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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Pete took me for the 3 day ground school and 2 day skills training. Start to finish he was fantastic, so much experience and so informative. Pete really did go above and beyond to give me as much information as he could. I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 days! Thank you :)
Posted 2 years ago
Brilliant course with a brilliant instructor. Would recommend in a heart beat.
Posted 2 years ago
I completed training with Flyby in York during the summer. Overall a truly excellent experience. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and made sure everyone was keeping up with the course content. I opted to complete the 5 day course which was very beneficial as it built on my skills and confidence so I arrived at the assessment feeling very well prepared. I would not hesitate to recommend Flyby to anyone looking for an excellent training provider, great instructors and a very professional approach to aviation.
Posted 2 years ago
I did the weekend course with FlyBy Technology and thought they were fantastic, Kevin who did the course was very kind, and had a vast knowledge in the topics that we covered, making sure that we understood the topics even if extra time was necessary, when it came to the flight skills test he was patient and told us after what we could improve on.

I would definetely recommend Flyby Technology for anyone interested in doing a PFCO, for their superb training and team
Posted 2 years ago
The course was detailed and informative, it provided me with the knowledge and the confidence to apply what i have learned into my business model. The team were very keen to get across the need within the industry for professionalism in the way UAVs are flown and the pre-flight investigations required.
Great Team and great training.
Posted 2 years ago
Great course and I have received great help with my inquiries with FlyBy after I finished the course.
Posted 2 years ago
I have had the pleasure of carrying out a 5 day Drone training course with Flyby Technology. The course consisted of 3 days ground school & 2 days flight skills training & then test.
Our trainer for the week Dickie Bird, had the patience of a saint, his knowledge of the Meteorology, Navigation, Drone Aircraft & Aircraft law was immense.
The ground school course had been intense due to the amount of information you had to divulge. This kept the course exciting & wanting you to learn more.
When we came to carrying out our flight test skills, Dickies son Gareth came & helped with training my flying skills. Absolute joy being shown how to fly properly & safely. Gareth's knowledge shooting video & taking photos was well over my head but he took time & showed us all where we were going wrong. Very clever guy.
Dickies & Gareth's background of being a pilot was a key factor to passing the PFCO. If you are going to take a course in the drone training I highly recommend the 5 day course with Flyby.
Posted 2 years ago
Attended the 5 day course in January and was very impressed with the knowledge and delivery of the course and the course materials.

We spent two days going through ground school which covered Air Law, Aircraft Knowledge, Flight Planning, Human Performance, Meteorology, Navigation and Operational Procedures. We then had a mission briefing and moved outside to show off our skills, or in my case practise the basics. The mission was to locate and photograph a missing snake so it was quite a challenge but we all managed it.

Nick and Dutch were extremely knowledgable and patient and kept the course moving along at a good pace while making it a lot of fun.

I left with the inspiration to get out and fly a lot more than I had done previously and would not hesitate to recommend obtaining your PfCO through Flyby.
Posted 2 years ago
Registered on the 5 day course in Lincoln and was very impressed with the delivery of the whole program.

The program was split into 2 sections, Groundschool and Flight Skills Training/Test. Pete led us through the Groundschool with detailed focus on the air laws which drone pilots fall under as well as other theoretical aspects of drone flying. This was crucial in my opinion as most of us are unaware or oblivious about the complications and threats posed to other types of aviation when flying in shared air spaces.

We were then split into very small groups for our Flight Skills Training and Tests which 3 additional highly skilled and experienced instructors (Gareth, Matt and Kev) joined in. This allowed the instructors to focus on correcting or teaching us new and correct flying techniques.

