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Avoid this at all cost !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had a policy with them while living in Luton, 350 pounds/month for a van and they said it's so expensive because of the area. Soon i moved to Milton Keynes, told them about it and all they did was to reduce my monthly payments with 10 pounds.
I've asked other companies and they gaved me quotations around 180 punds/month.
I've cancelled the policy with this thieves and they refused to give me the deposit back, knowing that I had no claims.
AVOID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Andre, the prices you pay are dictated to us by the insurers. Of course, we do charge a new business fee in addition to this to cover the costs of us transacting the business on your behalf. Unfortunately, you have moved to an area that your insurer may charge more for. These costs are defined by the insurer. Each insurer rates each postcode and area differently so the cheapest insurer for your old area, may not be the cheapest insurer for your new area but that is out of our hands. I think there is some confusion with regards to your deposit. We would not be able to refund your deposit as this is the initial payment towards your insurance policy, this deposit is never refundable as it goes to pay the insurer. We hope this helps but if you wish to discuss further, please contact us on 0330 808 1500.
Posted 1 year ago
My daughter car insurance policy start date 20.04.2019 PAID IN FULL. She sent all dokuments via email 21.04.2019 ( copy car driving licence... DVLA code)
Revolution insurance sent txt to my daughter 7.05.2019 after cooling off period about additional premium 164.53 £ for the reason of insurer Enforced..... Why? becouse when she gave all details over the phone they ask : how long have you got your driving licence? She said 5 years....They didnt ask from what day you have a driving licence. They should but they didnt..... they was waiting and sent text after cooling off period. They said that She has car driving licence 4 years and 11 months and she must pay 164£. or cancel for 500£ becouse she gave false information.
The revolution company rubbing people!!!!!! Shocking customer care.... once they have your money they will treat you with no respect!!!!!!! THIEVES!!!!!!!
Will I receive text about additional payment at any time? Till end of insurane policy? possible..... they have fun.....
Thieves!!!!!!! Thieves!!!!!!!!!!! Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Renata, if a client tells us they have had their license for less than 5 years, it is company practice to request the exact test pass date. However, in this instance, as you mentioned, your daughter told us that she has held her license for 5 years and therefore, we would not request the exact date from her. The additional premium is set by the insurer to cover the change in the risk. We do not wait until after the cooling off period, we have to await the information or request for the additional premium from the insurer. As an FCA regulated business we have to adhere to the strict rules of the regulator and therefore do not steal from our customers.
Our cancellation fee is £100 outside of the cooling off period to cover administration costs. If you need to discuss your options further, please call 0330 808 1500.
Posted 1 year ago
Just a joke company do not use them. They told me on the phone my documents was received and everything was good then cancelled my insurance. X2 years in a row I had to go directly to the insurer to get it reinstated
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Adam, thanks for the review. Without looking into your file itself, we want you to understand that sometimes things can and do go wrong, but ultimately, we pride ourselves in taking the necessary steps to put things right. All of our customers are extremely important to us and if we have made a mistake, we would welcome the opportunity to resolve matters. If this is something you would be interested in letting us do, please contact us.
Posted 1 year ago
They are scammers and will took all your money and left you with no option other than cancel the policy...i loss alot of money but i will take them to court as well bunch of clowns operating from manchester..
Posted 2 years ago
Insurance Revolution has been good to myself and at a great rate. The company helped me solve my insurance problems straight away when I must needed it. I recommend to everyone their service
Posted 10 months ago
I spoke to a gentleman called Donald, outstanding customer service, informed me of exactly what I needed to know. Spoke to me like a normal human being rather than another number getting a quote. Donald needs a medal for putting me such at ease!
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Lauren, We are glad Donald was able to help you. We will pass on the review to his Manager. Thanks.
Posted 1 year ago
Your not getting great reviews are you?? Maybe you need to improve your company policies!!
If you don’t stop sending me text messages by Wednesday I will be demanding a full refund!! And I was, I say WAS!! A happy repeat customer of 4 years!!! What happened to you??? You used to be good!!!
Posted 1 year ago
Hi, as we sent to you on Google, our messages are scheduled and automated off the back of a routine which checks whether your documents have been received. I can see you sent your docs in a timely manner and these have been scanned into the system however, the system has not been updated to show that we have received these documents. Thank you for highlighting this error in the process to us. We are in the process of fixing it now. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Posted 1 year ago
worst insurance broker i have come across, does not return phone calls, even close brothers finance lodged a complaint on our behalf still no response from insurance revolution, avoid this company
Posted 1 year ago
Hi Nigel, we have no record of any complaints logged by Close Premium Finance. Please could you contact us on 0330 808 1500 to discuss any complaint you may have with us.
Posted 1 year ago
Do NOT touch this company. They are liars and con merchants. How the fca haven’t investigated them I don’t know. They cancelled our policy with out notice, recieved 3 letters after the event stating the policy would be cancelled in September and dated September 19 (it’s now may 19) after a manager Apologised and promised a refund that would be payed in 5 to 7 days, no money appeared so called back 10 days later, to be told it was being processed that day and would be in my bank account that day, following day rang them to ask why I still hadn’t recieved it and was informed by the accounts department that no refund was due, after a change of heart the same guy said it had been processed and would take a further 3 to 5 days to appear in my account... I’m not holding my breath... I will be taking this matter further with the fca and financial ombudsman.... I’ve given this company 1 star only because there isn’t an option for zero or minus stars!!!
Posted 1 year ago
Hi, thanks for your review. We are unsure why your money was not refunded to you when originally agreed. I have spoken to accounts on your behalf and they have verified that this payment has been made. If you do not receive your money by the close of next week, please can you contact the complaints team on 0330 808 1500 and they will speak to the accounts team for you.
Posted 1 year ago
Avoid avoid avoid!!!!!!!!!
Scam scam scam
Posted 1 year ago
Hi, without further information we are unable to help you with your review. However, we would like to take the opportunity to explain that we do not scam customers but are forced, as brokers, to adhere to the strict rules set by both the insurers and the FCA. If you have an actual complaint, please contact us. The easiest method is via email
Posted 1 year ago
I took a=out a policy with this company and they keep asking me to send various forms of verification of ownership.

