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Formula One Autocentres currently boasts over 110 state-of-the-art autocentres located throughout the UK. With over 800 highly trained staff working seven days a week to provide a full range of services including tyres, exhausts, batteries, brakes, clutches, MOT's and servicing. Formula One Autocentres has always been fiercely independent and, as a family-owned business, not been tied down to any single manufacturer or supplier which means that we are free to offer the biggest deals on the widest range of top branded products. By offering a real alternative to the big national chains, Formula One Autocentres provides cost-conscious motorists with a professional, reliable and affordable answer to maintaining their vehicles.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Why is there a difference is the wheel balancing? Does F1 Autocentres carry out a poor job in the standard wheel balance? The video gives no clue of the extra work that would be carried out if I paid extra. Is this just another way to get more money out of the customer?
Posted 1 year ago
I would like to report a very nasty behavior of the staff at the branch in Cambridge, 249 Barnwell Rd, Cambridge CB5 8SL.

Problem with a suspension, they inspected the car last week and to keep the price down I was told to buy the part myself (suspension top mount) and go back to fit it for £40/50.

Bought the part online for £10, went back and told the fitting would be £58.33+ VAT = £70.00 which regrettably I agreed.

They put the car on the ram, they took the suspension down and then they told me the part was not enough and that I needed to change also the shock absorber and the spring for about £300/400.

Arguably a good professional mechanic would have been able to tell since the beginning that more parts like spring and shock absorber were needed. Actually, I don’t think the suspension top mount was actually broken.

Refused to give me the car back, started saying they could charge for the time the car was left on the ram, threaten to scrap the car.

After a few exchanges of screaming and shouting, they gave me 1 hour to buy only the spring for £ 35.00 which would have been enough to fix the car and take it away. I went on foot to by the spring for £ 35.00.

They fitted the top mount and the spring and without telling me they carried out also the wheel alignment which cost extra £35.95 + VAT.

My total expenditure was:

Labour £58.33 + wheel alignment £35.95 = £98.28 + VAT 16.66 = £117.94 + Spring £35.00 + Top mount £ 10.00 = £162.94.
(056 Cambridge 1) - Posted 1 year ago
Dear Saverio,

We are sorry to hear about your experience at our Cambridge - Histon Road depot.
Please, can you email our customer careline on so we can take more details regarding your experience?

Kind Regards,
Formula One Autocentres
Posted 1 year ago
Took my car in for an MOT and air-con regas, had to ring several hours later to find my car needed repairs but they did not know what needed repairing. Returned to the garage to discuss the repairs, after asking for their professional advice they only told me ‘it’s your choice’. I explained I am asking their professional advice but they refused. I was then showed what was wrong with my brakes and was spoken to by an incredibly rude and patronising mechanic that proceeded to state I was calling him a liar about my car. I explained that my car had been serviced every year which he disputed despite offering to show him the service book. 7 hours later after being mocked and insulted, 2 new tyres and brake shoes and £300+ down later we finally left.
The centre is vastly understaffed, repairs take forever, and the staff are incredibly rude towards customers.
Will not be using this centre again as after the repairs I have just had more problems with brakes!
(090 Rotherham) - Posted 1 year ago
Dear Mr Tupper,

We are sorry to hear about your experience at our Rotherham deport.
Please, can you email our customer careline on so we can take more details regarding your experience?

Kind Regards,
Formula One Autocentres
Posted 1 year ago
Car booked in online, day before service got a call to confirm vehicle model. On the day they had no oil! A garage with NO OIL??? Currently waiting for oil to turn up so they can do the service. We dropped by to see how the work was going to be informed that the discs that i had replaced with new a year ago were worn out! When i informed the mechanic that the discs were virtually new he "rechecked" them and then informed us they were warped! No sign of disc warpage, no judder at the pedal, nothing!
Definitely getting the feeling that they are trying to rack up the costs to maximize the invoice.
Trust gone, will not reuse this garage again
(052 Hemel Hempstead) - Posted 1 year ago
Dear Phil

We are sorry to hear about your experience at our Hemel Hempstead depot.
Please, can you email our customer careline on so we can take more details regarding your experience?

