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We offer the everyday legal services you require to move smoothly through each stage of life’s journey. Property law when purchasing your first home. Equity release when you are ready to retire. Financial claims or personal injury services when something goes wrong. Will writing to protect you and your loved ones.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Alexander Burns was 5 star but I could not rate higher because I pointed out on the telephone to the agent that visited me that Scottish Widows had spelt my name incorrectly, I mentioned this again at the meeting and was assured it would not be a problem
It was a problem and put back completion for two weeks
Posted 4 days ago
Too slow at giving information
Posted 1 month ago
This is a follow-up to some remarks left yesterday (4/6). It is not a complaint, but meant to be helpful/constructive.

I note that funds are being sent to me by "telegraphic transfer"**. In banking terms, this is a bit like saying my brother is visiting me in a Model T Ford. A long time ago, a TT involved instructions to a paying bank, the bank staff preparing a coded message and then sending it to the recipient bank, where it was decoded and (hopefully) the right account finally credited. Later, one had CHAPS payments [from about 1990-1995 ??], which took a much shorter time and were much more accurate (although the request still had to go through one's bank).
**Another document from you calls it "Faster Payment"
Since about what ? 2005-2010 individuals have been able to send money from their own accounts, as a kind-of extension of the system of debit cards with chips embedded. Further, this latter typically takes a matter of a few minutes (2-3 hours absolute maximum). And it is free.
Whilst I can understand that various checks and formalities are required as to correctness of paperwork, validity of bank information and so on, I am genuinely surprised that payment of this nature apparently routinely takes more than 24 hours to wend its way to its final destination. And costs me £ 50.
Posted 2 months ago
Whilst you carried out the required tasks, we found your service somewhat sloppy. On the 22nd May you wrote to us requesting a copy of the completion certificate for the sale of a previous property. This was despite us having already emailed it to Eve Lake on the 18th May and having confirmed such to your representative on the home visit carried out on the 21st May. Okay, this didn't seem to delay proceedings, but what was really staggering was the e-mail Michael Callaghan sent us on the 2nd of June enclosing a letter and completion statement showing the wrong sum of money being due to us - over £800,000.00 as apposed to the approximately £40,000.00 we were applying for! Again no delay appeared to result from this, but it all smacked of sloppiness. See attached copies.
Posted 2 months ago
Not impressive as three different solicitors handled my case and not knowing what was happening on time or why changing the solicitor. Also, the mortgage took longer than expected due to the last minutes investigation/review of supportive documents.
Posted 2 months ago
Never confident they were handling things properly as changed mind a couple of times as to what was needed but did complete finally
Posted 2 months ago
I felt they dragged completion of my equity release out. This cost me a further £1,000 in interest fees to my lender.
Posted 2 months ago
Overall very pleased with the service The one negative was the amount of time you took to reply to queries Several times it took you 2-3 days to get in contact with the person dealing with my case which I found most irritating
Posted 3 months ago
Thay took a long time to get to a final result of my caseworker
Posted 3 months ago
GWLegal was not chosen by us. It was the legal company acting for Age Partnership, the company we selected to access equity release from our property. So, in that regard, they carried out what I would have expected from a legal company. I had to correct figures on a few occasions but that was not the fault of GWLegal as they were only relaying information from Age Partnership which got things wrong on several levels, but that is another story.
Posted 4 months ago
Since I am still awaiting full settlement from the bank it is too early to comment.
Posted 4 months ago
Seemed easy enough to deal with but at times the information could be more clear. On multiple times the information asked was not easy to understand unless you are familiar with legal advice. When asking questions they were answered reasonably quickly but I felt I had to ask unnecessary questions as the information was not clear to understand.
Posted 4 months ago
Kathryn Simpson was efficient and we completed the interview quickly and easily. I was unpleasantly surprised by the cost of the service. To pay £75 for a letter seems excessive. It was a standard letter and could not have cost that much to produce. Overall I was disappointed at the overall cost and do not feel it was good value for money.
Posted 4 months ago
whilst I am sure you did your part to satisfaction , the downside is your complete and frustrating lack of communication during the process .Promises to "ring you back and we will pass a message on" were never done , we had to get information (any)through Age Partnership who had to prompt you to do so. A poor state of affairs to do any business at all .
Posted 4 months ago
The equity release was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I had good email correspondence from the office. However the agent was 2 hours late arriving to complete the paperwork. He rang ahead twice to tell me he was delayed but didnt apologise. His manner was curt.
Posted 4 months ago
Communication and staff excellent, however, disappointed in the fees, especially as charged £50 to receive funds
Posted 5 months ago
Legal advice very good, communication of final figures rubbish given three different final settlement figures
Posted 5 months ago
Initially no contact from GWlegal. Things didn’t seem to be moving on. I had to get too actively involved to find out where GWlegal were regarding the Equity Release. Poor/slow communication until near completion, placing me under undue stress.
Posted 5 months ago
delt with equety rellese morgage for me not impresed with there first atempt ,then had to go through it again for the secound time very impressed with that
Posted 5 months ago
It is impossible for me to give a constructive review of this company as several of the other companies that I have had to deal with that are allied to GHW have proved to be a total waste of space!! Whilst GW may have been excellent at what they do they are only one link in the chain and if the rest of the chain is c**p then where does that leave GW??
GW is probably very good but they have to deal with other companies that are, perhaps, a waste of space and that leads to delays and that leads to frustration and that leads frayed tempers and that leads to the question: "Why the hell am I doing this in the first instance"?? When all of this is settled then maybe, just maybe, I might be able to give an objective opinion as to who has done what and who has performed the best and the worst!!
Posted 6 months ago
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