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Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 5th November 2020
Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 14th October 2020
John Balman
Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 2nd September 2020
Peter Allison
Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 26th August 2020
Ryan Horton
Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 15th May 2020
Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 13th May 2020
Lee Brindley
Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 29th February 2020
Graham Westcott
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Purchased an Octave V40SE on Mark's advice, having been thinking of moving more in the valve direction and wanting to down-size to an integrated. Elite allowed me a very generous month+ home trial, and listening over this period I found it fulfilled my requirements superbly once run-in: richness and musicality of valves combined with some solid-state-like heft, control and PRAT - a very desirable and attractive combination for the range of music I listen to. The Octave is incredibly well built, and easy to operate; it has an innovative eco-mode system which saves on power whilst prolonging valve life and speeding-up warm-up time. The 40 watts output seems to me very understated - I've had 100+ watt amplifiers which provided less power; it has marvellous soundstage, depth, focus, and is totally non-fatiguing to listen to for long periods - a great integrated amplifier which performs as well as or better than several high-end separates that I've previously used. Elite/Mark were absolutely spot-on with this recommendation - and a completely un-pressurised sale. Thank you!
Posted 2 years ago
I live in the U.S. and wanted to purchase my first set of "Audiophile" quality speakers. I fell in love with the Triangle Australe EZ. Scouring the internet for a good deal I found a set that was used as a demo by Elite Audio. I immediately sent in the money. The system didn't recognize that I was outside the UK ans grossly underestimated the shipping. The next morning I received an email explaining that the shipping would be much more as they wanted to ship air freight with the speakers on a pallet for protection. They apologized for the miscalculated shipping and offered to send me a brand new pair of the speakers instead of the demo's. Of course I agreed, sent in the money for extra shipping. When they contacted me to say that the speakers were ready to ship, they mentioned that I would need to hire a customs broker to help the speakers clear through customs. I did not expect this and was very frightened of the process. A quick google search found me even more frustrated after hearing about peoples horror stories of having their goods destroyed or confiscated at the port because the customs clearance paperwork was not done correctly. I emailed back and said I was not told about this and asked if I could have a refund instead as the whole customs thing sounded too difficult to pull off. I received an email back from Elite Audio's logistics manager Martyn. He calmed me down and assured they would help me throughout the whole process. They pointed me toward a customs broker, played intermediary between myself and the courier. I was simply blown away at the level of professionalism and customer service. Martyn could have taken the easy path and issued me a refund and found a buyer in the U.K. Instead he helped me through every part of the journey. My speakers arrived a few short days later and I am blown away with the quality. I am so glad that I decided to stick it out through the process instead of getting a refund. These speakers are near impossible to come by in the U.S. and they are worth every penny. I work for the Lexus Corporate offices here in the U.S, and part of our motto for customer service is " Treat every customer as you would a guest in your home." This is exactly the kind of treatment I was given by all the people at Elite Audio. I felt like more than just a "dollar sign." Cannot recommend this company enough! You will not be disappointed!
Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 22nd May 2019
Posted 2 years ago
I contacted Elite Audio's David about a vinyl record cleaning machine and we settled on a Pro-Ject VC-S Mark II. The cleaner has made a marked improvement to the sound quality of my vinyl replay, removing the veiling dirt from the grooves and allowing the music to come through. It's very simple to use. It's design protects the record label from cleaning fluid and, through the platter-less construction, avoids cleaned vinyl surfaces being re-contaminated. So I am a happy customer made so through a combination of an excellent product combined with outstanding customer service. Thank you.
Posted 2 years ago
The Journey continues ,Elite Audio Care about Nurturing Great ongoing relationships with their clients .They want musical Nirvana for you as much as you do ,I can not praise them enough .Get yourself into the groove with Mark and the team and feed your soul it doesnt get much better than that.Thanks again Mark!!
