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Yeah, I'm sorry that Covid hit you and your supply chain, so hard, albeit providing a positive with increased demand, I expect. I have to say that while I could understand the delayed delivery (>2 months from order)I was disappointed with the absence of communication throughout - effectively until the near-delivery, where a new gearing was offered. Not much that could be said, but at least it would reassure customers that you were still working to overcome the challenges. The bike is great (so my son tells me) The delivery links were transparent and good.
Posted 6 months ago
My Mango bike looks amazing and the build quality is 10/10.... Can’t complain about anything at all. Sure there are waiting times longer than expected but it’s 2020, the year the world fell apart... the team are clearly doing their best and working harder everyday to get the bikes out so hang in there if you are in the queue, it will be more than worth it. Top job Mango, couldn’t recommend enough...👍
Mango Bikes 5 star review on 29th October 2020 Mango Bikes 5 star review on 29th October 2020
Posted 6 months ago
I've had my bike for a few weeks now and I can't fault it so far. The quality of the bike is great, it's lovely to ride and it was really easy to put together. I live in a third floor flat and store it inside so it's really light to pop on my shoulder and carry upstairs. I'm 5 foot 2 so the smaller frame was definitely the right choice for me, With the seat at its lowest I'm on the tip of my toes. One for the shorties to keep in mind. It just took a wee bit of getting used to. I appreciate the challenge the company has had over the past few months with their supply chains and demand. They have acknowledged their communication wasn't great. I think being upfront about supply chains would have appeased a to of peoples frustrations and setting further out delivery dates/ or none at all would have been better. I think if they really take on board all of the learnings from the past few months and put more processes in place to manage it the business will be better off. I wouldn't let reviews from the past few months put you off if you really want a Mango bike but be open to the fact it might take a while to come as it doesn't seem like the demand for bikes is slowing.
Posted 6 months ago
Absolutely terrible experience from start to finish. Ordered bike on 8th June and was advised it would be 4 weeks til it arrived. I understand there was a knock on effect due to the pandemic, but this was still their advice after months of lockdown. No communication in between ordering the bike and it being delivered, except on 2 occasions, where I was told if I paid extra for a different bike or paid extra for different wheels, it would arrive sooner. I decided the £400 I'd already handed over in the summer was my limit and just sat and waited. I was in two minds whether or not to just cancel the whole thing at this point. Then, it seemed like they'd actually hired someone capable of providing common sense and who could deliver some accurate information. He told me my delivery date would be 19th October. Happy days, at last. Then, without any prior warning, the courier company they hired -Fastway 🤣🤣, attempted to deliver the bike on 7th October, twice, in the one day apparently when I was in work. I then had to rearrange delivery myself, for 19th October, the original date I was told was confirmed. Then, maybe naively, I didn't realise I had to build the bloody thing myself. So, couldn't even get riding it until I got a professional to check it over to make sure it was safe to ride. Absolute joke of a company in my opinion. Be careful what you wish for.
Posted 6 months ago
Hi David Sorry you felt so let down - genuinely tried to get the bike to you as fast as we could but supply chains are in turmoil right now. We are getting 1 days notice in some cases that deliveries are delayed by 8+ weeks. Other times we get delivers which are short on items we weren't notified about. We use Fastway in NI for deliveries as they offer next day delivery. There will have been a dispatch note sent to the email on file which notified you of the bike leaving Mango Bikes HQ and tracking number. We thought delivering ahead of schedule would be good, apologies if this wasn't the case. Bikes are delivered 90% assembled as set out on website before purchase. We also advise anyone not sure of the final assembly to use a qualified mechanic. We're definitely not a joke company and tried our best to get your bike to you as quickly as possible. Hopefully now you've got it and can cycle you'll start to enjoy the Mango Bikes experience and realise it was worth the wait. Happy cycling
Posted 6 months ago
Love my bike. Really well priced for what you get, and it’s amazing how much you can customise the colours and different frame/wheel/pedal options. Also assembling it wasn’t too hard and it’s given me more confidence in knowing how to fix my bike/how it all goes together which makes me feel more confident! Really lightweight, lovely design - easy to carry up stairs. Waited a while for it but can’t really fault Mango for that as there were probably delays in the supply chain. Mango were very communicative if these issues and delays and sorted me out with an upgraded frame to get me my bike quicker. Great work!!
