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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
My 18 year old grandson passed his test a couple of months ago and has effectively been shafted by Rac insurance and their underwriters He inherited his grandmas car and insured it properly (with help from parents,grandparents etc.). £1800 or so, black box and all that. Couple of weeks ago (on a Saturday night at about 2am), everyone safely tucked up in bed,with the car parked outside, theres a noise outside and there is a major incident going on (police,fire brigade,ambulances all present). Basically a young bloke with a mental problem has gone ballistic and the police are trying to subdue him, chasing him up and down the normally peaceful road with him jumping over walls etc. At some point the lad jumps on top of one of the cars on the street (you guessed it, my grandsons) and trashes it. A write off! So
Following day they inform the insurance company about the incident. They expect to lose about £450 (£100 compulsory, 350 additional) but then the bastards add on another 450 because of some small print (which is now the subject of a complaint to ombudsman). Additionally they are now demanding an extra 1400 to insure him for his replacement car above the 1800 already paid. All this for something that had absolutely nothing to do with my grandson. My own insurance is with Rac, when it lapses then they will not be seeing me reinsure with them. Whoever is doing the brokering behind the scenes for Rac are doing a very bad job of customer service in my opinion.
Posted 1 month ago
I went with RAC for my son because I thought I could trust them . Being the RAC you think they would be a reputable company . WRONG !
This was my sons 3rd year of insurance and we never had a problem with his previous insurer or his driving . In fact it was Tesco would actually rewarded him with extra miles for good driving at the end of the month .
Should have realised it was trouble after the first 19 miles he’d driven . Received a red warning for driving too often in an urban area and at night . Totally ridiculous as we live in an urban area . Why insure someone who lives in an urban area if you’re not allowed to drive in it ! Anyway after a long conversation on the phone they removed it . Then suddenly he got 2 more red warnings in succession for breaking too hard on 9 occasions in a month . If someone brakes in front of you or pulls out are you supposed to just hit them then . Then they said he drove at 31 mph in a 30 zone . Who’s to say their box is the same as the speedo . No one wanted to come and check and the guy was very arrogant on the phone when I asked them to . Finally they said they were going to cancel his policy because of these stupid restrictions . Their only advice was to drive below the speed limit to be sure . Not very helpful at all . If they had cancelled his policy it would have had to be declared on future applications and then his insurance would have gone sky high , so I bit the bullet and cancelled it myself before they could do any damage . It meant he lost no claims bonus but saved us a few thousand in renewal elsewhere. NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT INSURING WITH RAC . Read reviews first . My mistake was I didn’t because if I had I’d never have used them from all the bad reviews on here . Good luck anyone who has .
Posted 10 months ago
Can’t bloody wait for my policy to end! I’m a really careful driver, yet my score is constantly poor. Out of a score of 100 my braking score has been as low as 0. My urban score is poor. I live and drive to work only passing villages !
Also to top it off every single day I have an email saying I’ve disconnected my box. I don’t even know where it is....

I’ve email them before saying I think my black box is faulty. Without even coming to physical check it they can confirm the box is working efficiently.
Posted 11 months ago
Posted 11 months ago
Awful insurance company. Do not use. I joined RAC in June as part of the black box cover insurance as I am a young driver. I have had many issues with the black box and it has repeatedly gave “red alerts” suggesting that I am am over the speed limit. I queried this with the team and they assured me it was a technical error on their part and compensated me previously for any issues caused after weeks of dispute.

