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Lesley Smith
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Sales team are great but after sales is worst I have come across
Posted 1 year ago
I went to this Dealer because a family member had purchased before. Whilst I have no complaint about our Salesman David Fyffe, who was excellent, once they have your money, they do not want to know you. Shocking after sales service, despite phoning 5 times since collecting my car 5 days ago and no one bothers to phone back. Car back in for work which should have been done. Took it Tuesday, told "will phone you just after 9am tomorrow to let you know how long ". NEVER happened. Phoned this morning at 10.02. Told the person I wanted to speak with was not there which was COMPLETE LIE. Ryan Fleming said "phone you back in 5 minutes". 1 hour later - no call. Car NEVER even started on !!! Now waiting on a call back in "10 minutes".......NOT HAPPENED. DO NOT GO TO PETER VARDY
Posted 1 year ago
Absolutely diabolical.! I've only given 1 star because there isn't an option for no stars. Purchased a car from PV Dundee on the 21st August, still haven't recieved the car even though they took thousands of pounds off me and my old car as part-exchange. Three times they have said the car would be ready, it was meant to be finally delivered to our house yesterday 06/09/19, but no car and not even a phone call to say why. Excuse after excuse, I even emailed the CEO, but guess what, no reply. Buy a car from these at your peril.!!!
Posted 1 year ago
Good Afternoon Michael,

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear the service fell below the 5 stars we aim to provide. Please contact our Customer Service team at and they will be happy to assist you with any concerns.

Team PV
Posted 1 year ago
sales staff ok, after sales horrendous, had my car since last Friday, only had it a week noticed a steering fault needed new rack so Dundee could not carry out this job so told on Monday my car was on way to Edinburgh to get repaired, today wednesday get call from warranty company asking for permission to pick my car up,to say astonished would be an understatement, the lying toads at Dundee said my car was in Edinburgh. Will never go near them again, in fact looking at rejecting the car as not fit for purpose, they mot,d the car week before I got it wish I had involved vosa
Posted 1 year ago
Estimated date to receive my car was 23/6/19, was told I could collect my car on the 28/6/19 1700 turned up to the car store completed all paperwork paid road tax and insurance aswell as a deposit to find out my car had a scratch along the rear quarter panel, the car hadn’t been valeted properly either so ended up leaving the car store with no car was told the car would be getting sorted first thing in the morning 29/6/19 ready to collect on the 30/6/19 received a phone call on the 29/6/18 to say my car wouldn’t be ready on the 30/6/19 asked when my car would ready but they couldn’t give me a date, I was offered an curtesy car on the 29/6/18 if I could collect it between 10-4 on 30/6/18 but I wasn’t in Scotland in this time. Now the 1/7/19 no idea when my car will be ready to be collected.
Posted 1 year ago
After Care Sales utterly shambolic -! Reported issue with car within 1 hour of taking ownership and yet 3 days later still awaiting a response from after sales to have this investigated.
Extremely disappointed at the lack of customer care and after service.
Posted 1 year ago
my name is Robert Grosman, I will say that as your client, I am not satisfied with your service Firstly, the customer service time was very long and I was waiting for an offer that I would recommend when I had a test visit, it was not given specifically, the time,time was changed I had a test drive with someone other than I was have appointed after signing the documents for the next day I had an appointment pick up the car I came to the reception I said I came to pick up the car the lady at the front desk told me to sit down and wait and somebody would come in but for a long time no one came because they forgot about me!!! it was not great customers who came after me they got faster cars like me it was a shock when I was treated only Mr. Daren Brown helped me if it was not for him, it would come out I do not recommend you in customer service and the car was not cleaned as it should
Posted 2 years ago
Sales process and handover couldn't fault Craig Ross and Darren Brown for their outstanding customer care and smooth handling of sale to handover.

Big reveal and build up was great myself, pregnant wife and two little girls were all there Darren made the kids very welcome and involved, But once cover removed the carstore/service side of your company has let us down with the poor standard as bodywork etc not done as promised, valet not up to your high standards ie old air fresheners attached to head rest back seats and feet wells not hovered sweets and wrappers left in car from previous owner. The next morning released No Drivers side window wiper, we have emailed and spoke to Craig the salesman and he had spoke to his sales manager and said the original work would be booked in and put to the high standards your company promise with also a goodwill gesture he had forwarded this to his Sales Manager Alan McMillan, we have emailed him also but had no reply from himself or the after sales team to correct all the issues and address them and still wait for their call and booking arrangements.