Overall, it was an extremely valuable course with invaluable skills and experience passed on by the instructors who were all able to answer any queries or questions we all had. It was a well structured, well delivered course to suit all requirements.
Posted 2 years ago
I was booked onto the Flyby PfCO training by my employer. Two days of groundschool taught us everything about air law and key principles and standards of operation. Taught by Pete, who was great and extremely knowledgeable. We then had three days of practical flying including the Flight Skills Test the where we were taught and advised by highly skilled, experienced pilots. The course was excellent, well run and catered to everyone from complete beginners to those of us who had some previous flight time. It's been a great course and I'd highly recommend it.
Posted 2 years ago
Flyby Technology drone training has been an excellent experience. 2 days Ground school where all aspects of drone safety protocols were thoroughly explained then to do the practical side of the flying experiencing all possible conditions and scenarios.
Will return home knowing that I was instructed to the highest possible level by Pete and Matthew. The reality now is putting into practive was had been learnt.
Posted 2 years ago
I have been trained by Flyby to fly drones commercially for my company. The whole process from gaining required knowledge through ground school, and applying the theory in practice has been a enjoyable and rewarding experience. The trainers are engaging and are happy to answer any query about the flying, be it the theory or practical. The trainers were able to adapt and guide us so that the drone flying could fit into our company processes, and helped us focus on the actual safety processes required to fly competently. I can only recommend Flyby based on my experiences, I am very satisfied with my training.
Posted 2 years ago
I booked Flyby Technology drone training for my husband (we have our own video production company). At the initial contact, Jon Parker really sold Flyby to me - he gave the impression of justified confidence in what they offered. That has been completely fulfilled. My husband successfully undertook the 5 day training in Peebles; he very much enjoyed it and had complete confidence in the trainer. Following the course, Flyby's continued assistance has been absolutely invaluable in helping us prepare our ops manual for CAA submission. We got our PfCO without any hiccups or queries, and were able to immediately undertake quite a challenging piece of commercial work. We don't have any experience of other drone training companies, but Flyby has offered us a very positive experience of excellent training combined with exemplary followup and support.
Posted 2 years ago
I chose Flyby because they had a PfCO course planned at a convenient location for me. I am 75 with zero drone flight time when I began the 4 day course, I was too nervous even to start the props on my Mavic Air. Enjoyed the course, the instructors (1 on 1 in final stages) were extra professional and by the time I passed I felt ready for any emergency. I haven't yet gone throughthe full after-training experience but it is clear that Flyby pull out all the stops to deal with CAA on graduates' behalf, submitting the ops manual and acting as first port of call for advice. They may cost at the top end of the scale but you can't get the confidence Unless you have confidence in your trainer.
Posted 2 years ago
Having just completed the second of 2 consecutive weekends with Flyby Technology I have been massively impressed by the course. Our instructor(s) were brilliant, as was the structure and content of the material covered. From my starting position as complete novice, there was a lot to learn but the 2 days of classroom work built logically towards the theory test making it more of a summery of what we had covered, than a dreaded exam.

Weekend 2 was all about flying and and again it was structured to build the skills and confidence needed to perform the required manoeuvres. In the space of one day I quadrupled my flying hours and by day 2 was ready for testing. Having completed the course I now feel much better equipped to take on commercial drone flying and to do so with the level of professionalism that my customers would expect of me. I can't recommend Flyby Technology enough, great course, great guys and a great experience. Highly recommeded.
Posted 2 years ago
I did the weekend course with FlyBy Technology and thought they were fantastic! The Ground School was incredibly thorough and covered a broad range of topics in depth. The Flight Training was split between two incredibly knowledgable pilots, Matt and Kevin, who offered invaluable experience which I’ll continue to take with my in my future flying career. Thanks FlyBy Technology!
Posted 2 years ago
Completed the second part of the PfCO course (Flight Training) after completing Ground School last year. Just as before the extra investment in Flyby Technology is borne out by the quality of the instruction and the skill of the trainers. I would compare training with Flyby Technology is like the difference between doing "the knowledge" as a London cabbie, as opposed to just doing "minicab" training - there is no comparison - the depth, thoroughness, and quality is far higher - and I know other PfCOs who have looked jealously at the training material and other servers you get as part of the FlyBy alumni.
Posted 2 years ago
I recently completed the 5 day Drone course in York, the whole experience was great. I walked away felling professional and ready to use my Drone for commercial use. would highly recommend to anyone wanting to feel the same way. It was very informative but also relaxed. Altogether a fantastic week well spent!
Posted 2 years ago
Just a quick one for anyone looking for an ongoing training and support provider, I completed my training with Flyby Technology, I passed November 2017 but have had continued support from these guys since then including updates to my OM and interaction with the CAA all with minimal fuss and great customer service. Just like to recommend when it’s warranted. Thanks guys.
Posted 2 years ago
I was very pleased with the knowledge of our instructor Barry, he was good explaining the material, knew his stuff and clearly had a passion for it.

I joined the course at relatively short notice but this wasn't an issue and almost everything I needed to know to pass the written assessment was covered during the first two days. I was pleased that I got what I came for - ie having left with an ops manual ready to be completed and recommendation for PfCO.

Things that I think could be improved are:
- the communication beforehand wasn't quite as clear as I think it could have been. We are sent a 'drone flying guide' but it wasn't clear if we should have studied this beforehand and it was also ambiguous whether my drone was acceptable for the test (due to its operating mode), it was fine but only from calling several times was this clarified. Not a major issue, but perhaps something to work on to make the process more streamlined in the future.
- I don't know what the law on vaping indoors is, but for me I'd rather not be around it and I think it comes across slightly unprofessional in a classroom situation. So I would prefer not to see that.
- I thought there would be more variation in terms of drone flying and classroom material. I thought I might have got taught some new manoeuvres or flying techniques, but I wasn't. However I understand they have to get through the required material for the PfCO and this is more important. Any extras would take more time and raise the price. I'd rather just do what was needed than have extra stuff at the expense of more time and money. So its not a major issue, just slightly different to what I expected.

Overall, good course, would recommend it and do it again. I also really like the fact it seems that FlyBy offers you support going into the future with general queries and with communications with the CAA. It seems like its a community not just a drone course. I really like that.
Posted 2 years ago
Flyby Technology is rated 4.98 based on 229 reviews