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50 -52 Commercial Street, London United Kingdom


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Does anyone know how you can get the money back from Interior Addict? It was for a purchase made in October and I fear because it was paid on debit card. I called and emailed relentlessly before they went into administration - we will never see the money again? Awful company, awful customer service.
posted 4 years ago - B Morson
But I can also confirm that they offer some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
posted 5 years ago - John b
This must be a false site. My uncle ordered 3 lamps that should have arrived in Feb2015. No lamps, money gone, no customer service, no email reply. Etc...are not working ???
posted 5 years ago - Henriette Hernvig
Bought a really expensive chair from them in January 2015, still waiting. Cant get through to their customer service. I tried going to their showroom and it is closed :( dont know what to do really
posted 5 years ago - steve
We ordered 2 chairs in mid November and heard nothing from them since...Still waiting for our chairs. Their voicemail is full so you can't leave a message, they don't reply to any emails, and when you go to the shop near Liverpool street, there is a paper on the door saying, Closed for staff training... Worst customer service EVER.
posted 5 years ago - geoffroy gaborieau
As with many others appalling service. I am intending to take them to the Small Claims Court to recover my refund of £289.50. Has anybody else tried this?
posted 5 years ago - Janet Brinnand
Trying to reach someone at their customer service is a nightmare! the phone line is mostly shut off and e-mail correspondence is usually not answered.
posted 5 years ago - Alexander
Virtually impossible to reach customer service (phone or mail does not matter) 5.
posted 5 years ago - kurt
No customer service, I'm fed up being ignore for over a 2 months now. I was waiting for my item 6 weeks more than estimated, then was promised refund of delivery costs within 30 days. 80 days later- nothing! It's not worth it! They don't care about customers.
posted 5 years ago - AL
One week later I received an e mail from their customer service dept saying they had made a mistake and did not have the item in stock.
posted 5 years ago - Yvette Parker