On 11:45 on New Year’s Day morning I received a text messaged from the RAC saying that my policy was now cancelled from 23:59 on the 31/12/20 due to receiving a red alert. Meaning I had been left with no car insurance and was not aware of this until after the policy had already ended. I called RAC and asked to dispute this cancellation as I believe it was unjust and I believe you should received a weeks notice to dispute a cancellation. They told me I could not reinstate the contract as it had already been cancelled. They stated that a letter was sent on 23/12 to inform me of the cancellation, however now on the 06/01 I still have not received said letter. I received no email or text prior to the cancellation to inform me and the text on the 01/01 was the first that I was made aware of the cancellation. Due to having no insurance I could not go to work the following day as I had no means of transport (I am a senior staff nurse working for the NHS looking after mainly covid patients) this left my unit short staffed in an already understaffed and highly stressful situation. I had also been using my car that morning prior to receiving the text at 11:45 which put me in a very horrible and dangerous situation leaving me very shaken and emotionally distressed due to the awful running of this company. This whole situation has impacted my work life and impacted me mentally. RAC should be ashamed of treating their customers like this and endangering motorists by cancelling policy’s without informing the drivers prior to cancellation. I will never use the RAC again. This whole situation has been awful and the issue is still not resolved after multiple phone calls with the RAC I am still waiting for customer services to call me back to discuss this in depth when I was told I would be called on 04/01. I will be escalating this to the BBC watchdog as I feel the treatment from this company is horrendous and no one should experience this.
Posted 1 week ago
RIP OFF MERCHANTS!! I’d give 0 stars for customer service if I could !
I’ve Just sold my motorbike so I called to cancel insurance which has 5 months left, they then tell me I have to pay £79 cancellation fee ! Which is more than is actually left to pay on the policy;
they said it’s down to the premium credit agreement they insist on but I’ve just seen premium credit don’t charge a cancellation fee so I’ve been lied to,
I’ve cancelled the credit agreement online and DD so RAC you can stick it take me to court and do your worst if you wish but you will no longer get my business for the 15 company vehicles i have breakdown cover and insurance on
Posted 1 month ago
DO NOT USE . RAC delay in sending black box . Eventually arrived a month late we fitted it within timescale . Then got email saying we’d cancelled our policy - even though we hadn’t- and we were being charged £35 as we hadn’t fitted black box . RAC lied and refused to accept confirmation the box was fitted even though it was . Couldn’t get money back. This is a scam and needs investigation. Total nightmare. Seems like this has happened to a lot of people. AVOID.
Posted 1 month ago
Terrible terrible company, STAT AWAY. They sent out a black box for me to fit myself because the mechanics wouldn't come out to do it. The black box turned up 1 days before the cancellation point of it not being fitted. I fitted it to the car and it blew all of the fuses and the car wouldn't start, rac blackbox then said that it had to be fitted even if the car wasn't usable. They also refused to pay for the damage that the box did to all of the fuses, its a brand new car only 1000 miles on the clock and they wouldnt sort it, they then said it had to be fitted by 5pm that evening or they would cancel it. So tried to fit it again to prove it was connected, and then received an email telling me that they had cancelled my policy anyway. So now I'm left with no insurance and a brand new car with the fuses broken to the point where it won't turn on. I dog could run that company better then the people working there, they have no interest in helping at all.
Posted 4 months ago
I would give them 0 stars if I could - please please avoid this company, worst experience ever. I got my policy cancelled with no notification because of an error in their system - issue still hasn't been solved 1 month later, called them hundreds of times, nobody knows anything - zero coordination from their side. Plus, some of their staff are ridiculously rude
Posted 5 months ago
I wish I'd known about these con artists before my son took out his insurance.
He's 21 and just had his black box insurance cancelled, saying he's had three alerts, of which only the last one arrived.
When we eventually got through, it was someone working from home, who said we would get a call back. Someone called back NOT the same day but the day after and when we queried the lack of alerts, we were told they didn't officially need to, so tough luck (in as many words) I asked how was he meant to know he was at risk of cancellation if no alerts came, and alter his driving. We were told we could have rung at any time we wanted to check!?!?! and/or log on to the app (which hardly ever works and is never showing current data)
We were told there is nothing that can be done, despite me asking to wait until proof of how they calculated the driving score and proof of the email alerts that were claimed to have been sent.
The guy on the phone got quite shirty when I was asking questions and wanting answers and basically told me that's how it is (basically sticking two fingers up)
I am still awaiting the promised email of proof four days later.
Oh and they want to charge my son to cancel the policy, even though it's them cancelling it, they say there is a cancellation fee of over £100!!!!
Absolute joke of an insurance company. Just suppose glad we didn't need to use them for a claim.
Posted 6 months ago
RAC black box insurance is the biggest con the world has. I was driving home from the football match on the 22/2/20. Traffic is bad as it’s match day, I was travelling at 40mph (the speed limit) On a duel carriage way (the road could quite easily be 60mph) a ambulance was right behind me with lights on, I couldn’t get in other lane as it was busy so I sped up to 63mph (alright it was over limit) but in this case on the high way code it says you can speed up to move out of the way. I never over took the ambulance or anything which is illegal to do that, I moved into the other lane about 1/4 mile up road and that was that, back to normal driving. I got a email and a letter saying my insurance is getting cancelled for excessive speed limit. Now this is first time I’ve actually been told about my driving, my overall score is good, I’ve done this to simply get out of way of a ambulance the was in a emergency. RAC are now trying to charge me £189 for THEM cancelling my insurance. They never gave me a reason on the email for cancellation I had to ring them. Anyone else heard of this utter bollox cause I’m not paying that.
Posted 10 months ago
Terrible service don't use!!!!! No claims bonus was 20 or so days past 2 years old. No clear notification where no Claims bonus is entered, that they must be less than two years old. Unfortunately I'm not an insurance expert so did not know this. been an rac customer for over ten years in relation to my car breakdown. Will be cancelling that as well. Customer service rude and not even worthy of a star.
Posted 10 months ago
Low Quotes on compare websites to Huck you in & hit you with massive price, I don't know how they are still allowed on compare websites. This company under cuts genuine quotes then does not give you a "buy it now" option, so you have to ring up and then BOOM! The slick sales patter and the friendly sounding sales manner is all a ploy to distract from the fact that the quote was nothing other than a door-to-door sales man sticking his foot in the door. The quotes are fake, You will get ripped off, AVOID THE FIRM......Ohhh and if you do get sucked in by the sales patter, when you realize its not a good policy, and you cancel it...DO NOT EXPECT A REFUND..THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY AND CLAIM ITS FOR ADMIN FEES
Posted 10 months ago
Posted 11 months ago
DO NOT GET INSURED BY RAC BLACK BOX!!! AVOID. Biggest stress you do not need
Posted 11 months ago
DO NOT USE! Terrible communication and ridiculously bad telematics service.
Posted 11 months ago
Absolutely rubbish.

