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Improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally with myLotus to pinpoint the optimal time for intercourse. myLotus is a highly accurate ovulation monitor that is changing the way women plan their pregnancy.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
we have recently found out my LH levels are typically lower than the usual ovulation kits would need in order to get a positive result. The mylotus has clearly let us see this issue and pinpointed my most fertile days. Absolutely worth every penny!!!!
After having my first son with 5 years of nhs fertility treatment I thought my chances of become pregnant again would be slim to none. Thanks to my lotus fertility tracker after what was just a few short months I conceived my baby girl who is due in 6 weeks. The machine is super easy to use and instructions easy to follow. I really do owe the my lotus team a great big thank you because of you product my family will be complete very soon.
MyLotus has been the most accurate fertility monitor I’ve tried. I am now 37 weeks pregnant with my second little girl.

This monitor is completely different to all of the other fertility/ovulation monitors out there. Not only does it show you when you are in your fertile window it actually shows your LH levels in MlU/mL (Luteinising Hormone). The rise in this hormone triggers ovulation. So you can pin point exactly when you are most fertile. It gives so much insight into what is happening at each stage of your cycle.

The team are also fantastic checking in and offering help and support when ever needed by email or phone.
I’m really impressed with MyLotus. It definitely helps you understand your cycle a lot better.
Unfortunately, I’ve not had any success yet but still hopeful!
I’ve had lots of contact with the MyLotus team and find them really responsive and helpful.
I have found mylotus to be very helpful in identifying ovulation, and in particular it's helpful to see the rise and fall in lh. This has identified a potentially longer fertile period than I had previously thought.
myLotus was so easy to use and absolutely fab results!! We had been trying for a baby for about 5 months then started using myLotus and I was pregnant within 2 cycles!!!
My lotus is an extremely easy and accurate way of tracking your cycles and ovulation. Previous trackers I used did not work for me. The app is also easy and helpful for use. Definitely recommend.
Brilliantly accurate machine and customer care is excellent
Mylotus are an amazing support and community I wont day company as there better than that. There product is amazing and has blessed me with a beautiful baby boy it's easy to use accurate and puts you in control. Highly recommend it to anyone trying to conceive.
After coming off contraception mid 2018 I was told might never conceive naturally, due to a diagnosis of PCOs 5 years ago. I decided to start monitoring my ovulation cycle. I saw Dr Larisa Corda on Instagram recommending myLotus. I was lucky enough to be sent one of the monitors to trial. It honestly changed my life in a matter of months.

Using mylotus was so easy it became part of my daily routine, and it clearly worked well as after 3/4 months we found out we were expecting. I was shocked and over the moon, even shocked the doctor. I can't recommend the product enough, not only did it make me become more aware of how my body works, but also had a positive impact on my mental health and relationship with my partner.

I can't thank the team at myLotus enough, their monthly check ins and constant advice was so informative and helpful whilst being in such a caring manner. Having a baby is not easy and especially for people with fertility issues, but mylotus was the best thing to help me on my way.

Our little boy is now 2 months old and it’s an amazing thing
I found my lotus to be a great tool at tracking ovulation. It gave me good insight and also taught me more awareness of my own cycle. However my cycles can be very long and so continuous testing can not only be stressful but incredibly expensive. However once you get to know your cycle you could adapt how to use the monitor.
Overall I would recommend the monitor.
MyLotus has provided me with extra information about my cycle which has been useful to provide my doctor during my preparation from an ivf cycle
It has been useful to pin point my cycles. The app is a reminder for me when plotting my cycles and helping me know when is the best time to try and conceive.
Fantastic monitor to track your ovulation precisely. It’s so easy to use and the app is great too!
I love that my hormone levels are given a numerical value, not just positive or negative so you can track your levels as they rise.
The battery life is great, it lasts ages before it needs to be charged.
Ive used a few different sticks and electronic monitoring systems, MyLotus is the best by far.
MyLotus is not only about precise ovulation tracking but it's more about the support you get with the product. I feel accompanied in my journey to fulfill my dreams of having a baby. The support is incredible.
The test packs come with handy little pipette and cups to facilitate the tests. I found it one of a kind and conclusively a clean process of testing.
There is a lot of thought gone in the product conception and the support is amazing. I can't recommend anything else but MyLotus.
MyLotus is a great way of tracking ovulation especially if you have a hormonal imbalance like pcos, which might mean your LH levels are higher than 'normal' - which can give you lots of false positives on OPKS (or never a positive if they're lower even if you have ovulated!)

MyLotus gives you an exact reading, so after using it for a while you can identify what your base LH is, and how high your actual surge might be. I for example always have a surge a few days before ovulation, aswell as my ovulation surge - which means using OPKS can be very confusing. Having a clear digital reading makes it much clearer to understand what our body is doing.
myLotus is rated 4.75 based on 16 reviews