I have now sent everything they have asked for twice and they have come back again weeks later to say they haven't received it and they'll cancel my insurance if I don't provide.

Very Very poor communication, plus lost my details twice, this must be against GDPR. They lose your information and then threaten to cancel your insurance..... If you value your time and don't want to waste time sending and resending information and you also want piece of mind that your car is covered then I seriously recommend you DO NOT USE this company... what a crock they are!
Posted 1 year ago
Hi, we are very sorry you feel this way. Unfortunately, many of our insurers require documents for their validation purposes. Internally, our validation operates a 48 hour turn around however when received by our Validation team. Insurers can request new copies of documents at any time during your policy in addition to this as per their terms and conditions. We hoe this clarifies the situation.
Posted 1 year ago
Avoid avoid avoid.. u have been warned

After full payment taken they wont accept your documents even after previous insurance company sent it to insurance revolution direct

I lost over £1400

Full claim currently with FCA for refund
Posted 1 year ago
Hi, we can see that you logged a complaint which was resolved to you satisfaction on the 19th March. However, your review mentions a loss of £1400 which was not part of your original complaint. If this is something that we have missed, please can you contact us at the earliest possible convenience to discuss this matter. Thank you.
Posted 1 year ago
this broker or whatever it is, is more like a scammer. All comments about them which have been posted here are totally true. Lack of communication, lack of knowledge as every time Ive asked them why they have cancelled my insurance when all my documents have been approved they are saying that it is insurer request. After when Ive asked them whats the reason for the insurer to cancel it they said its because i havent put my personal car to the motor trade policy. When i did my qoute have been told several times that i dont have to put a personal ar to the policy and 20 days after they just cancelled the policy. I will be taking them to the court also
Posted 1 year ago
Hi, we believe you logged a complaint with our Complaints team. We hope that the team have been able to handle your complaint. From your review we can see that placing your private vehicle on your motor trade policy may have caused some issues with your insurer, we apologise for the inconvenience caused with this matter.
Posted 1 year ago
same story here was given a quote paid it in full ,was then asked for more money , they asked for £70 extra as i had parked on the main road ,even though i stated this in the quote ,we agreed ill pay £50 now ,5 months later they want an extra £144.44 as my no claims was different dates ,so all in all they wanted an extra £200 ,would not trust them stay away .will be contacting the financial ombudsman as this seems a regular story.
Posted 2 years ago
I had been delivering hot food for a takeaway near where I live when I got pulled over by the police who informed me I didn't have the right insurance for the job.
The nice police man gave me a chance to sort the right insurance out and would check me the next day or i would face points and a fine.
I phoned around insurance companies but there isn't really any that do food delivery as an option.
Finally I came to insurance revolution who sold me a really good package for an alright price.
I was happy with this and sent my details and no claims to them, after a month they sent me an email to tell me that the no claims i had sent was wrong.
I sent it again and they contacted me again telling me it was wrong again, i asked them what type of proof do they need from me and they said my no claims letter.
I asked my previous insurer for this and this took longer than i thought it would to receive and I sent it to insurance revolution.
then I got a bill for an extra £400 as my no claims was unacceptable for them. I don't know why, i phoned them and they told me that they had just sent it to the underwriters and they would get back to me about this situation as it should be ok.