Dooooooooooo not even think about taking insurance from them

I wish I never moved from Tesco.
I wasted my 3 lunch breaks over 3 days until they answered the phone, I told them that they said we submitted your complaint and someone will call you, it’s 9 weeks now but no call from them.
I missed last payment, I rang to pay it they charged me £20 extra.

Dooooooooooo not even think about taking insurance from them

eeeeeeven if it’s cheaper than othe companies.
Posted 11 months ago
Making a no fault claim has been a farce. The RAC promote the services of Enterprise, who arrange repairs and car hire. You end up doing the chasing of the other insurance company, getting the other party/Enterprise/RAC/repairer to talk to each other. When I have made a claim in the past I have gone to the broker who sorts everything all out for you, seamlessly. In this case RAC is the broker, it is not a seamless process. I would not recommend RAC in this instance.
Posted 3 years ago
Call out when my car failed to start on Holiday, took 3 hours to arrive and charged me £110.99 for a new battery after fully checking all car electrics. Next day drove my son to alton towers and on way back electric seemed to go dead. Pulled over at 22:30 in dark and popped bonnet expecting to have to tighten the connection. Battery was on fire. Grabbed my son and ran down hard shoulder. Car went up in fireball 5 mins later. Closed the M6 with 4 fire engines to put it out. Car was a right-off and RAC denied all responsibility. Also Insurance Co. could not confirm cause due to the severity of the damage to the engine bay. RAC getting away scott free. On complaining they simply refunded the battery cost as a goodwill gesture and declined any legal responsibility. The car was a 2010 Mazda 6 with regular servicing in immaculate condition. Given I saw the battery on fire and nothing else, and the car had been checked by their engineers the day before and given the all-clear before they then fitted the battery, I will let you decide what you think to the cause but I dont believe in that level of coincidence and will never use them again.

It's a shame you have to enter at least one star to submit a review.


-- Reply to Hannah---
Thank you for the reply however it remains that either :-

1) The RAC Engineer missed something life threatening wrong with the car during his extensive testing, Or
2) The battery fitted by the RAC engineer was done poorly, Or
3) The battery itself was faulty.

In all 3 scenarios the RAC are in my mind at fault, either by incompetence or supply of faulty goods.

Also at the time of logging the call no mention was made by RAC indicating they were in any way checking other batteries in the same batch to prevent any further occurrence of this - Be wary if they fit (or have fitted) a type '003' battery to your vehicle!

When I rang to cancel the policy with the same person who had already been dealing with my complaint he even had the cheek to ask 'Why?' ... honestly you cannot make this up
Posted 3 years ago
My experience with RAC was horrible. They sent me a black box then started sending threatening emails. I fixed the blackbox on time only for them to cancel my insurance when i was at work. I could not drive my car because of these ungrateful people. To make matters worse, they went ahead and deducted £213 from my account after they had cancelled my insurance. On enquiry, they behaved as if they were not aware that they had deducted money. These are cons... Insure with them at your own peril. Never never. Fraudsters.
Posted 2 weeks ago
RAC Insurance is rated 2.51 based on 881 reviews