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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
They signed me up with a company that was £320 a year more than they found. I asked them to cancel the switch which they confirmed they did. Since then I have made countless calls and sent emails to sort this as the new company 'Together Energy' carried on with the transfer. 3 months later and I personally am still trying to sort it. They don't reply to emails and have left me to deal with it myself. Disgusting customer service so avoid them!
Posted 1 year ago
I joined just over a year ago and the first switch saved me a good £15 per month and was hassle free. However the next switch has been a total mess.

First I was going to switch to Toto who went bust and PFP then rejected my transfer to them. I had to call PFP to let them transfer me. EDF took over till December (about 3 months with EDF) and then was transferred to Together Energy for a better deal.

Then, I got a bill from PFP 3 months after my supposed switch to EDF. Called PFP who stated they were still my electricity supplier but not gas.

I then called LAMB who said my transfer to Together was done.

Basically I then had to call PFP to settle my bill and the telephone rep told me there were a number of issues with LAMB and it’s best for me to call Together Energy to resolve the issues.

From what I can see, LAMB are just using a search engine to find the best deal but don’t really manage anything to do with the transfer and basically keep their fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. As per all the other reviews, LAMB customer service is pathetic and would have expected more as they were from Dragon’s Den.

I wouldn’t use LAMB and stick to uswitch or another method but LAMB have caused me more issues than I ever had in my previous 10 years. I am still not sure whether I actually saved anything as have yet to receive my bill from EDF!!!
Posted 1 year ago
Moral black hole. Awful how a good idea turned into a mechanism to rip-off struggling families. I personally have issues with them and together energy.... The usual srory based on all the other reviews I've read. I've been paying for two suppliers for months. I am met with a wall of silence as I attempt to sort the issue out. I feel sad that many families would be really struggling being suddenly hit with an extra £100 a month bill. It could have a real impact. However it is safe to say this company doesn't care at all and have totally ignored me. Not even a single response. Whilst I will be spending time resolving this for myself (seems its doesn't save time or money), I am determined to not let them rip-off other families. If you are affected by this please find me on their face book review page. Trudy Hill.
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Trudy,

I hope you are well.

Because of the way the energy industry is currently configured, it is common to be charged by both suppliers within the 4-6 week switching process whether we switch you or you do it alone.

This is because your current supplier is continuing to provide you with the energy you are using whilst your new supplier is setting everything up.

Typically, the new supplier will charge their first monthly direct debit as soon as they have set an energy account up for you and this will result in being charged by both companies within a month or so.

It is very important to note that these bills, although appearing at the same time, are for two different periods of energy usage and it is important to check that the dates of both bills match correctly.

Essentially your previous supplier is charging you for the energy you have used on the way out whilst the new supplier is charging you for the energy to be used in the upcoming month.

Anything that you have been charged for by your new supplier but have not actually used is credited back to you during the course of your contract, particularly when you provide them with regular meter readings and show how little you have used in the month of the switching process compared to what they have charged. In addition, you should always be able to contact the supplier directly and claim this money back as well as set up a new preferred payment date following this.

Once you have received a final bill from the previous supplier and the switch has fully gone through then we recommend cancelling your direct debit with them through your bank to ensure they no longer charge you.

I appreciate that this is a lot of money to be taken in your account at a short period but you will still be set to make significant savings across the full year and you should be able to claim back much of the money charged by the new supplier once you provide meter readings.

However, if it has indeed been longer than 4-6 weeks then we recommend contacting the previous supplier and ensuring they have cancelled the direct debit and refund you back for anything they have charged you which you have not used as we had previously notified them to do.

Thank you,

Complaints Manager
Look After My Bills team
Posted 1 year ago
Absolutely ridiculous service, put me on a tariff with a company called Together Energy, i can't get through to them via email or phone.

Decided to call look after my bills, they were not interested said it was not there problem and i had to contact the Supplier who does not answer the phone or responds to emails.

Keep away from this company as all they do is change your tariff and sign you up with a new supplier, get there commission and not interested after that.

No Customer Service at all.
Posted 1 year ago
I thought it would be good for LAMB to switch my utilities without the hassle of every year looking for a better deal myself. However I have found that the switch they carried out was nothing but hassle for me . Eventually after time spent, with many emails and phone calls, I managed to resolve the issue. Be aware !
Posted 1 year ago
*BEWARE* Requested a transfer be cancelled, confirmed that it was done, today received email from new supplier saying DD setup and supply moving in a few days, joke of a company.
Posted 1 year ago
This company promised 'no hassles, no worries' as published on their website. I used them to switch to a cheaper provider, and has ended up costing me far more in the process. For two months now I have been charged for gas and electric by both my previous and new providers because the switch wasn't done properly. My complaint has still not been dealt with. Do not bother using this service, I wish I had done it all myself.
Posted 1 year ago
I used LAMB to switch my energy supplies earlier this year. They switched me to TOTO Energy, who have since ceased trading. Bad luck, I thought, and I'd give them another chance. Meantime EDF had taken over my supply at a reasonable price. LAMB then offered to switch me to a more expensive supplier (an extra £14 per month) and took six days to reply to my email querying this.

