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Our customer service team are available Monday to Friday 8am until 4pm, Customer satisfaction is our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY ,
IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY IN ANY WAY PLEASE EMAIL customersupport@mintymelons.co.uk or call 01244 735 725 AND WE WILL 100% FIX ANY ISSUE that you might have,
a happy customer is a returning customer :), in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our service or products please contact us Mon to Fri on 01244 735 725 or email on customersupport@mintymelons.co.uk before leaving your review and we will be more than happy to make your experience a satisfied experience ,
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I’ve gave it one star because there is no zero. I ordered a product and have not received it . I emailed them and got no reply. I tried to contact them by phone was put on hold for 15 minutes then told I’m number 2 in the Queue , that’s I far as I got because I was then cut off . I tried this twice with the exactly the same out come
Hi Alan, at the moment our phone lines and emails are very busy due to an unprecedented spike in sales , we apologise that you could not get through, in the meantime we can see that your order is either late being delivered or lost in transit, we have refunded your payment in full and we will enforce that the seller sends your item out again free of charge, or they will be permanently suspended from using our Marketplace.
If there is anything else we can do to help please email michael@mintymelons.co.uk, we apologise for any inconvenience caused, stay safe,
best regards,
We ordered a small part for a vehicle but an important part on the 25th October. It is now the 05th December and it still hasn't arrived. The tracking information they give you is useless, it hasn't been updated since the 05th November. We phoned them last week to be told we would have it Monday/Tuesday this week but still hasn't arrived. Phoned again today to be told it will now be next week. The delivery time has been appalling, the tracking useless and the customer service although polite poor. We would not recommend this company to anyone based on our experience.
Ordered item on 12th August thinking it was being despatched from the UK Site in Liverpool its only a tiny item paid for it
Had tracking no sent did not realise for a minute that this item was coming from China would not have ordered it if i had known
Have tried to get information from tracking no but not showing anything very upset and angry as i said i noticed the Uk site thats why i ordered it
Its the first time i have ordered from you
Have sent 2 emails but nobody can have the courtesy of coming back to me
I needed this item have no idea when this item will be arriving now
As said before very angry and upset
Hope someone may get back to me dont buy off them
Hi, we apologise for not replying within the hour, our market place is compiled of thousands of sellers from all over the world including the UK, the item that you had selected was from a Company in China, our shipping information is located just underneath each product, however, we have processed a full refund back to your original form of payment, the goods have already been dispatched and you can keep the items free of charge when they arrive,
if we can be anymore help please do not hesitate to contact us,
many thanks for your custom,
best regards,
Order date: 2019.07.19 14:59 Received tracking No ten Days later.

Spoke with two representatives of Minty Melon, one told me it was a manual order system so don't have a data base, the other one told me that I would get a tracking number in 48 hours that was a Friday evening then said the weekend may effect me getting tracking number unbelievable!! received tracking Number 72 hours later still no delivery of product, no communication or customer service of any description This is not acceptable,
Hi, we apologise for whatever has happened here, we will refund you in full and you can keep the item free of charge when it arrives, i will call you on Tuesday morning to rectify this issue, i apologise for any inconvenience caused,
best regards,

Hi Denis, please check the above link from Royal Mail which shows that your item will be delivered within a couple of days, we have also processed a full refund, if there is anything else we can do to help please let us know,
best regards,
Ordered glasses in March 2019, still not received after more than 3 months.
Hi, we apologise for for this, we have issued a full refund as soon as we were alerted, your item looks to be lost in transit, if there is anything else we can do as to restore your faith in us then please email customersupport@mintymelons.co.uk and we will see what what else we can do,
best regards,
Hi, we apologise for any inconvenience caused, your item looks to be lost in transit , we have refunded you in full,
if we can do anything else to help please contact us,
best regards,
been waiting two weeks for a phone case and still hasn’t arrived, very bad service
Hi Tilly, the items that you have ordered are from outside of the UK so post takes little longer , as you are unhappy we have refunded both items that were ordered on the 3rd and the order that you made today, when they arrive you may keep them free of charge.

We are a little confused as to the reasons why if your were unhappy with the way the first order went why did you order again today and then immediately leave a negative review, here at Minty Melons we do everything we can to make sure that the customer is satisfied in any event,
best regards,
Beware this is a slow service. Item was ordered 8 days ago and I have still not been sent a dispatch email. Spoke to Sam, who advises me it may be another week before it is dispatched and then I should allow 12 days for shipping. Apprently the order may be effected by Easter (still 3 days away). As long as you are not in a hurry this may still be a company for you.
Hi Georgina, your item was dispatched on the 10th, we apologise for the call representative not being able to give you the correct information,
we have processed a full refund and you can keep your items when they arrive, if we can do anything else to help please let us know,
best regards,
This is the fourth time I am contacting them with no response. I just want a refund as my item never arrived. Bad setup, bad customer service, clearly no CRM system. Why is everything from China? Dropshipping isn't a sustainable model guys...
Hi Emma, we apologise for not replying to your email sooner, this is due to a technical hitch on our side which has now been resolved, it seems your item was lost in transit, we have processed a full refund and also ordered your item again free of charge, if there is anything else we can help you with please do not hesitate to use the "Contact Centre" link on the top left of the homepage,
best wishes,
Awfully slow delivery time. Ordered the weekend before Valentine's Day hoping my order would arrive in time. It is now over a week later and I still haven't received it! Took 4 days just to start the dispatch process! They ship their stock from China so it's stupidly slow. Don't buy from here if you want a quick dispatch.

