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About Cryptonary :

The cryptocurrency market is currently in its infancy stage and provides the greatest opportunity of our time for those willing to break out of their comfort zone and gain the practical experience to elevate their financial situation.

The Cryptonary online course we have crafted derives from years of experience since the early days of Bitcoin’s creation. We have spent the infinite hours analysing chart behaviour, gaining the necessary mentality for long-term investing and endured every common trap new investors suffer, so you don’t have to.

Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Just want to thank the Cryptonary Team for responding quickly to my request.
I must say there are too many platforms online offering services but few really delivers. after much trials and error i i found an automated platfomr paying roi daily, i now make 2k daily and recovered all i lost in a short period.....
I’ve learnt a lot from cryptonary. It took my trading to another level. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about trading or even investing. I am very satisfied with their courses, they are also very responsive. Cryptonary really provides value.
Cryptonary has been my go to for many years now proving the best content for the crypto market. The course is very easy and simple to follow for beginners or for anyone that would like to expand their knowledge. They are very professional, very responsive and helpful. Look no further as they will get you from
start to finish. I’m here to brush up my knowledge and learn a few extra’s which are new too me. Highly recommended.
I've been following Cryptonary for about a couple of years and I've finally subscribed for their membership. The lessons and the contents they have are incredible. Definitely, money well spent! A+++++++
Has great content that you can learn at your own pace, as well as the option to cancel at any point which is better for me as the amount of free time I have is patchy so if I have a few weeks spare I can enroll for that month.

The discord also has many regular updates from what I can see as I've only started accessing that recently which is very good if there's not enough time to properly analyse the current market conditions.

Support is very fast and helpful from what I found when I needed assistance. Overall very good and professional!
GREAT Service. Immediate response & assistance. No drama just pure facts, great course as well. Appreciate the information & No-BS professionalism.
Excellent service, very very good content. People who whine about paying extra apparently didn't follow the tutorials as even I, a 1 week member had a 27% yield/profit in 3 days and I didn't finish all the tutorials yet. So that means, if you focus your energy on learning and doing your homework you wouldn't mind how much you had to pay extra as you'll be knowledgable and profitable in a very short period.

How come? Well, no regulations on the crypto market, that means mega volatility, which means that "pop in, pop out" is enough to yield a very good % in a super short time of hours or days. But that's my 2 cents, you can always choose to whine about paying the extra and going back to watch some tv, Netflix, Tiktok and complain about how unfair life is.
Love it. Very informative. One of the best and most informative material I’ve laid my eyes on. Course has been eye-opening and is highly recommended to anyone who wants to endeavor in this growing crypto age!
As a beginner in the trading path this has been such a great platform for me. The contents, up to date information and news definitely a huge support for me. So glad I signed up!!!!
WOWW THE INFO IS CRAZYYYYY honest to god these guys are just the best!!!
Joined around apr 2019 the team is always coming up with new creative content that really helped me out since I'm still a beginner it feels like being taken care of by a family
The content is consistent and very informative. Despite the changes that happened last year, the team kept going and the knowledge has really helped me with my own trading journey!
A friend of mine had told me about cryptonary and urged me to do a course with them. I’m so glad I did! It’s been a few months now and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Their customer service, the content they provide very on point.
I came across cryptonary, emailed the support team with some questions I had regarding the course and some of things they do. One of the team members took time out explained and answered all of my questions. They gave me time
And support whenever I needed it. The course has been amazing, delivery and content has been exceptional!! I would urge people to join this course. I have purchased a few courses previously but honestly non of them have been anywhere near as good as this. The guys really know what they are doing. The response time is brilliant too always within within hours. I’ve never been disappointed with any of the services they provide!!!! 10/10 👌
Good service been using them for a couple of years now, excellent customer services along with daily news will continue to use in future
Good service and solid content. I have been using these guys for ages now and they're always on the ball for all things crypto.

Their news is updated daily, the trading group provides clear insights and their customer service is fast.
Always was skeptical and had heard mixed reviews, but personally I have had nothing but good service and valuable information from Cryptonary.
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Really appreciated the content and am looking forward to learning even more. Very glad I joined. Thank you!
Cryptonary is rated 4.41 based on 427 reviews