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Emergency Assist Ltd2 CornhillExchange LaneWisbechCambridgeshire

Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
DO NOT USE! This company simply debited money from my account without even providing me with the option to renew or not. Tantamount to THEFT. Clearly a very unethical and sneaky operator. Emailed them to demand an immediate cancellation and refund but received no reply. Will refer the matter to the fraud department of my bank. Will also share my experience all across social media.
Posted 4 years ago
Not good I unfortunately renewed with them again. Big mistake the police is not worth the paper it's written on.I didn't need there help in the first year. But thus year I did. I was on a dark county road on my own rang them to say I thought my car was going to go up in flames I was shaking so much and was scared as black smoke was coming out. I found out after my spring had gone on my wheel. Which can go at any time. But I was told can't help you you have had a collision with a speed bump ring a insurance company. Please dont use this company so many good one's that will come straight out to help you. Iam now will AA please don't buy of Groupon like I did I think when they no you bought it through them they will do all they can not to come out to you.
Posted 1 year ago
Recently Emergency Assist took over 2Gether breakdown cover. They attempted to collect my premium with no advice of the amount due, did not answer my phone calls and ignored my e-mail. I have now purchased cover from another company
Posted 3 years ago
Do not use this company for breakdown cover! You would be better to have no breakdown insurance than to take out a policy with this company! I don’t have the time to go into the whole sorry story but in short when you try to call their breakdown number you’ll most likely be left waiting at least 20 minutes for someone to answer your call. When they finally do answer, they then take your details and you’ll be left waiting again for someone to call you back – another 50 mins. If you’re lucky, they might contact a breakdown company in the right part of the country but be aware that their staff seem unable or unbothered to use google etc. to verify your exact location and will probably dispatch someone to the wrong place. The breakdown crew will fail to report back to 2gether this fact (probably as no one at 2gether is answering the phone). You will then be left waiting in the belief that someone is on their way to you when in fact absolutely nothing is happening. When you call back again (if you have any phone battery left by this stage), wait the required time for them to pick up the phone, they will then try to reorganise in the right location. All the while they will fail to keep you suitably updated as to what is happening. Approx. time from first call to likely arrival of breakdown crew – 4.5 hours Fortunately we were not stranded on the side of a motorway, it could have been a lot more stressful but seriously we would have been better off not having breakdown cover for the amount of inconvenience and wasted time this caused us. Moral of the story – don’t skimp on getting cover from a reputable company even if you do keep your vehicles well maintained and rarely need recovery.
Posted 4 years ago
I am not very happy at all. This is a joke how I had to wait 4 to 5 HOURS for someone to come from your company. I broke down at 4:26 am on Saturday 10th of September 2016. At the end I got home at 9.40. I have attached a copy of how many calls I made to your company and kept all records for my self as well. I have spoke to different people and spoke to someone name Jack. The service was absolutely unprofessional and a joke. I did not know if they was playing games with me or joking with me when I wasn't in the mood for games. No real answers were coming out and kept saying a hour - half an hour and so on. At a stressful time when your car breaks down you need people from your company to say everything will be fine we right on the way and not say I don't know. if you guys don't know where your engineers are. How as a customer is that reassuring and how the hell are we pose to know where they are? I would never recommend and putting me under big presser and stress from this company.
(03/04/2016) - Posted 4 years ago
I am still waiting for my refund!
Posted 4 years ago
I can't get through to anyone this breakdown was cancelled last year as I no longer have the car. Yet you have renewed it and said you were going to take the payment. BAD
Posted 4 years ago
You promised me a cheque for £98 as I provided you with two receipts as requested via email. I'd appreciate it asap Chris Thomas policy number 2870423
Posted 4 years ago
I accept that the estimated time of arrival is approximate. However when the predicted arrival time continues to slip hour by hour despite being told that the vehicle will be with me in a few minutes on two occasions, it begins to be unacceptable. When it got to 11pm and the driver was on another job, I suggested that if the mechanic was amenable I might as well wait until the morning. And I was booked in for first thing 9am the following day. No one arrived at 9, or 10. Keen to get my car to a garage, I suggested that I cancel the job and call a garage to collect my car before everything shut at lunchtime. I was told I could not do that without a fee as the job had already been booked. I understand the reasoning for this rule, but at 15 hours after my original call I had little faith that a recovery vehicle would ever arrive. Feeling that there must be a point at I could break this booking, and with the person I was speaking to unable to authorise that I asked to speak to a manager but was told there would not be anyone in the office that day.