Edit: They asked for me to revise my review so here is my scathing follow-up.

I still haven't received my order, yet they claim my issue is resolved and ask me to change my review in response. It seems they think offering me the order for free causes the issue to be resolved. However, the company has failed to recognise why I am dissatisfied. My review will stay until I receive my order and I'm now going to complain about more than just the delivery time so it may even stay after. So here are my reasons:

1) I didn't get the order in a reasonable time and it was supposed to be a gift.

Yes they do allow for a large number of days shipping time on their website, however, when I asked to cancel my order realising it wouldn't arrive in time, they suddenly dispatched it rather than cancelling it. Their policy means you can't cancel after dispatch so this seemed deliberate. I then regrettably put my faith in the company's logistics supplier to get my order to me by the weekend which it failed to do, leaving me with nothing to give to my girlfriend for Valentine's. I would've ordered from somewhere else if they had allowed me to cancel but I wasn't going to take my chances on their promise of a refund until I had at least received the product.

2) Their customer service is unprofessional, with more focus on getting rid of bad reviews then actually empathising with the angry customer.

In less than 24 hours I received three emails with different responses to my review from the company. One response is fine. Give me a chance to respond, I'm a busy man.

They also claim in one of their responses that they 'tried to ring and email me to no avail', as if I wasn't allowing them to resolve the issue. I have had no missed calls recently and they have literally given me a day to reply so it isn't 'to no avail'. They're also telling me that my review is 'unfair' and that I should change it. If you care about customer satisfaction don't use language like this to shame your customers for being dissatisfied. No matter how I review you should always talk with empathy and professionalism, you have no right trying to make me feel bad for leaving a bad review.

3) I believe they are getting bad reviews removed from this website.

I literally cannot find my review on the public review page so I'm hoping it will reappear when I post this edit. I hope they didn't get it taken down because I'm still not satisfied. They also used my full name in their response when my review was written as anonymous - so I want to know if the response is public as it could be a data breach. I'll re-edit this paragraph after I submit this edit based on what I see so I hope they will check my re-edit before they respond to this paragraph.

4) Their logistics supplier provides rubbish tracking info, they clearly haven't considered the needs of their customer base.

It's all in Chinese so I have no idea what is happening with my order! All I wanted was a damned stuffed toy for my partner, I'll go to Amazon next time and get it in 3 days!
WDF 1 star review on 18th February 2019
Hi, we apologise for any inconvenience caused, you have been refunded in full and you can keep your item free of charge when it arrives,
have a great day,
best regards,
Minty Melons
The product is fake! I bought two concealers and they are cheap imitations from China . Do not buy from this supplier

*** further to my review. I have received a full refund and the customer service dept has attempted to contact me this evening, they seem very concerned. So I will hopefully update tomorrow after speaking to them
Hi Laura , this was sent from a third party supplier , we have tried calling you to no avail , we take complaints very seriously , we need to talk to you about this product , as a precaution we have removed this from all of our sites ,after checking all of our databases we can not find any emails from you at all , we have processed a full refund of course but we need you to call 01244 747 571 so that we can discuss the product so that we can apprehend our supplier , if you can help us with this it would be much appreciated and you will be rewarded for your time ,
best regards,
Have now tried to purchase three different items from this company, yet several days after each order was placed and processed -- meaning that i received confirmation emails, and the company had taken the money from my bank account -- I received emails saying that the items are not actually available and so my orders have been cancelled. This company seems to have no reliable system for monitoring it's inventory, and is out of line in taking people's money before actually confirming that they have the items ordered/the order can actually be filled Compare this with Amazon, for instance, who doesn't charge you/withdraw money from your bank account until the order has been shipped.
I ordered a blue wash mit. It arrived and was orange, but more importantly would only fit very small hands/child size. The picture displayed on the advert looked much larger and I assumed would be similar to those that I have seen in High Street stores. The quality of stitching is poor and after using it as a cloth rather than a mit it has fallen apart! Waste of money and time waiting for it to be delivered. Next time I will just pay a couple of pounds more and buy one from Halfords or similar store.
Hi Mr Butcher, we truly apologise for any inconvenience caused ,we have since removed this product from our range as it was unacceptable , also refunded your payment on the 12th January as soon as you notified us ,
again we apologise ,
best regards,
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