As a first time customer to Peter Vardy the end of sales/handover experiences was very disappointing and we feel let down and a bit angry by it all.

kindest regards
Mr Donald
Posted 2 years ago
y experience in brief,
Bought car, pick up tue wasn’t ready, call thur salesman going to deliver it, another call he couldn’t get lift from my house to his, so took car to his house and was going to deliver it next morning, no yrs mot, car had to go back to garage, fri call at 4.20pm salesman was leaving garage (45min drive), arrived at 7.20pm handed me one key paper work that I didn’t sign and left, looked in car no manual, no service book (which puts value of car down by 25%) dent in door, one key, stain on back seat and paid over £200 for supaguard no after care pk or certificate, phoned 23 times, 3 emails until someone phoned me back, meeting last Monday, after sales man said he was going to see if he could get service book, phoned fri to speak to him no call back, I now own a car that is £1500 down on value because of not having service book, Peter Vardy knew there was no book because they serviced it before they sold me car, I am disgusted by they way I have been treated and if I don’t get my money back or credit note for every penny I have given you, I am going to the papers, social media, I have worked for Royal Mail for over 29 yrs and they employ over 150,000 people and we get a post office courier every month and there is a page on it for us to write a letter, as you can imagine if I do this I will be getting to a very lot of potential customers if nothing is done about this, that’s been 3 weeks I’ve been fighting with your company and it is a disgrace how you lot treat a normal person on a normal wage that has saved very hard to afford a decent car
Posted 2 years ago
Fantastic service from Kerry.
Nothing was too much trouble and finally got a new car.

Will recommend Kerry as a sales advisor.

Management were push and don't know when to stop.
The language I over heard is not good.

