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About Cryptonary :

The cryptocurrency market is currently in its infancy stage and provides the greatest opportunity of our time for those willing to break out of their comfort zone and gain the practical experience to elevate their financial situation.

The Cryptonary online course we have crafted derives from years of experience since the early days of Bitcoin’s creation. We have spent the infinite hours analysing chart behaviour, gaining the necessary mentality for long-term investing and endured every common trap new investors suffer, so you don’t have to.

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2 Helpful Report
I joined up in July 2018 as there was a Cryptonary offer on and I knew I'd wanted to join. Although life was pretty busy at the time I thought I would sign up as it would always be there considering the amount that the course/Telegram had cost and the guys at Astro FX ran it. At the time there was the online course and Telegram available to members. At one point there was also a monthly podcast that was available for a small monthly fee which I'd signed up to. However, as of the start 2019 the whole team have been disorganised and in disarray. With online disagreements being aired publicly. The face of Cryptonary left the team as their visions did not align with the other two owners. I personally think it is to do with what is going on with Cryptonary at the moment, Anyway, the Telegram content has been bit-part and they have recently released a Cryptonary V 2.0. This is now a pay monthly membership with a revamped/new website. The old online course is still available on a website that starts with old.cryptonary (what a way to feel valued after spending the best part of £500 hey). At one point there was a monthly podcast that was available for a small monthly fee which I also signed up to. These stopped during the turmoil but 1 or 2 payments were still taken. I've been told that the Telegram updates are being discontinued as there's too many non-members in the Telegram and moving over to Discord. This is fine. What isn't fine is that Telegram updates are going and the original members (unless signed up after Jan 2019) are being left behind. We are not being migrated over to the new Discord for the market updates and content that we have become accustomed to (as that is now deemed pay monthly content). The Telegram is simply going, with the Discord being for new members only. Whilst new members may very well be happy with the packages, the content and how it's all delivered (as it is going to be all they will know), the original 'early adopter' Cryptonary members can't help but feel hard done by. Do I regret buying the course, yes. In honesty I could have had access to the course without signing up. I just liked knowing I could have the real-time updates and insights of a successful trader pinging up on my phone. But it appears that is soon to be all in the past
2 Helpful Report
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. the course is the most basic thing that you can dedicate your time to it. least thing that you can find on youtube is better than what you get here.
2 Helpful Report
STAY AWAY, course very basic and not worth the money. Was promised lifetime membership and updates with purchase, but then they switched to monthly subscription model and existing members had to pay more or accept they got scammed. Very questionable marketing tactics (only post wins, write and LIE that a potential customer has been "especially selected" to join) plus they delete bad comments and block people. Stay away, there are much better alternatives available and what they offer, you can find for free online with a bit of search. Nothing special at all
2 Helpful Report
they promised a life time membership, the main guy left.. now want a monthly payment to keep receiving updates. scam. avoid.. you’re better elsewhere with your money
2 Helpful Report
I will be breaking my review down into parts: Before and after Toray left cryptonary for the cryptonary course and the VIP telegram The cryptonary course Before: Let's start with the course, it's was a good introduction for people who have no experience in crypto currency, the technical analysis taught is free available in various places on line. If you had any experience trading and about crypto in general the course would not of been for you After: Toray must of left cryptonary on bad terms as they deleted all of the videos that he had made voice overs for. They have reupload some of these videos with a voice over from Shaun saying exactly the same thing Toray had said in the video's previously. A few more unique videos were uploaded which have been a breakdown of how Shaun trades Which have honestly been amazing as it was good to see how a trader of that caliber analyses charts. As they have been pushing this cryptonary V2 which is meant to be an updated version of the course they have not been uploaded any more education videos which would of been useful for traders who know nothing about technical analysis. I received an email today that I they would be realising the new course in 'seasons' essentially you will need to be paying a monthly membership to gain access to various perks. The problem with this is all the members who paid for The course before 2019 will only get a months free access. After this we won't get access to the educational course and will only be left with the free plan. This is a disgraceful business move as I payed for th educational course, which was removed and now I'll be left with a shell of the former course. VIP telegram group (this group was free for members Before: Toray was on fire, constantly posting updates about technical analysis and fundamentals. After: Content is still good but no where near as frequent as they only do swing trades and long-term investments. WhenToray controlled the group he did all the above plus short term trades. As this was a free perk for the members them putting group away and basically putting a pay wall for the discord group is no concern for me as it was just a free perk. Overall I was pleased when Toray was the face of cryptonary. Now cryptonary seems a bit more money hungry, I just want the course I paid for and I will be contacting them about this. If I can't get the old course or an equivalent I will be looking for some other for of reimbursement.