Kind Regards,
Formula One Autocentres
Posted 1 year ago
Formular One Autocenters damaged my car.
I have been using this Formula one for some time, with 3 cars in the family I have used them for MOT's and repairs over a long period. However the measure of any company is how well they deal with a problem, and my experience has shown this organisation to be shocking in every way. I booked my car for an mot test at the Hemel Hempstead branch, I washed and checked my car prior to dropping of my car, when I arrived it was manic, no where to park and cars and lorries coming in at one end and fast lane of cars at the other end going to a car wash. I was so uncomfortable leaving my car in this situation I stayed with it until the mot tester arrived, and then went for a walk. When I came back I saw my car being taken off the premises for a test drive (never seen this before on previous mot's done else where) I waited for him to return, and met him on the forecourt, I immediately noticed my car was damaged, and pointed this out to the tester and then called the Manager. It was evident it was fresh damage, and I know it was not there when I handed the car over to them. The manager took photos and said he would get back to me that day, in fact it was the next day. As I am sure you have guessed they washed their hands of any responsibility, leaving me with the bill for the damage they caused. Be warned when you take your car into their premises, if you have a nice car in good condition as it may not come out as it went in. You may save a few pounds on and mot or service, but it could work out a lot more expensive, take your car to good reliable company the takes care of your pride and joy. My main dealer always comes out and checks the car with me pointing out any issues and does the same when you collect your car. I have learnt a lesson on this incident and will never let Formula one near any of my cars again, they are a shocking company and advise anyone to take extra care if you are leaving a valuable car in their hands.
(052 Hemel Hempstead) - Posted 1 year ago
Dear Customer

We are sorry to hear about your experience at our Hemel Hempstead depot.
Please, can you email our customer careline on so we can take more details regarding your experience?

Kind Regards,
Formula One Autocentres
Posted 1 year ago
Absolute con! Went for a service(pre paid online) then surprise surprise had a phone call with a long list of mis diagnosed problems. The mechanic , graig english told me i had oil leaking from a shock absorber(car is nearly new) so they replaced it. I had a bill for £660 and was shell shocked but paid(i couldnt really not pay) i had known of a small liquid leak before going to garage but the liquid was odourless and clear! I took it to a different garage that told me the shock absorber didnt need replacing because the oil graig english said was leaking was actually just air con water! I had never experienced any oil on my driveway but apparently it was so bad it needed replacing! Would never use again and cannot recommend, iv had my fingers burnt by formula one autocentres. Employ mechanics that dont mis diagnose problems, feel like ringing watchdog. This was at the farnborough branch
Posted 1 year ago
I had 2 tyres fitted at the Norwich branch yesterday Sunday 31st March 2019 on my fiesta YB15 --- and was told before they were fitted that they check the alignment for free, the tyres were only £73 for 2 and I knew exactly what was going to happen when they supposedly checked the alignment and I was right, I was told it was 5% out and not being a mechanic didn't know if that was good or bad, so felt pressured to have it done, and that cost £39.95 more than the price of a tyre. seems if you buy cheap tyres they have got to make the money up somewhere by charging for alignment that doesn't necessarily needs doing, but should be included in the tyre fitting NOT HAPPY.
Posted 1 year ago
Fitted tyre incorrectly causing shredding while driving trying to get the problem rectified was a nightmare unhelpful unprofessional took two months to get a refund I can honestly say it was the worst service I’ve ever had in any industry in my life and wouldn’t recommend this company (Derby branch) if they were the last company on earth they are a bunch of amateurs and don’t know how to run a business or fit tyres.
Posted 1 year ago
DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THE HANDS OF FORMULA 1 AUTOS. I had an awful experience using their services. I booked my car in for a service and MOT. The first issue I had with them is that they carried out nearly £500 worth of work without my permission. The manager insisted that he had a conversation with me on the phone, which never happened!! Funnily enough they have never been able to find the recording of the conversation either.