so I am now into 5 months with them and i am starting to stress as i don't know what is happening about my insurance day to day,
they told me monday that my NCB had been approved then on the same day I talked to another guy after receiving another email that it hadn't been checked yet.
Now its wednesday I haven't heard from them in person but i have received another email now telling me to pay the demand otherwise they will cancel my insurance. i don't have £400 to pay for one months insurance, so i have no clue what to do.

My advice to anyone wanting insurance, don't make the same mistake I made and use this company as it is poorly run and organised.
If you deliver hot food like I do, by the time you pay the insurance there will be no money left unless you work full time to pay for the insurance.

I know it's not worth getting caught without the right insurance as it carries points and a fine, but I can now see why so many people do it, as insurance companies take advantage of been the only ones who do said insurance.

when you phone them about anything concerning your insurance no body knows what anyone else has done on your account and this to me is a waste of my time.

I will not be using them again.

I wish you all the best in what you decided, but I wouldn't trust them now with anything as they have been a thorn in my side.
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Andrew, thanks for your review. Insurers can request documents at any point during the time you are on cover with them. Until we hear from them to confirm they are happy with the documents you have sent in as per their request we can not do anything else. Our team will be in touch once we hear from your insurer and we can look at any next steps steps.
Posted 2 years ago
They just told me last night that the insurance company have canceled my insurance 24 hours ago I had been using my car without insurance, now I am stuck for the weekend 12 miles from the nearest shop in a rural village without even a pub with very little food and a new baby, They are totally incompetent because the last email I had from them was that everything was ok and they will contact me if they need more info, then a short one to say my policy was canceled, I have been driving for 30 years perfect record maximum no claims, all of this started when I questioned the schedule that some of the terms like windscreen cover were missing, their salesmen lie to you to take your money, I paid in full and now I have nothing, will not take this lightly, should have stayed with my slightly more expensive trade wise policy. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS ITS CHEAPER FOR A REASON
Posted 2 years ago
Set of scammers cancelled my policy due to supposedly having a 2nd job which is false,now I'm going to take it high now and go to the ombudsmen and put a serious complaint in against them.
Posted 2 years ago
Stay away from this company.Was given a price for Courier Insurance inc Goods In Transit only to be told 5 times yes 5 times that the price was wrong AFTER they took £310 deposit it went up 5 different times.So when I cancelled the policy after 4 days & asked for my refund they’ve charged me over £250 & are refunding me £58.Absolute Disgrace of a company.Just shop about if you find it hard there are legitimate company’s out there.
Posted 2 years ago
Ive been with you for 2 years.asked for a new quote..was discusted..u just rip people off..
Posted 2 years ago
Shambles. There is clearly no communication within the company, as I would receive multiple calls from different people about the same thing.
They then decided to cancel my policy '7' months into the policy because they claimed my proof of NCB was out of date, even though it was in date at time of proof.
Was also just after they had taken my payment for that month too, coincidentally.
They claim they will beat any quote, which they went out their way to do, I will give them that, but later into the policy I realised that it was just a con, as I basically paid a years insurance for 7 months
Posted 3 years ago
Insurance Revolution is rated 4.14 based on 140 reviews