2 Helpful Report
Here's the full unbiased review of the Cryptonary course. Coming from other financial markets and seeing the rapid rise during the run-up in 2017, I had a gut feeling to research deeper. I was researching everywhere online and then stumbled across the Cryptonary YT channel early one morning. Skeptical at first as we all are but I kept following along low key across all the socials until I was confident that Toray and the Cryptonary brand was legitimate. Then I bought the course and entered the VIP telegram. The course itself is pretty basic in all honesty, but the great part is that it teaches you the essentials in an unbiased way, something that is difficult to learn from multiple external sources. But that VIP Telegram... One of my worst nightmares but one of my greatest blessings! I was hooked on all of the social media posts of members making quick, easy profits and I thought I could do the same... 10k down the drain later (don't mess with leverage if you're just starting) and I knew that there was a problem. A lot of the other reviews on here will say that Toray is a scammer, giving double-edged calls and flexing on the winners. And it's true, the market is so volatile it pumps and dumps and either direction completely randomly. It can seem like his calls are complete BS... However, the RAPID updates followed along with the video analysis and voice notes give you the best possible chance to understand what is unfolding in this insane market and give you a very nice edge in your trading strategy. Once I found my emotional faults, had a proper risk management plan and learned how to read the markets from Torays guidance, the losses do not even matter anymore. (Do not underestimate trading, it is one of the most difficult and painful experiences before sustained profitability) The podcast is amazing though, My favorite part! You get to learn more about Toray, the current Crypto news and delve deep on interesting topics. TLDR; The course is great to learn the basics of Crypto and the Podcast is next level! (Minus a few website bugs). Take the VIP calls as a confluence WITH YOUR OWN ANALYSIS. It's not a Signal Service. Can't wait for all the cookie goodness coming in 2019!!!
2 Helpful Report
The course is more of an overview of investing in crypto and how its different to other types of investing rather than teaching you how to swing, day or intra-day trade. This is more long term play's, months and years (the big picture really) so don't expect a full on trading course. I was expecting more action on the VIP telegram (more than one message per day at least) which has been kind of disappointing so far. However, I'm sure this course will be worth the investment in the long term but you need to really spend some time going through the material and podcast to get the most out of his experience and understanding of Technical Analysis and Trading.
2 Helpful Report
Really a great investment for anyone who wants to improve they knows about Cryptocurrencies. I’ll recommend it to everyone!!
2 Helpful Report
Course is very easy to follow, would be nice if there was someone to answer all my questions.
2 Helpful Report
Best Cryptocurrency educational provider. There is simply no-one else online who can compete with the amount of clarity you gain from this course. If you apply everything Toray(Crypto), Shaun Lee (FX) teaches and you are not in a better financial place after 12 months then nothing will ever help you.
2 Helpful Report
General improvements to the quality of the website would be good, as well as more content. Also the communication between customer and company needs to be improved. When I signed up I sent several emails and received no answers. The videos that are there currently are good - however it would be nice to see more content. The VIP Telegram is amazing, so cannot find fault there at all. For the money, it is great value.
2 Helpful Report
Scammers! They ripped off all original lifetime members with some rubbish "you're a legacy member. you need to pay for the new content" even though thousands paid for lifetime membership access to the entire cryptonary product.
1 Helpful Report
Cryptonary is absolutely worthless. They promised a lot, but we received almost nothing. They were more busy on Instagram attracting potential customers. Besides, the course is already overpriced anyway. They also don't show the bad reviews on their website, only the good ones. I would recommend the CryptoWZRD Platform, that's quality.
1 Helpful Report
Absolute shocking behaviour from basically what are subscription scammers and NOT traders. They sell courses and subscriptions. Everything else is a lie! You only see the wins on social media. I haven’t seen one member post any profits for months. A group of members are looking at reporting them to trading standards
1 Helpful Report
The best example beside the scam, is in the last 3,5 month he and his team Made 2 correct calls in crypto, Every other call went completely wrong. And the Guy who should explain you how to(learn iT the wrong way) doesnt even speak english(no offense). If you want to give money away, give iT to charity. Dont let the criminals enjoy it.
1 Helpful Report
everything, he promised lifetime access, he never finished course 1 which was 600 dollar. he is an absolute fraud!
1 Helpful Report
scammer he is. he will steal your money and all of his crypto calls sucks. DONT BUY!!
1 Helpful Report
They will scam you they have before and they'll do it again. spent 600 dollars on the course and all of a sudden they say they're adding a monthly fee if you want to stay enrolled. we were promised lifetime membership and now they decide to change their minds after making millions. Their lack of morals is astounding.
1 Helpful Report
purchased last year with lifetime access toray left all gone downhill since than with poor content and they changed over to a monthly membership and all old members cut off so we all lost £600 they will end up doing same to the new members once they made what they need & EXIT SCAM
1 Helpful Report
Cryptonary is rated 4.33 based on 437 reviews