SECONDLY, the next day I used my car and soon discovered an issue when massive plumes of smoke were coming out the exhaust. The engine eventually cut out and RAC had to tow me back to the garage. After 2 days of no contact, they told me that ‘somehow’ I had 7 LITRES OF OIL in my vehicle when it should hold a maximum of 4l. When I asked F1 how this could have happened they accepted absolutely no responsibility and said they had absolutely no idea. One suggestion was that I could have put it in myself!!

They rectified the issue, but as you can imagine I was concerned about the general state of my car, and was mostly worried about the next emissions test. When the regional manager finally got in touch with me, I explained that I wanted to get the car checked out elsewhere but he was adamant that he would take care of it himself at another F1 centre, which I explained to him wasn’t impartial. I had to fight with him to allow me to take it to a Vauxhall garage and he pay for the cost.

Lastly, but not least, along with the cheque to reimburse me, they had the cheek to send me £50 in vouchers that can only be spent at any F1 Auto branch. THE AUDACITY! I can reassure you these will be going straight in the bin as I will never be using their services again, and encourage everyone to do the same.
Posted 1 year ago
Used F1 for a number of years without any issues. Had a front tyre fitted in late 2018 and the car pulled to that side. Had wheel alignment checked at another garage i use and the steering was still pulling. Swapped the front tyres across the axle and the pull now on the other side, which would seem to indicate a problem with the tyre itself. Cut a long story short, I contacted their 'Careline' and got a call from the Regional Manager and quite frankly his attitude and unhelpfullness was quite shocking - you would think someone in that position would know how to talk to a customer ?? i'm now left with resolving the issue myself and will never use them agai,
Posted 1 year ago
I had my cars mot done at the Andover branch. Needed work carrying out which they booked in for the next day. We had the parts so just needed fitting. 2 tyres and a spring. Dropped the car off then got a call shortly after that the locking wheel nut was rusted and may break. Told them to go ahead and they broke it. When getting a new one from mercedes they said it looked as though it was broken intentionally. After this I took my car elsewhere. They redid mot and said tyres were fine and didn't need changing. F1 wanted to charge over £200 to fit tyres and spring (just labour as already had parts) new place did mot and spring for just over £100. F1 was a rip off, unprofessional and trying to carry out unnecessary work.
Posted 1 year ago
I had bought a master service plus MOT at F1 auto centres milton keynes branch. They failed the MOT with a dangerous fault and several major faults. Quoted me £600 for the work .
I took my car to another mechanic for MOT who found just one major fault and the bill was just £45 for that work.
I will never use this untrustable business again.
Posted 1 year ago
I wouldn't go back there as long as i have a hole in my rear.
Scam you with extras you don't need. Number one choice to scam you is a 'free wheel alignment check'. Always costs nearly £30!!
Posted 1 year ago
Booked MOT online, thinking it's convenient and cheap. Did think they may try and make up faults!

And it happened, I was failed with a 'dangerous' fault, that will cost me £250 to fix. Given every scare tactic like don't drive away.. you will be arrested etc etc.. then even asked how much can you afford if not £250.

Went to a proper mechanic straight away, was advised that the break disc was indeed nearing end of service life but not dangerous. Adviced to try another reputable MOT place. And guess what! it passed!!

Went back to the mechanic to book the work in, and it's been booked in 2 days time for £120!!

Moral of the story.. stay away, the cheap MOT are just loss leaders to rope you in.