Posted 2 years ago
In short: It would be awesome if every single company provided such high-quality service! In few more words now... My journey with Elite Audio has been quite a long now... We started a couple of years ago. We went through 3 pairs of speakers and two pair of cables and matching jumpers, 1 turntable and phono stage, rounds of deliveries, negotiations, etc. They have been extremely patient, and carefully listened to my point of view and concerns, always trying to find a solution that would be a win-win. I can trust they would NEVER leave me unhappy. Elite Audio was always trying to accommodate for my needs, provided professional and accurate advice, was able to pinpoint exactly to their best belief what would be the right solution for what I need to hear. And it’s not always easy to explain your listening perception, or understand that of another human. I can trust, they are very professional in what they do and can answer your needs. I think what impressed me the most, was that at every single step, they worked as a team, were very knowledgeable, keen on RESOLVING my requests, accurate in posting and deliveries, very precise in all the information like pricing, conditions, arrangements. Extremely trustworthy. Of course, mistakes do happen, and sometimes something was not right, but they always excelled at resolving every single issue. Altogether, my history with Elite Audio went through: - Testing two pair of speakers (unfortunately, one pair was damaged by the courier, another pair was sent by mistake being after demo, not new – both issues were taken care of by EA quickly and professionally). Eventually, I bought 1 of the pair. - Selecting and buying speaker cables and jumpers - After 1y, working to improve the speaker set. EA was kind enough to allow me to test a pair of speakers for 1 month. We then negotiated the conditions of the sale, EA accepted a trade in of the previously bought speakers and made a great deal on the new pair of speakers, going the extra mile to understand my concerns and arranging a true win-win deal. - EA allowed me to test a hi-end turntable with a hi-end phono stage. I haven’t decided to buy the set. Vinyl turned out to be not my world. - When asked for help, EA helped me to select a better matching pair of speaker cables and jumpers, making a great offer, and again, accepting a trade-in of the previously purchased cables and jumpers. I am truly grateful for all the help, time and effort on their part. I am not an easy customer, to say the least. But now, can’t imagine working with any other audio equipment studio.
Posted 2 years ago
Amp and speaker purchase I have to say that Mark and his team deserve their reputation, they are very helpful, polite and always professional, they have no problem with giving advise and are always available to help wherever they can, I can honestly say I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation. Credit to you and your team Mark and Thanks you for all you done with helping me with my purchase Kind Regards
Posted 2 years ago
I recently had the good fortune to purchase an Auralic G1 from Elite Audio. The customer service and support from start to finish has been exemplary and there is nothing this excellent company will not do to ensure your complete satisfaction. Their technical knowledge is outstanding, and they are very patient with any issue that arise. I have no hesitation in recommending them very highly.
Posted 2 years ago
Perched on an oasis of calm in beautifully picturesque countryside Elite audio delivers an all encompassing joyful experience .In a climate where special is becoming rare Mark and the team simply GET IT so now I have a system that delivers emotion,excitement and beauty on a daily basis .They deserve to cherished and preserved do yourself a favour and immerse yourself in the full experience you won't regret it. Thank You Mark and Team!
Posted 2 years ago
Just a quick note to say another big thank you for your great advise and time . I am totally delighted with the Zennith. It was ridiculously easy to set up with Roon and Wow I didn’t realise how good Roon is! It’s a powerful bit of software and works a treat on the Zennith. It sounds fab. Quite a step up from the IMac! Roons new release also allows squeeze box integration to enable memory play. Nice touch. One very happy customer here again as a third time customer from Down South!
Posted 2 years ago
Many thanks to Mark and the team and a special mention for Rachael . I was interested in a part exchange and thought that mine being a high value item might hinder any deal . I was wrong . Elite contacted me the next day and told me that they would be back with an offer in two days . True to their word thats exactly what happened. I thought about it and took them up on their offer a couple of days later . Elite took care of all the logistics and a few days later my new amp had arrived. Exemplary and informative service all round every step of the way . Recommended
Posted 2 years ago
Elite audio...How do I rate the company? Well, I have dealt with them over quite a few years now and have received nothing but highly professional, honest and most importantly friendly relationship with them, they don’t care if you’re looking to spend £5 or £5000 the service you receive is exactly the same. I have just purchased a stunning Gato DIA-250s and I’m absolutely over the moon with it...Many thanks and well done as usual Mark & Co... Elite Audio....If Carlsberg did hifi Dealerships?....”probably”
Posted 2 years ago
Absolutely delighted with Elite Audio Ltd. I purchased a new stereo amplifier from them and David and the team were very supportive with my requirements. From the first visit, the service, human attention to customers and no hard-sale attitude is just impeccable. Many people will find the experience of approaching a high-end HiFi business daunting, and although it can be (from my experience of other outlets), this wasn't the case with Elite Audio Ltd and I am sure i will be going back in years to come till I purchase my whole system. The photo is from the listening area I sat at to listen to the amp.
