivery and no feedback even though I have been chasing over the phone and via email.

The email below is the last response I have been provided, I am now out of pocket (£50.00) as I paid a handyman to come and fix the bike which can’t be done as I don’t have any hardware kit that should have been provided in the box. Called today and was told that I would hear back. Very poor services as I have paid for the item and am still waiting. Maybe whoever reads this email at NordicTrack will have some compassion and customer services skills and contact me.

Ms S Grewal

Good afternoon,
I asked our Spare Parts Manager to check for the availability for the hardware kit and our superiors to look into this and check if we can take that package from a prime unit.
During tomorrow I should get a reply on this matter as my superior was not in tomorrow.
Thank you!
Kind regards,

ICON UK Customer Service
Telephone: 03301231045 (UK)
0539236102 (Ireland)
Posted 4 years ago
Hello Sharon, its Josh from Icon Health and Fitness.

Thank you for your review.

I do understand your disappointment at receiving a machine without the neccesary parts within the box. There is no excuses but sadly on rare occurences this has happened. I believe the delay was caused by our customer services following the steps to rectify this by checking parts and checking with our suppliers on these parts.
I believe this was resolved with your old product being replaced with a new machine.
Posted 3 years ago
My Nordic Track C100 model has just stopped automatically. Very dangerous, as I was running when it stopped suddenly.
Posted 4 years ago
Hello Rachel, its Josh from NordicTrack.

Thank you for your review.

Did you contact our customer services in relation to this issue? As they certainly be glad to help you with this. You can contact them directly at or call them directly on 03301231045.
Posted 3 years ago
My £418 order of Nordic track exercise bike with delivery and insulation arrived last Wednesday. The engineer installing it said the loose saddle I pointed out was normal! My foot slipping when I tried to peddle suggested it was not. A telephone call to the online supplier said it was not normal and they would phone me back re: sorting the problem. Another call to the supplier 2 days later (Friday) informed me they had no record of my Wednesday telephone call and no record of me or my purchase on their system even though I had email correspondence and order reference from them. I was asked to email my details and they would call me straight back. I did, they didn't! I called them back later on Friday afternoon, eventually, after talking to two members of staff they said 2 new parts and an engineer to fit them would be sought. It is now late Tuesday evening and still nothing and no reply to my email requesting confirmation of our conversation. Very disappointing. I have no faith in the product or the online supplier. Also where you site the Serial Number is ridiculous - I had real trouble getting to it to give to the online supplier. Not Happy
Posted 4 years ago
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