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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I have been driving for 4 years and this is the worst company by far.

I chose them first because they were the cheapest and had most benefits such as no black box

After being insured for 3 weeks and signing an agreement of £140 a month they then didn’t give me any warning that they were going to be taking £240 a month out instead

I paid £350 deposit so couldn’t cancel to change policies

I tried arguing my rights but they had none of it. They refused to take out my black box unless I paid £90!!! This wasn’t stated when esigning documents but yet again they refused

Posted 3 weeks ago
Failed to show up to multiple appointments to fit the black box - tried to charge me for there own mistakes - damaged my car when they fitted it, at the end of the policy refused to remove their property (black box) out of my car unless I paid them £90!!!

And still after 10 months have not paid for the damages to my car.
Posted 2 months ago
Too many random excess fees, don’t recommend
Posted 3 months ago
Best about Expesually for beginner drivers
(Car Insurance) - Posted 3 months ago
There is definitely something wrong with the ‘cornering’ data collection and reporting. I gave my son a hard time and he suggested I drove it myself for a couple of days. It claimed my cornering was also poor, and I made a point of ensuring it wasn’t .
Posted 3 months ago
awful I really regret going with this company I had an accident where someone crashed into me and was told that I would have no claims against me I go to insure my car with a different company as they raised there prices and they have put not on but two claims on my policy.
Posted 5 months ago
They’re dogshit.

Black boxes are inaccurate, the dashboard app doesn’t even make an attempt to work if you’re on iOS, password reset links somehow take hours to make their way through to your email inbox and once you’ve finally reset it you aren’t actually able to log in anyway, which is sound.

I’ve been driving for over four years now and the only reason I renewed with these cunts is because somehow my quotes had skyrocketed elsewhere - I can’t express enough by disdain for car insurance companies but these are the worst of the lot.
Posted 5 months ago
Cannot stress enough! Do not use this insurance company!!!

First of all, their prices are through the roof! You don’t save money, it won’t improve your driving, if anything it will make you more of a hazard on the road!!!!

The amount of issues I’ve had with this company is ridiculous, email after email back and fourth and didn’t solve anything. They say that you don’t have a curfew, but I’m reality if you drive late at night, be prepared to have your premium raised! Which they done to me, without even telling me!!! From £150-£191!!! Crazy!!!

Money grabbing-money grabbing-money grabbing.

Even driving like a granny will not help, I can assure you. So don’t waist your time with them, don’t waist your hard earned money on them!

The dashboard is a waist of time, their black boxes don’t work correctly. Overall a really bad, money grabbing insurance company! No surprise they have 6 pages of 1 star reviews!!!!

Sort it out co op, sort it out!!

Won’t listen to what you have to say either, they feel they can get away with it!

Don’t even get a quote, get out of there!!!
Posted 5 months ago
Been with Coop Young Drivers for 3 years price was the best for my car then price increased to £178 from £130 then up again have cancelled my policy and found much cheaper insurance without the blackbox!!!!
Posted 6 months ago
I’m a bit confused. I’ve read all the other reviews and it looks similar. I’ve had my black box in now for 8 months. The first 3 months I’d be paying £140. By The 4th month it randomly went up to £200 without no warning. I’ve tried getting a hold of them but can’t. I’ve been paying an extra £60 each month now as I’m not sure if I’m actually bad driving.
Posted 6 months ago
0 stars. Co op young driver black box fines you for safe driving! Using car parks = bad driving, the carpark goes round and round and round we are not doing donuts... get charged! Keeping to the speed limit, coop says not...charged. The car didn't move off the drive for a few months...bad driving.. charged. Other road user pulls out suddenly or switches lanes no signal, have to break, not harshly at all... charged. Parking in driveway, we have to reverse small space on a bend and up a steep hill... bad driving...charged! Whole box is a distraction and actually more unsafe than driving without. One year insurance, feels like 10years! New insurance company in a few days! Yes we can carry on driving safely and glad no box to distract and no made up fines for driving safely!
Posted 6 months ago
You have had one star because there is not a box for no stars.
initially good service very nice blah blah good quote for new female driver aged 18. After 90 days the policy was reduced for good driving by approx £20 pm under the smart box data for good driving. We then changed the vehicle and paid the additional premium for a similar but newer car. there was no change in the way the car was being driven. A new smart box was fitted and immediately started producing massively incorrect data. It was recording excessive tilt of the vehicle whilst cornering due to high speed although the high speed data being recorded was excellent and showed that wasn't the case. Apparently the suspension type soft or hard plus wear and tear can effect the data on corners cambers and roundabouts providing inaccurate and misleading info. The smart box was also producing incorrect data about driving at dangerous times, clearly it has no idea if the car is being driven in an extremely rural area or the middle of London, over mountains or on a motorway. the more corners you go around the more data it collects and misinterprets. it also records on private roads which it should not be. I raised a dispute with the Co-op they just defended their position and increased the monthly premium buy £31.00. They then sent the auto renewal but we have gone elsewhere where a smart box is not required for only a couple of pounds a month more premium and with better cover.
The choice is yours.
Posted 7 months ago
STAY AWAY! This black box insurance will punish and fine you for safe driving.
I am a safe driver however if you were to look at my driving scores you would assume I am the bloody stig. I have a 16/100 score for cornering speeds yet I don't think it's possible for me to corner any slower at this point. My average rating for speed is poor yet I never go over the limit and I consistently get 100/100 daily scores. My average acceleration/braking is also rated as poor even though I am in a 80hp car with crappy drum brakes so it is physically impossible for me to accelerate or brake quickly.
Posted 7 months ago
I mean I wouldn’t even leave a star for this company AVOID if your looking for insurance my insurance is being cancelled purely because I could not supply a document and also the black box is an absolute joke turn corners in 2nd gear isn’t good enough your score seems to drop like do u need to actually STOP your car and then turn the corner to not get a bad mark. Very much not happy that my insurance is being cancelled purely because of a document
Posted 8 months ago
Avoid at all costs. As every other review states, refund given in first 3 months and money taken back after 6!! Absolute disgrace. Cornering score completely inaccurate and often shows as “50” despite a motorway journey with very little corners and extra care taken in on every bend. DO NOT take out insurance with them. Would rather have paid up and used another service as this Olly caused stress and confusion. Very poor from coop. Will never use them again
Posted 8 months ago
To start with its great, my daughters rating was 98/100 and everything went well. After first review we received 1/3rd discount and thats when it started to go wrong.

