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I ordered towels from them in March and was advised it would take 4-6wks so I've waited and waited emailed them twice. So now I'm going too try and get a refund from my credit card company. As I've ordered from there before and got the items so never gave it 2nd thought. So now I will be checking every company I use online
Posted 1 month ago
Bought a wooden wheelbarrow planter. Wood very poor quality. Firstly split when screwing together then discovered another split along one side when went to put plants into soil. Very disappointed in purchase. Glad I did not pay full price as purchased through Wowcher.
Posted 1 month ago
Ordered 4 pillows from GroundLevel through Woucher on 16th March with delivery date of 19th March I haven’t received the goods & I’ve sent several emails which they haven’t answered Would not recommend this company nor will I ever order from Woucher again The only reason I gave them 1 star is because I had to to access this complaint section
Posted 1 month ago
Would avoid this company. Ordered something through wowcher in April 2020 and I'm still waiting. Sent loads of emails and contacted them via their message option on their website. Got one response saying they'd look into it in April 2020 and then every email since has been ignored so I'm out of pocket for nothing.
Posted 3 months ago
Was also rang by a disgusting human being from this company that thought abusing a customer over the phone and telling me "all the Irish must be as stupid as you" I won't let this go pure RACISM!!! When I requested this member of staffs name I have since been ignored, Vile company to deal with
Posted 3 months ago
I suggest every one who has been robbed by this company puts in a claim from the small claims court it only costs 25 euro it would be worth it if you have been taken for an idiot by these scumbags, I will be doing so and would appreciate if everyone else did the same so this ridiculous "company" gets what it deserves
Posted 3 months ago
I ordered a mattress topper on 30/12/20 the money was taken from my account the next day but I never received an email confirmation of the order. I have emailed them 3 times but no response! I am very disappointed as I have ordered items from them before and they have always been very good. I cannot afford to lose my money and still not get my product!
Posted 4 months ago
It looks as though i am joining a long line of unhappy customers!!!! Ordered TWO 4" mattress toppers only received ONE. Telephoned them, message stating they are not in the office, working from home. Emailed them seven times and sent them a letter.. absolutely nothing. They have however taken the money out of my account for BOTH mattress toppers. If they do this to their customers they are on to a good thing!!!! Trading Standards should check them out. Still sending me emails trying to sell me 4" mattress toppers though........that's a laugh!!!!!!
Posted 4 months ago
STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY! I bought a Duck & Down Duvet and it is terrible, all the feathers are protruding through the covers and sticking to my carpet and every piece of clothing I have.. So itchy, irritating and uncomfortable. Their customer service is non-existent as I have yet to get a reply from any of my emails. I've just put my poor purchasing choice down to being gullible with living social deals who unfortunately use Groundlevel as their suppliers. Avoid at all cost.
Posted 4 months ago
AVOID AVOID! Do not buy from this company. I ordered a shoe rack from them and after waiting what seemed forever to receive it, I was extremely disappointed with the quality. Surely enough, the whole thing collapsed after 4 weeks.. I contacted them about their poor quality product and after many mails back and forward, it is clear they don't take responsibility over the merchandise they sell. I'm sorry I didn't read reviews before ordering.. lesson learnt! Certainly won't be buying again from them or Wowcher..
Posted 4 months ago
Posted 5 months ago
Orders made and acknowledged at the end of September but still not received! Emails ignored apart from a response at the very end of October apologising and assuring me the items were being re-shipped that day. Consulted Citizens Advice and sent a formal breach of contract email, followed by several reminders - all ignored. Thankfully my bank reimbursed my payment but the firm is a disgrace and I am complaining to the local Trading Standards Office in Leicestershire. Groundlevel have the nerve to keep sending me regular email offers, including for the items I ordered! This firm is NOT TO BE TRUSTED.
Posted 5 months ago
Same as what a majority of the complaints below. Ordered via wowcher on 28th Nov, and money taken on that date. I was then notified that delivery would be before 3 Dec, still nothing as of 14th Dec. I contacted them via phone only to hear a recorded message saying they do not answer phones because of Covid 19, so I sent them two emails with no reply to either. I will be chasing up my credit card company to deal with the issue.
Posted 5 months ago
After ordering goods advertised by Living Social site I was put through to Groundlevel site, apparently the product suppliers. That was last September. Despite being advised when the goods would be delivered....they weren’t. So, I tried contacting Groundlevel by phone. Instructed by answerphone to send an e.mail. Have heard NOTHING. As I placed the order with Living Social as far as I am concerned my buying contract is with them. So, again wrote an e.mail to them in September. No response. So, between these two companies they have taken my money. I leave it up to any reader to judge whether they would trust either of these companies with your order..on money.
Posted 6 months ago
On 1st September 2020 I ordered a bedding set, cost £23.99, through wowcher. Today is 29th September & I am still awaiting delivery. I've sent endless emails & am yet to receive a reply. Customer service is non-existent. I trusted this company as it was on Wowcher website & I've never been any bother with this site before but I will not be using it again. Sorry WOWCHER but you are now tarred with same brush as this underhanded company & have lost a customer which you can probably ill afford this close to Christmas.
