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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
They don’t go with the cheapest but state only people they trust (think they only trust people who pay them commission)
Posted 9 months ago
Look After My BIlls has been sold to Go Compare. It's no longer the cutting edge service it claimed to be, it's just another broker trying to make a commission. Stay away. do it yourself, it's not too difficult
Posted 9 months ago
Not good... poor customer support... attempted switch of my energy from our existing provider and I've ended up paying the utility charges of a different property and my own.... This has affected my credit rating as I'm now being charged for utilities by two different providers which I'm not paying...
Posted 9 months ago
I got a flow of emails telling me that they were looking for a better deal for me. Finally they emailed me to say that a switch was under way and that I had 14 days to cancel. I checked out the proposed new supplier on line and decided to cancel (we're waiting for LAMB to action this).

We were not entirely confident about the quality of customer service from the new supplier, there are reports on the web of its customers having difficulty getting refunds when they have overpaid their account. Service from our current supplier has been exemplary.

Incidentally, none of the other price comparison sites threw up any offers from the new supplier which we thought was, shall we say, interesting.

We were also not sure what role LAMB might play if the switch went wrong for any reason. If they are just brokers, then they will do nothing and we would have a mess to clear up - see other comments on here.

Too risky all round, best do this sort of thing yourself, it's not very difficult.
Posted 9 months ago
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I did'nt know they shared my details with 3rd partys, finished up with an unknown company ( to me) telling me they had set up dd for my gas supply at a cost that was more than I was paying for dual fuel with my old provider! Complete nightmare to cancel , gone back to my old provider AND SAVED MONEY. Do not use this company.
Posted 10 months ago
denied my amazon voucher for joining up as they said I didn't click on the link correctly so I am signed up to a new energy company which costs me £30 to leave and look after my bills shafted me badly as they refuse to honour my voucher and they made money by switching me so they are pleased and don't care about there customers..very rude and unhelpful staff..SO BECAREFUL AS THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE BEING DENIED THE AMAZON GIFT VOUCHER..
Posted 10 months ago
Complete waste of time. Won't accept any responsibility for their actions. Should have switched both energies but only electric switched. Three months later we are hit with a bill for over £350 from our previous supplier. Their customer service is a joke.
Posted 10 months ago
Utilities switched at end of March, I then discovered that BOTH companies took payment in March and then April, meaning that I made an extra 2 payments and was approx. £100 out of pocket.
Complained to LookAfterMyBills who took some time to reply, made a few glib remarks and did no more. The moral ? If things go wrong with a switch, youre pretty much on your own!
That's me out...
Posted 10 months ago
Easy to transition but the vendor that we’ve moved to has quite a clunky website and no app!
Posted 10 months ago
Hey Look Bill
Posted 10 months ago
I registered with Look After My Bills nearly six months ago and now I'm paying more than I've ever paid. In the six months since they signed me up to Together Energy I've never received a bill even though I submitted meter readings. I wish I'd never heard of Look After My Bills, what an absolute joke of a company. Steve
Posted 11 months ago
Poor communication from Look After My bills. Poor response to e-mails and there is no portal to view process etc
Posted 11 months ago
Look after my bills - what a total waste of time. I have tried calling and emailing and even after speaking to customer service, they have had the wrong address for me and won't update! So I have been paying for someone else's gas and electricity and my old supplier is also still charging me. Appalling how they treat customers. You should go on social media and see how many negative reviews they are. Strange it's positive on here.
Posted 1 year ago
Great concept but if you don't want a nightmare at the last minute keep away. I signed up, all great, plenty of time, got lots of nice emails stating that they had found a nice deal for me (Great). then nothing, I emailed close to my switch date saying I heard nothing only to be told I should have (That helped :-/ ) Then received an email whilst this was going on, to say my switch had been cancelled. So I decided to call my current supplier and say I was staying as we were too close to the time to change. ONLY then to get a plethora of emails from the so called new supplier saying I was moving to them and Direct Debit had been setup. What a joke. Now multiple phone calls later I don't really know where I stand. Energy Supplier blaming Looksftermybills, Lookaftermybills blaming energy supplier. What a mess.
Posted 1 year ago
DO NOT USE this company. They have made a total mess of switching me over to a new supplier and I am now paying both my previous supplier and new supplier for my energy. Both suppliers claim that I am their client. I have tried now for 3 weeks to get hold of someone at "Look after my bills" and all I get is an email telling me a complaints manager will be in touch today. That was three weeks ago and I have sent numerous emails since then (as you can not get hold of them on the phone) and I still get the same response and no apology. I am still waiting for that complaints manger to get in touch! They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in the UK. Rather use YOUSWITCH as they are far more reliable. DO NOT USE "LOOK AFTER MY BILLS" once the pass you over to a supplier they want nothing more to do with you!!!! Spread the word please to avoid other being taken advantage of.
Posted 1 year ago
They are a total joke, they put me on a poor deal and even after paying the additional £60 exit fees to that company I was still better of switching breaking my contract early, using a price comparison website. So annoyed that I even bothered with these guys. All they do is send you a great first quote based on inaccurate figures most likely and then they have you. Avoid them like Covid 19....