Mango Bikes 5 star review on 26th October 2020
Posted 6 months ago
The bike is good but the delay and the lack of clear information take the good out of it. Perhaps with the extra revenue you could employ a customer service person to keep on top of things. Seem like a good people but a bit loose with the specifics
Posted 6 months ago
The worst experience I've had buying any product. In May 2020, I decided I wanted to buy a bike. There'd been a combination of supply and demand constraints across the whole industry, so at the time many bike shops were saying that their models wouldn't be in stock until some point between late July and early October. Mango, on the other hand, were estimating a time to delivery of 4-5 weeks, and confirmed that they were due to get additional stock at the end of June. This was the reason I chose to shop with Mango, making my order on 2 June - I wanted a nice bike before the summer was out, and Mango told me they would be able to supply that. Of course, this wasn't actually true. After a month and a half of silence, I got an update saying that my bike would be completed in 2/3 weeks (so early August). In early August, I got an update saying that the remaining components were on their way, so the bike would actually be assembled and dispatched by mid-August. The bike finally arrived on 15 September, without assembly tools or instructions. There was an instructional video on Mango's website which was unhelpful, but it seemed pretty obvious so the following day I put the bike together, did the recommended checks, and went for a brief ride. About 20 minutes into my ride, the pedal sheared off, making the bike entirely unusable. That evening I sent an email about this, and, to Mango's credit, Andrew replied pretty much immediately, pledging to get the assembly team to take a look at it the following day. After almost a month of chasing, on 12 October, another member of Mango staff got back to me and said that the reason the pedal had sheared off was that I hadn't screwed it all the way in (maybe I hadn't followed the non-existent instructions correctly). I immediately responded with photo evidence of the fact that I actually had screwed the pedal all the way in. There has still been no response. I feel bad leaving this review, because Mango is clearly a small company made up of nice people with a passion for bikes. However, after spending the best part of four months trying to get a bike out of them, I feel like I should warn other people who might be considering ordering from them. I'm also hoping that this will get me a response - Mango seems to be much more responsive to reviews than they do to customer emails. I chose Mango because I thought they'd be able to sort me out with a bike for the summer: in late October, all I have is a ~£500 collection of useless steel tubing.
Posted 6 months ago
Delivery was quick and helped by clear picture on web I got what I needed
Posted 6 months ago
I have a second hand mango bike,is amazing¡i will buy a new one as soon as posible¡
Posted 6 months ago
Love my single speed mango bike,better late than never....fu£king COVID-19 🙄🤬🖕🏾 Nevertheless a happy mango punter😉
Mango Bikes 5 star review on 22nd October 2020
Posted 6 months ago
HI Jamaine Thanks for taking the time to review and really appreciate your patience with us. You could have been much harder on us! Lovely bike, happy cycling to you.
Posted 6 months ago
Ordered riser bar and grips. Bit of a delay due stock but customer service and communication was great. Very happy with the product.