Posted 4 years ago
I made a home start callout at 11.27am yesterday. I was advised due to a busy period someone will be with me in 90 mins. I was very understanding about the situation. I again called back at 1.30pm, 2hrs later and was advised rudely that the updated time is 2.30pm. I said that's 3 hrs and the approx waiting time on the website is 45mins but I do understand unforseen circumstances. I stressed I had no calls or updates about the situation. She was sure someone will be with me by 2.30pm but was not advised about the drivers whereabouts. I again rang at 3.15pm because no one had arrived. I was advised there is someone on route and will be there by 3.30ish. That made me furious, that's 4 hrs!!! I've had breakdown for over 17yrs and never had such a bad experience and poor service. The driver arrived and said "I'm sorry I don't know much about Saab and I was told to do a tyre change. I need to call my mechanic" I specifically rang for a home start. At this point I did not want him to touch my car, he didn't even try to jump start it. I called my local mechanic who was now free to come out and he plugged his battery meter and said the battery is dead. He also checked after starting my car that the alternator was fine. A whole day wasted waiting.
Posted 4 years ago
Disgusting! What a rip off I thought I had national recovery but was charged £250 to recover my car home 130 miles away as it £1 per mile after the first 10 and it's worked out both ways ! I had/have a useless premium policy.
Posted 2 years ago
Awful service. Refused recovery on first request. Terrible. Left me and my wife in the rain for seven hours.
Posted 2 years ago
Broke down and could not get an answer ....just recorded music...poor service.
(15/05/2016) - Posted 4 years ago
The phone call went very well and I was very pleased with this. We advised them we had 2 adults, 1 child and a dog. We waited longer than the 90 minutes advised, but weren't too upset about that. However the recovery driver was just awful. He was rude, impolite, didn't listen to us when we explained that we had told the call advisor to drop us off en route to the garage as he was going past our house. He said we couldn't take our dog at first, but we explained this had been agreed. He was constantly "huffing and puffing" and made us feel we were causing him a major inconvenience. It was quite awful. I have a disability and I am glad my husband was with us, otherwise the experience would have had a detrimental effect to my health. I have never experienced a recovery like it. We had broken down with our very poorly dog and son and were treated with contempt by this awful man.
Posted 4 years ago
Hi, I went on holiday to Cumbria. At night time about 11 pm country side no houses nothing around us, hit rock and had a flat tyre. We couldn't manage to take the wheel off. Was dark etc. So we decided to walk 30 min to place we stayed and call in the morning. I called at 9 o'clock to ask for help. And from now on only horrible experience. Girl on the phone was rude, ask me where I'm taking car to? I'm sorry did I just told you I'm on holiday!! No idea where? Post code and house number where car is at the moment? Did I just told you, car is on side of the country side road. Can't tell you house number because there are no houses. She wasn't interested. We manage to find nearest post code online and ask to follow the road. The chap turn up eventually after 3 hours ( was told is going to be 1 or 1.5 hour) very unhappy& rude he had to drive from Carlisle. I thought this is his job! His car was to wide for road we kettle grip so he wanted to turn back. We find the other road where he can get to us. He didn't attempt to take wheel off just drop us off to the nearest tyre place and left without asking if we can get help there. Please avoid because in a difficult situation you can't repay on this cover. I will not use them again. I can understand waiting for recovery but can't understand how someone can take calls if doesn't get what is rural areas or not familiar with area ( we are on holiday)? AVOID AVOID AVOID
Posted 4 years ago
Thank you for your comments Anna. Understandably though, we need to ascertain your locality, whether you are on holiday or otherwise, otherwise we are unable to provide assistance. We apologise if you feel let down by the service but if you wish to discuss this further or speak with us in more detail regarding the matter please call us on 01945 465508 or email us at support@drive-365.co.uk. Regards 2Gether Insurance
Posted 4 years ago
Not entirely happy as, the day after I bought this I was sent an email from another company offering the same cover from 2gether at half the price I paid, when I asked about cancelling I was told I would have to pay £10 even though I was in the 14 day cooling off period. Very poor customer service.
(12/09/2016) - Posted 4 years ago
When I took out the policy , I did not know that I would have to paid £80 for a call out. If this is the case what exactly did I pay for. I can call out any independent breakdown service for a £ 20 charge. I believe that I was mis sold the policy and the policy is not fit for its purpose. I am very disappointed.
Posted 4 years ago
Simply didn’t want it to renew without my input and discussion. My written request was completely ignored and automatically had money taken from my account. Not a Happy Bunny!!!
Posted 1 year ago
I logged an emergency call at 12.20pm todsy. Its 4pm still waiting. Anthony took the call at 2.09pm on my follow up to call back and update. Still waiting. At 3.30pm Sam picked up the call and adjed me to hold on he needs to make enquiries and hung up. I am sitting in this freezing weather with my elderly mother since 12 O clock. I still have a long journey ahead. Now you decide if you want to be humiliated like this ?! .
Posted 3 years ago
They arrived to my home within 30 minutes of calling, changed the flat tyre and advised me to take to the garage for full repair. The guy that came was professional and pleasant. excellent service
Posted 4 years ago
Emergency Assist Ltd is rated 4.27 based on 3,385 reviews