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Rubbish customer services RUBBISH follow up Item didn't arrive Hermes lost it and nobody seems to care. No manager will speak to me. They are all leaving the poor customer services agents to deal with me. Already discounted £60 but at the moment that's £60 off NO ITEM?? Unbelievable
posted 1 year ago - Glen
No delivery ordered on 26-8-18 Contact them on 6-9-18 when relished not arrived Was told had to wait 48 working hours on 7-9-18 Waited the 48 hours time lapsed so sent other email On 11-9-18 was told that I would have to another email this not good service sent other emails asking questions was told on 16-9-18 that I should receive my items within 5- 7 days this the most disappointed and stress
posted 1 year ago - Pjchin
Avoid this company Poor customer services Premium rate telephone number Very slow at making refunds
posted 1 year ago - Slawitbob
appalling customer services refund takes 2weeks didn't take that long for them to take out of my account.non English speaking staff on premium pay tell number
posted 1 year ago - Margaret clear
Rather than contacting the Indian based call centre you could try emailing their Customer Service Manager, David Peck. However, don't expect a direct answer to a direct question as it appears to be company policy not to give meaningful amswers.
posted 1 year ago - Ian
Bought some goods and didn't do the job it was supposed to, contacted the customer services and after dozens of emails and pictures I was informed I wouldn't be getting a refund as they described it as my error. I would rather use QVC and they have a new quibble money back guarantee
posted 1 year ago - paul H
Poor service in every way am now going to contact Trading Standards and watch dog maybe they will be able to get my fully paid for order.
posted 1 year ago - Jackie
Still waiting on my delivery Very bad service will Never order from them again . I am now thinking of taking legal action as the item was fully paid for on ordering. Also getting a reply when e.mailing is non existent . Beware when ordering .
posted 1 year ago - Charlotte
An item I ordered over a month ago has not arrived due to being delivered at my old address over and over despite having given them my new address several times. I wanted to cancel the order but they are not having it. Terrible service. It's unbelievable
posted 1 year ago - Patience , Wolves
Emailed them on numerous occasions and twice in the last 2 days about their "service". They either ignore the emails or reply with an answer that bears no relation to the questions asked. I'm going to report them to Trading Standards and Watchdog. Hopefully they can put an end to their dodgy practice's.
posted 1 year ago - Ian