Some of the early reviews on here must be fake as they certainly dont seem to be pleasing anyone lately.
Posted 1 year ago
Signed up to LAMB mid contract with a supplier and went back not long because the contract was due to end and never heard a thing back from them. Did it all myself in the end. Not worth the bother.
Posted 1 year ago
Terrible service. I agreed to transfer my electricity to a new supplier. They arranged the transfer using the wrong address. This ended up with two electricity companies asking for money. I have made numerous phone calls to both suppliers trying to sort it out and am still doing so. Look after my bills didn't apologise or even acknowledge they had done anything wrong.
Posted 1 year ago
Got an email from my supplier saying ' Sorry you are leaving us '. This was news to me.They very efficiently tracked me to another company via Look after my bills.
It would appear that just by looking at LAMB website I was
transferred to a new supplier. I got a cancellation with the new supplier under the 14 day cooling off period. At no point did I get an email confirming the transfer or any request for bank details. After contacting LAMB they cancelled the transfer. I feel there was something very underhand with the ease with which LAMB operates.
It is apparently very easy to inadvertently ' sign up ' to them.
Thank goodness I escaped.
Posted 1 year ago
Last year I've used LAMB for switch to Tonik Energy. All went well, so was really excited about it. I saved a couple of pounds, was nice. When easier this year I was approaching the end of the deal, it all went to s**t:

1. First I was contacted by different "employees" of LAMB, that sent me the standard email, asking for my details all over again as if I was a new customer (no one changes date of birth the next year!!!) I never understood if I was replying a real person (like they like to advertise) or just random under prepared people in a "call centre". Then I got two email messages from different people stating I was going to switch to two different suppliers! And none of them matched my requirements (eg. green energy), meaning they really don't pay attention to what you fill in their forms.

2. Most important, when I finally switched (or so I thought), I got an email from previous supplier saying the deal had reached the end date and I was now on a standard (and more expensive) rate. All that at the same time as I had confirmation emails from the new supplier that they had successfully switched me and started supplying my household. Both of them charged me around £50 on my bank account. Draconian!

3. Upon identifying this, I got in touch with LAMB, and I was told I would have to touch with both suppliers and sort this mess out. They "can't deal with contracts and payments", although THEY SET UP MY NEW CONTRACT AND THR DIRECT DEBIT! Funny isn't it? They can do all that when setting up a deal that gives them a fee, but when they got that fee, they resign from any responsibilities. What a joke!

I advise people to stay away from LookAfterMyBills, it's not a customer-centric company, and they'll make your life harder then if you had done the switch yourself (just use market comparison websites when your deals are ending and switch yourself).

Posted 1 year ago
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