The car is driven 12 miles, every other day, same route. Her speed is 100, braking 98 and cornering 3. How is that possible??? It was 98 also and through no different driving variations its now 3. The discount has been removed and is now back to full price. I asked for the data behind the 3 and you have to get in touch with someone other than the broker i was speaking to. I told them to forget it, I just wont renew in September.

Its definitely a con, lured in, going well and then all of a sudden they hit you with false readings.
Posted 8 months ago
If you're a young driver looking to insure your car with a black box, please avoid this company at all costs! There are far more reputable options out there. This is my experience - skip to the bottom to see the TL;DR.

I paid for my insurance up front. In the first few months, the majority of my driving was around built up areas. The black box loved this because I was always moving at a pace so slow it would make a tortoise jealous. This meant that I had an 'excellent' score and received £120 back to my account (yay!).

However, I then started driving longer distances which meant the use of motorways and A roads. To drive safely on these roads, you need to drive faster (at the speed limit) and accelerate quickly to ensure you merge at the same speed of the traffic. The black box didn't like this and absolutely nuked my score. You also have to be VERY careful not to drive a few MPH over the speed limit as this damages your score immensely.

Because of this, my score reduced and whilst still being a good score it was no longer excellent. Despite still driving safely and maintaining a good score, I was fined £72 because my score deteriorated. Furthermore, they don't send you an email or any notification that you have received this fine - you have to delve into your policy documents and even then it's only titled "An update to your policy". This meant I didn't notice the fine until I saw it being charged to my account, which would have been problematic if I didn't have the funds available. You agree to allow them to make these charges when you sign up to the insurance so it would be very difficult to challenge them, and the black box technology is far from perfect.

TL;DR If you anticipate that you're mostly going to be doing short drives around built up areas then this insurance will probably suffice (but I would still avoid them as a point of principle). If you plan to use your vehicle more extensively, then look elsewhere. Can't wait to switch in November - Christmas is coming early this year!
Posted 8 months ago
Posted 9 months ago
First they tried charging me as my black box got cancelled, when they told me nothing about getting charged and they lied to me! As well as I didn’t drive my vehicle for 3 days and my score was zero? How? I wasn’t driving so my score should be 100%... worst insurance out there! Wouldnt recommend!!
Posted 9 months ago
I agree with many of the reviews here, if "0" was an option i would most certainly pick it.

I am now 6 months into my insurance plan and it has been nothing short of a nightmare. Due to my work i am constantly moving up and down the country, because of this i am expected to change the address on my insurance every time i move, now that would be okay if doing this didn't incur a £600 charge every time.

Secondly, i have recently received an email stating my insurance will be cancelled within a week of receiving the email, upon ringing them i am told that my vehicle is not being kept at the location stated on my insurance plan, so i explained the situation with my work and was told i needed to change the address on my insurance for a second time in the space of six months and that i would receive an email explaining everything the same day... however, i never received that email, so i rang back only to be told that for the duration of my insurance policy my vehicle has been kept at an address i have never been to... to the point i had to actually google the address to see where it was, to my surprise it was over 200 miles from my current address... when i said this over the phone i was told that my vehicle was currently at the address 200 miles away as we spoke... again i was told emails would be sent to various different teams on their end and that i would also receive an email on the same day... as you can guess i never received that email... the customer service that is "provided" by the company i absolutely dreadful and is merely a headache waiting to happen for anyone even considering to purchase this insurance. I strongly recommend that you go elsewhere for your insurance and never even consider using the co-operative.
Posted 9 months ago
The Co-operative Young Driver is rated 1.79 based on 117 reviews