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Mazuma Mobile have a Customer Happiness Grade of C. Customers are happy with their prices, delivery and customer service.


Happiness Grade

0845 8723000

1 Colne Way Court, Watford, Hertfordshire United Kingdom

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Price - Average

Industry Average
" Not the company they used to be. Offered a slightly higher price, then said the screen was damaged, it wasn't. Got it sent back and got the full offered price elsewhere. They are scammers. AVOID "
- Alain Bee
" To then get an email a week after I sent it for the price to have dropped to £40 because of ‘distorted display’ and ‘de-laminated screen. "
- Anonymous
" If they had kept their promise and agreement as stated on their web page it would have been 5 stars, Moral of Mazumagate, dont let them under price you or keep your phone. "
- Anonymous
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Delivery - Average

Industry Average
" I sent my phone by special delivery. "
- Q Jahangir
" Sold my phone with no issue regarding offer price being altered. Sent in a Samsung S9 and got the full amount quoted. Only issue I had was the delivery time. Due to the amount they receive it took almost a week for the phone to arrive - hence only 4 stars. However once it did I got a notification letting me know and payment was made that same day. After reading the reviews I was concerned but for my experience it was all fine. "
- Anonymous

Customer Service - Average

Industry Average
" Excellent service got best price and amazed how quick and professional the process is. I got paid within 24hours of sending my item. I used a different company few weeks ago the magpie one. Took 5 days for payment and original offer was refused. Mazuma have done me proud highly recommend them. O and they gave me a £20 discount on a purchase. World class Mazuma. "
- G A
" This is the 2nd time I’ve used Mazuma to trade in my phone. I posted on sat morning and the promised cash was in my bank by 5pm on weds. Great service "
- Kenny
" I sent 2 phones last week and they were received yesterday. I received an email today telling me that my payment had been processed and I would receive my payment today. It arrived into my account tonight and I'm very happy with the service I've received from Mazuma. "
- Andrew McKinlay