Garage: Woodford Branch.
MOT took 1 hour 20 minutes!!
Posted 1 year ago
Everything went wrong. They had my car alday till 5.20pm for an MOT and service that was booked 6 weeks prior. They moved my wheels so that i would think i needed wheel alignment even though i had had them done 3 weeks prior. I took the car back to the garage that had done them before straight away and they said that they had been greased and moved so i had to get the my garage to correct what they had done. They snapped my engine cover and put it as an advisory to cover it up. My husband asked them the next day f they would put a snapped engine cover as an advisory and they said no. So it was done just to cover up the fact that they had done it as we know it was fine before it went into their hands. They tried to charge me for extra oil when i questioned it they said we wont charge you its not worth the hassle! I have contacted the area Manager who had said he would deal with it but he has dailed to deal with t as this happened on October 19th and im still waiting...
Posted 1 year ago
Treated just like a number rather than an individual customer. The company has become too big and all they care about is getting the cash. Service is secondary, even when you give them evidence that they have done something wrong, you'll be met with excuse after excuse!
I went to an independent garage and they even explained that F1 autocentres will not spend quality time on your vehicle but they will charge you the full amount!
Trust the independent garages over companies such as F1 autocentres.
Posted 1 year ago
Booked to have 2 front tyres fitted at the newbury branch , asked if they could be extra careful with the wheels , as they had just been replaced under warranty . waited over an hour for them to be done , whilst waiting the guy doing them came in to the waiting area and ask me what pressure i would like in them too which i replied the correct one !
when i went to my car there was damage on the offside wheel , after getting the assistant manager out i was told we did not do that , so why did you not point it out to me before you started work i asked ,no answer .
excuse after excuse followed by lies .
you will have to speak to the manager tomorrow ,long story short, manager agreed they had done the damage with there machine . and agreed to pay the £144 repair cost . so i removed the wheel and took it to a specialist dew to the nature of the damage and the type of wheel mobile companies would not do it . so as i have no spare wheel i had no car for 3 days sat on axle stand on my drive , friend lent me a car so i could go to work , but i still lost 4 hours pay as a result . so if you value your wheels stear clear
Posted 1 year ago
No care taken in removing my exhaust bashing it against the bumper. When I objected told to leave fitting bay due to health and safety!!
Did not order enough parts so had to make 2 visits and cost more than original quote.
Posted 2 years ago
Had a replacement tyre from the Cannock depot on the 30th August, i was missold a premium tyre, where they had a budget tyre in stock. when a i enquired next morning. Im in the process of getting a refund, and have been advised it takes 5-10 working days for this to be processed. I have since been advised(15th September), that 2 directors have to sign a cheque, for this to be processed. Im having to chase constantly to the area manager for upadates, its a complete fob off. Im still waiting!!!!!
Posted 2 years ago
AVOID AVOID AVOID Formula 1 Autocentre - Bulwell

I booked the 40 point Master service with them. I dropped the car with them at 8.30 in the morning, I went into collect at 5.30 but had a wait of 30 mins as the car wasn’t finished, they had mentioned there had been an issue with the oil filter.

Unfortunately when driving home after collecting it I noticed it was chugging , I nipped to Tesco on way home and when I got back in the car I noticed a puddle under the vehicle. I drove the mile home and had a look underneath the car and saw what looked like Oil dripping out, by this time I was aware of a very strong burning smell, there were also two large puddles under the car. Obviously I was unable to contact the garage that evening as they were closing as I left. This left me with a car I was unable to use and I had to cancel a meet up with friends in Derby that evening ….. bit annoying

I waited at home the next morning for the garage to open so I could phone, I explained what had happened and despite at first trying to tell me it was residue left over from where there had been a spill during the fitting of the oil filter they did take eventually take my concerns seriously. I spoke to Ian who was very helpful, he agreed to get the vehicle recovered and sorted if I could get the key to him. I had to make my way to the garage and then onwards to work where I was over 2 hours late. The car was sorted on Tuesday and I was told it was a faulty oil filter and that was why the vehicle has lost its oil so I was able to collect on Tuesday at 5.30pm

There are a few things I'm not happy about, although they did collect the car and sort it the next day . I am concerned that I drove my car with oil leaking out everywhere and worried about damage that may have been done to the car. I paid for a 40 point Master service, the last point on the list was to take the vehicle for a Test drive, this was not done, my vehicle was taken off the ramp and then handed over to me… had they test drove it they may have noticed the fault and I wouldn’t have driven home putting myself and my car at risk. I was very late for work Tuesday morning which has done me no favours career wise and I have lost pay as well as having to arrange and pay for alternative transport arrangements throughout Tuesday

I feel that I was let down by the garage, I paid a lot of money for a service that left my car undriveable
Posted 2 years ago
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