Posted 6 months ago
Great bikes, & great value for money. When it arrives, everything is fine and in good order - no problem with the bikes at all! 5 stars for that. No stars for non-existent customer communication. The point Mango makes about the Corona pandemic messing up supply chains for all bike companies is true, but there are things they could have done.. 1.) Stop buying paid advertising on Google to promote sales of bikes you can't deliver 2.) Put a statement on your website homepage about supply chain issues and give an approximate and realistic delivery date (3 to 4 months seems about right from most people's comments on social media - mine took just over 3 months from order to delivery). Especially do this if you're still running paid advertising, to give people a chance to make a decision before they order. 3.) Send some emails every couple of weeks to keep people in the loop. If you're having trouble picking up the detail on every order, your emails can be generic, but they have to be honest. Most people will get it if you say "we're working through Corona supply chain issues/ we expect your bike to take around 3 months/ we're sorry we can't be more specific, but we'll stay in touch". Give people the option to cancel the order and get a refund when you do this. You'll lose some orders in the short term, but you'll limit a lot of damage to the brand. 4.) Don't argue with unreasonable people on social media. Most people are normal and understand real-world problems. If you're honest and straightforward about what you know and what you don't know most people can deal with that. If you get the odd nutter on social, leave it alone - the rest of your customers can recognize unreasonable comments when they see them. I get that you need to keep the business moving, and people need to get paid. But going dark on customer communication, and openly arguing with customers on social media, kills customer loyalty and scares people off. I ordered the bike for my daughter before she went off to uni. By the time it arrived, she'd moved to a new city. I tried to get you to change the shipping delivery address but couldn't get in touch, so I had to pay for a courier to ship it on. Despite all this I would buy from you again - your bikes are great and great value for the money! Hoping you'll get better at straightforward, honest customer communication next time. Good luck! x
Posted 6 months ago
The single worst experience I've ever had as a customer. Ordered my bike on 1st July. There was no estimated dispatch date, so I sent as polite email asking. I got no answer, so tried phoning several times, but always went to a voicemail which promised to call back "as soon as we can". In the meantime, Mango Bikes were still sending me junk mail advertising their new bikes, and posting half-baked apologies on their social media, which mostly consisted of them blaming their suppliers and being defensive against trolls, rather than actually addressing customers patiently waiting for answers. All the reviews I read said the same thing: no one minds waiting, it's the complete lack of communication that is so infuriating! I finally got my bike over three months later, with no instructions and no bell. Once assembled, the single-speed is great. Ride is smooth as silk, and looks great. The cheap plastic bar end plugs broke after 2 weeks though and needed replacing. The quality of the bike feels somewhat irrelevant after the awful experience of actually getting it. Would love to focus on what a great bike I've now got and give a nice review, but it's completely overshadowed by what a terrible company Mango Bikes is. Would recommend to absolutely no one unfortunately.
Posted 6 months ago
Hi Jacques Appreciate you taking time to review. We genuinely not a "terrible company" despite how it seems. Bikes are in demand and Mango Bikes is in demand. Supply chains across the world are creaking right now. Part of the delayed responses was due to struggling to get the information ourselves on delivery dates and quantities. It was also due to resource and staff levels at Mango Bikes HQ. We've addressed both but it takes time to get new stock in and recruit and train new staff. And about the troll's message..............this is not aimed at you or anyone else who asked about where their order was or got frustrated with us; that is totally understandable. But posting staff members personal social media profiles, threatening to "pay us a visit" or "not stop until we go bust" - that is trolling. Understand it's taken longer to get your bike and we appreciate you sticking with us. Hopefully riding your fab new bike will bring a smile back. Happy Cycling Mango Bikes // Andrew
Posted 6 months ago
The bike quality is absolutely brilliant for the price. It rides like a dream and looks brilliant in the process. Customer service was very good, and they replied to all of my emails very quickly! Would definitely recommend.
Posted 6 months ago
Good, but not great.... To begin this review I will mention I ordered my Bike on June 12th. I received the bike 28th Sept.... When I ordered the bike the website said the dispatch date would be the end of July. July came and went and no communication to say any different. It was not until I had got in touch that I finally received some communications to let me know they had been 'swamped' with orders. I appreciate that they had not anticipated the increase in orders since covid hit but given that I feel their response has been quite poor, I feel that they could have focused more on completing orders rather than misleading customers and continuing to receive orders that they would not be able to complete. Finally at the beginning of sept after lots of emails requesting an update I was finally given a more realistic dispatch date. It seems that Mango had started to receive their stock to make the bikes and where starting to get on track. Communication after this became a little more regular. The bike was dispatched on sept 25th (17 weeks after ordering). No tools where included in the box with the bike to attach wheel/pedals/seat/handlebars. I have tools so it was not an issue but Mango had said there would be so…… Apart from that the bike is great! Instructional video was very helpful, so far seems like a very sturdy build, very light, very fast So all in all I am happy despite the very lengthy waiting time. Also thought it might be worth mentioning that in one of the emails received from Mango they had mentioned some “extra freebies as a token of their appreciation for sticking with them”, which if that meant the small packet of Haribo sweets thrown in with all the accessories I had bought then…..thank you? (update) - I was then given a £30 discount on a £40 spend Overall I have been quite disappointed with the overall experience, because although the bike is very good, the lack of communication, time taken, and now money I have spent on public transport when I could have been using the bike to get to and from work/etc has not been the best. Having said that, the bike is excellent so take from that what you will. I'm sure that once they get orders under control Mango will be the cool bike company they aspire to be, but for the time being, they leave a little to be desired.