The result of this is that the switch has now been cancelled, EDF have emailed to say that I have left them. I now have no idea who will supply my energy and whom i should pay. Shambolic
Posted 1 year ago
I signed up and then realised LAMB were going to switch me to a more expensive tariff than what I could find myself. After cancelling this on 15th Oct and having received the confirmation from LAMB it was cancelled I thought I could get on with my life. But 13th DEC I received an email telling me I was being switched by a new provider. I rang and was told it was the peoples energy who was the provider I had declined to use. LAMB doesnt guarantee you cheaper bills however it does make a simple switching process much harder, will ignore your emails and waste your time.
Posted 1 year ago
switched me into a supplier which significantly increased my bills and locked me into a contract. very poor indeed.
Posted 1 year ago
I have reason to believe that many of the positive reviews below are false in an effort to cover up the vast stream of negative reviews.

Don’t go near this company, it has only caused me regret.

They are very attentive when you join, sending almost a ridiculous amount of emails and promising huge savings. But, unfortunately, they are unable to deliver. I was switched to The People’s Energy and then informed after my 14 day waiver period had expired that the price I would be paying would be triple my current energy costs!

The switch took almost 3 months to go through and they would not cancel my switch. Yet when I phoned the People’s Energy they said that I had 14 days to cancel from the point of switching, so fortunately I was able to cancel.

Look After My Bills have an awful customer service department, you get passed from pillar to post and the waiting time between responses to emails can be anywhere upwards of 2 weeks! Their excuse was that they are a new company, which is not acceptable as they should not take on work they are unable to handle. Every time I called I was promised different things that never materialised.

I have tried to make a formal complaint, but again have gone round in circles so the Energy Ombudsman are now dealing with my complain based on the following:

- failure to deliver cheaper bills
- inability to provide an efficient switch
- little to no support or customer service
- flawed complaints procedure
- incorrect information provided to the customer

It is fair to say that if a company who offers an easier way to switch and manage your energy bills is unable to do any of the above, they are failing in their mission. Don’t go near them, it will cause you so much wasted time and (excuse the pun!) energy! It is a shambles of a company.
Posted 1 year ago
since I switched to u I have not been able to log into my account which is very annoying as I like to keep track of what I’m using and update meter readings
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Michelle,

I hope you are well.

At Look After My Bills, we look after all our accounts internally and do not provide login facilities for this reason. However, we are currently working on introducing a login area for our customers and will be implementing this in the near future.

In the meantime, if you need to update us regarding your energy usage, supplier, address or for any other reason, please send us an email or get in touch by calling 02039501166 and we will update your account.

Thank you,

Look After My Bills team
Posted 1 year ago
My first year anniversary with "Look after My Bills" and a trouble free one with great customer support, saved me money last year saving me more this year plus a generous credit refund on its way. You can't beat that. Thank you "look after my Bills" please keep up the excellent work.
Posted 1 year ago
So easy to use - helpful staff, saved me money!
Posted 1 year ago
Switched onto a new deal that doubled our bill. Our new supplier told them Look After My Bills told them we used a completely unrealistic about of energy per month. We used to pay 60 a month with British Gas for our Electricity. Now we pay upwards of £125. I would not recommend.
Posted 1 year ago
Everyone is happy with their current switch... wait 1 year.
After letting LAMB look after my energy bills, my last year's bill trebled.
Have fun at this point spending hours on the phone to suppliers, LAMB and Ofgem getting nowhere. LAMB = Big Mistake
Posted 1 year ago
All the claims you made were realised and some , i hope to use your service again in the next 2 weeks.
Posted 1 year ago
I have never been so confused by something so simple.

This company have moved my gas to a new provider and moved my neighbour's electricity over, rather than mine.

Replies from support take 2-3 days and have basically said ' we cannot help you we have made the switch'

Absolutely shocking service and still no one has called me to apologise or help sort this mess out!!
Posted 1 year ago
so far everything has gone as promised. no hassles, and switch completed.
Look After My Bills did everything.
Norman Roberts
Posted 1 year ago
Just such an easy service to use. You don't have to remember when something is due - all the hard work is done. I was concerned that I might have to do more contacting companies but it was all done. Very pleased that I use them.
Posted 1 year ago
Look after My Bills is rated 4.27 based on 628 reviews