2.85 Rating 27 Reviews
Happiness Grade have a Customer Happiness Grade of C-. Customers are happy with their customer service but are unhappy with their delivery.


Delivery - Average

Industry Average
Awful service. Did not deliver within the stated 28 days, communication by customer services is poor. Insisted on delivery to property, even though I informed them I would no longer be there and, as they had not delivered within the 28 days, would like a refund. They want me to pay to send their plants back. Have emailed the manager for a refund.
- Anonymous
I ordered some garden ready cosmos plants, and I am sure they left J Parker in great condition, however it looked like the delivery company had literally shaken the box! Poor little plants were in a right mess!!
- Sandie Milligan
Industry Average
Garden plants brought off them always very good and excellent service
- Graham Willis