Elite Audio Ltd 5 star review on 15th January 2019
Posted 2 years ago
Gosh, what can I say! Made a second 400 mile trip upto Elite Audio to see Mark, David, Grant and the gang to to really solidify the system we started and improve my education in music reproduction. It was a great morning of demoing and having conversations around what we really wanted out of our music. David showed us a fantastic example of what was "hifi" and what was "music". We moved forward with our system with the purchase of a few items that really gets to the heart of the music and what we want out of our system. David and Mark were excellent and the whole team looked after us, as usual. Beautiful relaxed atmosphere that we love. Again, well worth the trip up Herts and am planning another venue in Marchish. Again, many thanks, you make the owning and purchasing a hifi a joy. Shari and Liz
Posted 2 years ago
Bought various products over the last few years. Always a great service and every time I’ve needed support it’s been 100%. I always recommend them to my audio friends as the best dealer.
Posted 2 years ago
Mark and his team are genuinely five star performers with exceptional knowledge, quality products and in the world of HiFi a very unbasied approach to selling you sounds.
Posted 2 years ago
I commend "ELITE AUDIO" for their dedication to excellence and their elite sterling after sales service.
Posted 2 years ago
It's not often I would take the time to review service, but when you purchase Hi Fi it's different. An emotional purchase. Mark was as usual a gent, set up my turntable, listened to at least one album, great conversation with some great advice and as always a pleasure to deal with. Looking forward to the next visit.
Posted 2 years ago
Excellent service, speedy responses and knowledgable answers. Very happy.
Posted 2 years ago
I contacted Elite Audio by email to enquire about a new USB/SPDIF convertor for PC audio playback into my DAC. Mark replied within a few minutes & recommended the Matrix Audio X-SPDIF2. I ordered one by telephone & it arrived quickly & well packaged. The Matrix X-SPDIF2 unit installed easily & sounds superb! Telephone & email communication from Elite Audio was first class throughout the transaction. Highly recommended.
Posted 2 years ago
5 Things I love about ELITE AUDIO I bought a couple of SOTM equipment from Elite Audio’s eBay web shop last year and was very satisfied with the products and the service I received. Recently I ventured out and contacted them via their website regarding a DAC that I was interested in. I was dealing with David, Martyn, John and Rachael and these are the 5 things that impressed me the most about Elite Audio: # 1: Their passion. David shared with me that he personally owns the same DAC, and I could hear and feel his passion for the product. It was therefore not very difficult to convince me to buy the same. # 2: Their knowledge and expertise. His knowledge and expertise about the good synergy between my current amplifier (Luxman) and the Aqua La Scala MKII Optologic DAC was immensely helpful. I had received contrary advice regarding my amplifier from another online dealer as being not a good match for the La Scala, but this was swiftly repudiated by David. And I was offered a demo unit to test at home with my own equipment (no commitments). That shows the company’s confidence in their product line. David assured me that the amplifier and the DAC would go well together. In hindsight, I’m happy that I listened to David’s advice as the result is absolutely superb! It’s the best digital playback I have ever heard as it could be easily mistaken for an excellent analogue front end. # 3: Their communication. Every time I had a question, I received a prompt reply via email within minutes. The staff at Elite Audio were extremely polite and very professional in their communication, be it over the phone or via email. David had a very consultative approach and listened patiently to my concerns. Even emails sent on a Saturday received a prompt reply from John. # 4: Their reliability. After the initial consultation David gave me a time-frame on when the DAC would be shipped to me. He did not disappoint me, and I received the DAC promptly within the promised time-frame. The day before the DAC was going to be shipped, I received shipping notification from Martyn with a tracking number, which was very reassuring as this was an expensive purchase. # 5: Their competitive pricing on part-exchange. David offered me a really great part exchange deal that was hard to refuse. I would encourage every audio-enthusiast to check out Elite Audio’s part-exchange offers. To conclude: If someone would ask me “Would I recommend Elite Audio?” my answer would be a clear YES without hesitation. I had a great experience with them and feel it’s a company that you can fully trust. They are an asset to the Hi-Fi community in the UK and exceeded my expectations in every way. Thanks again!
Posted 2 years ago
Elite Audio Ltd is rated 5.00 based on 202 reviews