Posted 8 months ago
I ordered a king size mattress topper via Wowcher, Groundlevel were the supplying merchants. I received email confirming order, payment was taken, further email advised delivery by 27th August 2020 with what I can now confirm was a bogus Hermes tracking number. Order NEVER arrived and false Hermes tracking continually showed same message - "Parcel NOT received from sender." I emailed Groundlevel several times and copied in customer services at Wowcher - NO REPLY I then sent another email advising Groundlevel/Wowcher if they continued to ignore me I would be contacting Trading Standards about their questionable practices...Hallelujah!!! I got a reply. The first communication was from a female at Groundlevel, who telephoned and proceeded to rant down the phone, not once did she mention the order just shouted aggressively, wouldn't let me talk and only shut up when I told her to shush...she then hung-up. I then sent email saying "What an ignorant response from Groundlevel customer service. Absolutely no mention of my order in the email or in the abusive phone call I've just received from Groundlevel. Woman would not let me speak, just talked over me when I was trying to ask where my order is. So basically, where is my order?" The screaming woman’s email response 5 minutes later was "I did advise that the call was recorded at the beginning of the conversation so will keep as evidence if required. You cannot send emails of this content which are untruthful and rude and threatening, this is against the law in England." In a further email she said, " The emails we have received are not acceptable and will be kept by our legal team. She then copied and pasted: Sending Threatening Emails ,What's the Law? What’s the law? Sending threatening or malicious messages using a public electronic communication, such as via email or instant messaging, may amount to an offence under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. HARRASSMENT?? I sent another email saying the following, "To claim I sent threatening emails is really ridiculous. I believe your copying and pasting of the Harassment Act 1997 is your poor attempt at a veiled threat towards me. In absolutely no form were my emails in any way threatening, they merely stated facts about contacting Trading Standards, reviewing your company on Trustpilot and my FB page." Guess what No Reply! I have twice requested a copy of the recording, again No Reply. I emailed the CEO of Hermes and received confirmation that they had never received a parcel Groundlevel. After advising the Groundlevel obstructive woman of this information she stated, " Hermes CEO would not advise this information, for data protection they advise you to contact the sender of the parcel." I forward the Hermes email to enlighten her – No Reply! I reached the accurate conclusion that both Groundlevel and Wowcher appear to be organisations that can’t be trusted. Groundlevel has a track record of lying to their customers as is evident in many reviews. Wowcher has an inadequate customer service and tends to bury its head in the sand when there is a dispute between a customer and supplier, which is a rather shabby attitude considering they advocate the supplier. As I paid through PayPal I have now successfully claimed the money back. It would appear both of these companies have been practicing quite dishonestly for several years as the you can easily discover with an online search. It’s now time to go to Trading Standard and report Ground Level and Wowcher and I would urge anyone with the same issues to report as well.
Posted 9 months ago
Absolute terrible company. They sent me the wrong parasol. Too small and wrong colour. Three weeks after reporting their error, and chasing them daily they asked me to send a photo of it, which I did. Then they said they’d collect it. After another three weeks of me chasing them, they asked if i could send a photo of the package.....any excuse to avoid replacing it with the proper parasol Which was bigger and a different colour. Four weeks later, nothing and I gave up... Summer was going so I made use of it. I really hate a company that makes mistakes and isn’t at all honest enough to put it right.....they just waste your well as your money.
Posted 9 months ago
As with all the other reviews. Faulty goods, emails 3 times and tried to ring. No reply at all!!
Posted 10 months ago
Purchased a coiled hose beginning of June. Gun was leaking, unable to use. I was asked to send a video of the hose which I did. I was told a replacement would be sent. Now almost the end of July and numerous emails later still no replacement. If I could give this company a minus rating I would, one star is far too generous. Don't deal with them, quicker to just throw your money down the nearest drain!!
Posted 10 months ago
Ordered a shed from Wowcher who unfortunately uses this dire company as its supplier. Called Wowcher on 18th June to amend order due to the government allowing house moves and we were to be moving before the product was delivered. Wowcher advised to contact Groundlevel directly - called them to be greeted with office closed due to Covid19 etc.. working from home, we will contact you within 72 working hours. Yes that’s right no contact - further 4 emails sent and no contact until I advised I would be contacting Trading Standards. Now this is the fun bit because this company haven’t got a scooby about Consumerr Rights and having read hundreds of on line complaints it’s not surprising their Customer Service is lacking in professionalism. Rather rude and unapologetic human called me yesterday to advise goods had been received and it wasn’t their problem. Then followed it up with an email to Wowcher advising do not refund. Luckily she has sent me a copy of the deliverY note which clearly shows that they or their courier XDP fraudulently signed my name (Evidence). Popped to the old house yesterday and no goods had been delivered and no card left. They have emailed me today as I now have Citizens Advice involved (they think I’m a bit thick you see) and through their spelling errors and poor grammar advised that a governing body would not converse with regards to any other information this is against the law due to data protection. At this lint they probably think I’m going to go away quietly however knowing all about GDPR and consumer rights they will not be getting out of this. STEER CLEAR OF THIS AWFUL COMPANY
Posted 10 months ago is rated 2.81 based on 1,042 reviews