Posted 6 months ago
A good quality bike and great value for money. I would have rated it 5 stars if the communication would have been better and if they had delivered my order on time. The order which was 2 fixie bikes took more than 4 months to be delivered!
Posted 7 months ago
--Ratings-- Bike -- 4/5 Service -- 2/5 Overall -- 3/5 --Service-- I ordered my bike at the end of May 2020 and received it in mid-September. I expected a delay due to the Covid pandemic, but the Mango team did not communicate this well. I received several Estimated Dispatch dates until one was finally clarified for September. The bike still arived several days after its predicted delivery date. Communication was generally slow, although I understand the team were stretched. I ordered via the Cycle to Work scheme, and by the time the bike arrived I had already made four monthly payments towards its lease without riding it to work once. There has been a shortage of bike components recently, which I understand. However, I had to pay an additional £30 to upgrade my wheelset the the next model up in order to get the wheel colour I ordered. Also, The helmet colour I ordered in May was out of stock by September, so I had to settle for a different colour. Not the end of the world, but Mango advertise that accessories should be dispatched at point of order, not when your bike is dispatched. Also, given Mango is a brand that sells itself on its customisability this didn't sit well with me. --Bike-- The bike itself is well-constructed, looks very slick, and was easy to assemble. The stock griptake on the handlebars is quite thin, but that is a very very minor complaint. I had to file down a bit of metal on the left-side brake lever as it cut me quite badly on a ride—make sure to check yours! The one big issue with the bike—I paid £45 for the "puncture-resistant" GatorSkin tyres, yet I have had two rear-wheel punctures having taken the bike out less than 15 or so times. Unsure whether this is a manufacturing issue or just bad luck, but it's worth looking into others' experience with the tyres. --Overall-- I'm happy with the bike now that it's here. The process of ordering to receiving it was not smooth, but a certain allowance must be made for the pandemic, although communication from the team could be improved. I am disappointed about the tyre problem—to have to pay £45 for "puncture-resistant" tyres only to get two within a couple of weeks of receiving the bike leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially after waiting so long! In summary—the bike is good, but enquire about the availability of what you want beforehand. It might be worth seeing what you can get locally if you need something quicker, and also you know you will get what you order.
Posted 7 months ago
I'm disappointed to say I've had an awful experience with Mango Bikes. I ordered a bike for my girlfriend's birthday in May, when the website was saying it would take 2-4 weeks to deliver. We didn't hear anything until mid-July, when we were first told about the potential for delays. When we finally heard something, we were offered the chance to hand over even more money to buy a totally different bike (with a very different spec from what we had originally ordered), or to just continue to wait. I complained about the lack of communication and asked for a discount to compensate for the fact we had been charged immediately but still had no indication of when our order would arrive. I was told that as I had already been given an introductory discount (which was offered to all new customers before there was any indication there might be a delay), this would not be possible. I was, however, offered a bike light by way of apology. RRP £6. I responded that the offer was a little insulting and received no reply. From then on I only received mass mailouts from the company, including a generic apology that explained the situation due to Covid and promised "There will be some extra freebies for you as a token of our appreciation for sticking with us". There weren't. The bike finally arrived in September. There weren't any freebies, nor were there any of the tools that are supposed to be included to help you assemble the bike. I understand these are unprecedented times, so allowances have to be made, but communication costs nothing and Mango has handled everything extremely poorly.
Posted 7 months ago
Unfortunately, having received an email that my order was dispatched on 14.9.20, I am yet to receive it, having emailed the company twice I am yet to get any response. Very disappointed with this poor customer service. I would not recommend buying from Mango Bikes.
Posted 7 months ago
Love my bike, but it took an age to arrive (not Mango's fault in a pandemic, but communication could have been much, much better). Also, I didn't get any instructions on how to put my bike together, or any tools...... There's an 'instructional video' on the website but it's about as much help as a chocolate teaspoon. The actual bike is great though, no complaints there!
Posted 7 months ago
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