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The confirmation for the availability of spares was not good but I received my refund.
posted 2 years ago - Martin Bundi
I registered my new account . And ther refund my money and told me i can't registered due to double account of other person. But i send my driving licence and ther still didn't activate.....and is hang up tel. On me.... really upset.
posted 2 years ago - Anonymous
AVOID,AVOID, AVOID DONT BUY CARS FROM THESE CON-ARTISTS So I've bought a couple of cars from Motorhog Doncaster, neither was as described in the auction listings and I'm pretty sure they shill bidder up the prices, as funny how I set highest bids and low and behold both cars ended within £10 of my highest bid........ 1st car Audi A3 tdi described as running and driving cat x dealer disposal , yeah right, all fuel sucked out of tank for a start, broken throttle pedal dents scratches and to top it all off a knackered gearbox! 2nd car a seat Leon again stated as running and driving, ok so car started but my god engine knocking very obviously!! They didn't want to know I asked for a full refund, not given, basically once they've your money they couldn't care less! 3rd car I bought and went to view, nope no looky until pay this was at winsford chester car transplants, told em to keep the car, now they've blocked my account! oh well I've been in the motor trade over 25 years and have never dealt with such liers,fraudsters
posted 3 years ago - Alan
TOLTAL RIP OFF PLEASE READ TERMS BEFORE BIDDING SEE SECTION 8 ,, KEEP CLEAR OF CAR TRANSPLANTS ,, if you wont to buy salvage and NOT get ripped off go to COPART ,, I bought a bmw sent recovery company 100 miles to collect I payed and was told there was no keys ? in the add it sayed keys ? all I got is hard lines read section 8 of are terms ,, they refused refund after an hour of arguing finally a refund minus the cash handling fee of 1% I was then told that because I have had a refund my account has been suspended due to none payment ??? and the only way to get it back is to pay to relist the car surly this is not legal ,, I have tried to talk to some one higher than a guy called Mathew but they block this ,, these guys are CROOCKS KEEP AWAY
posted 3 years ago - bern