Thanks again.
Posted 2 years ago
Very slick sales service to make the sale. Worst after sales service I have ever come across in any company, in any sector. The car initially was mis-sold (sold as being service, yet no service taken place - Peter Vardy had no record of any service being carried out, even though I paid for it). Had to take time off work to get it back in to the garage for it's service and took literally weeks to get the service record from them. Numerous calls and all I got was "he will call you back". No one EVER called me back, not once (except for, ironically, James chasing me to complete this survey). Tried to get help from the live chat, they advised to contact Meghan in Glasgow, who is the Customer Services Manager dealing with complaints. I tried (15-03-19), unavailable but will definitely call you back - Meghan never did - still waiting on that call. So - I bought and picked up the car on 26-02-19 and FINALLY got my service record card 19-03-19. Looking at my phone history on mobile, I made a total of 31 calls to get this service schedule card). Of course, no service record available from when the car was new, but that's another story.
Having said all this - the sales part of the process (James) was excellent and the demo of the car very well carried out. Sales side first class, after-sales...very lacking.
Posted 2 years ago
Poor service, things missing from car, things forgotten about, not shown how to use any of the controls
Posted 2 years ago
My appointment to pick my car up was 6pm on the 28th of February. We weren’t seen until around 6:45, after going over all my finance etc, the girl went to go pull the car around for me, was gone for about 10 minutes, comes back and tells us the car is still being valeted,at 7:15pm. Wasn’t quite cleaned up to standards either with the edges of the inner windows still unclean, and I also now have a stain on the back seat from where it had been left soaking wet after the valet.
First of all we noticed the car had 2 missing centre caps on 2 wheels, the carpets in the passenger footwell was coming away, and the mirror in the passenger sun visor is smashed. No big deal, cheap enough to replace/fix, but that’s not the point.
The next day, I hear a high pitched squealing coming from the brakes, this was a sticky calliper. 2 days later, I started hearing a clunking noise from the front end. While I was driving back home, a part of the car broke off whilst I was driving. This turned out to be a broken spring, which had it broken in a different place, could potentially have hit my wheel and given me a blowout. Thankfully it didn’t, but it could’ve been way worse.
My dad phoned the CarStore on Monday the 4th March, told them exactly what was wrong with the car so they could order parts, and I got booked in at 10am on Friday the 8th, was promised the car would be done on the same day as I needed the car that weekend and they couldn’t offer a courtesy car until the following week I believe. During that week I also discovered the drivers side window switch kept getting stuck when I was trying to put my window up, not the most convenient.
Shortly after I dropped the car off on the 8th, I got a text promising I’d hear from them by 4pm AT THE VERY LATEST. It gets to a bit after half 4, and I still haven’t heard anything. Then my dad gets a call from them, basically all they’d done that day was look at the car, see it has a broken spring, and ordered the part which would be there the following day. Yes, we know it has a broken spring, we told you that 4 days previous so the parts could be ordered! As I needed the car that weekend, I had to take it back home and bring it back in on Monday the 11th.
On that Monday, they replaced the spring, the brake pads, and decided to put a new tyre on the front as they weren’t happy with it.. should that not have been picked up on when the car was being MOT’d and serviced?.. When I picked the car up, I was told they’d order a new sun visor to replace the one with the smashed mirror, and they’d get someone to come along and fit it for me, and have a look at the drivers side window switch at the same time.
2 weeks pass, and I’ve heard nothing from them regarding the sun visor, so I try phoning them multiple times the next week, each time I’m told “we’ll get someone to give you a phone back!” Yep, heard that before. After chasing them up about it, I finally get through to someone telling me it’s on a 7-10 day delivery and it’ll be here mid-week the following week, which was the week beginning the 1st of April. At this point, I’ve had the car for a month and I’m still dealing with getting bits fixed. During this week, I started hearing a knocking noise with my brakes, so went up to the garage on Wednesday the 3rd April, the woman I spoke to told me to bring it back in at 10am on Saturday the 6th, and it won’t take long to have someone look at it. When I get there on the Saturday, they have absolutely no record of my appointment, and I was left sitting there for two hours with multiple members of staff walking past me, seeing me getting more and more agitated, and it took almost a full 2 hours before anybody stopped to ask if I was ok and if I’d like a tea or coffee. 2 hours! GREAT customer service right there. What they did in this time was take the brakes apart, grease them up and tighten them up as the noise I was hearing was them rattling about. While I was there I inquired again about the sun visor, I’m told they’ll give me a phone on Monday the 8th when they discover the whereabouts of the visor. Guess who still hasn’t heard from them? A few days pass with seemingly no problems with the brakes, until.. the dreaded knocking noise returns! Aaand this is where we currently are, no available appointments until the 3rd of May, just over 6 weeks since I got the car, still no word on the sun visor, still a sticky window switch, and still brakes that are rattling around, most likely because they haven’t used genuine Ford brake pads
Posted 2 years ago
Bought a new car from Peter vardy Dundee. Left the store at 6.30pm, driving home on the dual carriageway 2 hours later after visiting a friend. Got pulled over by the police because I didn’t have any tail lights working. Peter vardy is meant to check every car they sell, making sure each car is road legal. They clearly don’t do that. I was told they would fix the tire pressure dashboard light problem, on the day of pick up the light was still on the dashboard. The female told me they reset it, she also said if I drive the car 20-30 miles, the reset process with complete it’s configuration and the light would go off. The light is still on. Peter vardy provided me with 2 car keys but sadly, only 1 works. The day after I picked up the car, I returned to Peter vardy Dundee and I gave them the keys back. I told them I wanted a refund but if so many things have showed up wrong within 24 hours, I couldn’t imagine what would show up within the period of my car finance. Peter vardy Dundee refused to issue a refund and they refused to take the car.
Posted 2 years ago
We purchased a vehicle on Saturday 12th January 2019, The sale person was great but after this the after sales and service department are a joke. On the test drive a fault appeared on the dash board, was told this would be no problems the car would have to go via the technicians prior to collection. On Tuesday my wife received a call saying the vehicle was ready to collect and all the faults had been rectified. However my wife collected the car and only managed to get to the end of the road when the same faults appeared on the dash along with the engine management light. she returned the vehicle straight away and we have been calling ever since to see what is happening but not receiving any calls back ( very poor customer service).
Posted 2 years ago
Customer service is terrible. Phoned to check my car was ready before heading to collect it. Was told it was, got there to discover they had not changed the 2 brand new tyres to the front. Instead they were still on one front and one at the back. No mechanic there to change them round. As I drove 60 miles to collect my car I decided to get them changed round myself at home. I was about to leave when I noticed that the check sheet left on the dash stated the car needed to go to Nissan as there is a fault with Sat nav. PV management agreed to collect the car, take it to Nissan and bring it back. I've spent 3 weeks trying to get this done. Now going to take it to Nissan myself but need PV to phone Nissan and discuss replacing a sim card. 30 days later still waiting!
Posted 2 years ago
The sales rep who I arranged the test drive with wasn't there when I arrived. I ended up having to repeat the same story to several sales reps. I was surprised to be told of the £99 admin fee and £20 fuel fee that was on top of the advertised price of the car. This needs to be clearly advertised so you know what you will pay at point of sale. The trade in price was very low. The whole process took far too long. No notes were taken as to what works would be carried out prior to the sale. It took three weeks for it all to be completed.
Posted 2 years ago
1. car i had an appointment to test drive, in parts being painted.
2. next car i wanted to see, no fuel, waited for salesman to get fuel and still wouldnt start,
3, third attempt at a test drive and some one took home the battery jumpstart kit so no go there,
4, finance paper work "misplaced", after being concerned with that i found a new way to pay that was more cost effective and the "apology" offer was retracted as I was not going to use there company.
5, receptionist claimed sales person buys, not even there that day
6, at pick up car not full of fuel as promised and had to meet a guy at station to have filled
7, mats not in when car was to be picked up so again had to arrange for them to be picked up separate.
basically a really very BAD shopping experience, only saving grace was sales person Kerry, if not for him I certainly would not have gone through with sale, that and I really needed to get a new car before busy season at work when I wouldnt be able to do so.
Posted 2 years ago
Your car store is a JOKE .the car i got is a complete mess inside and out going to book it in to Ford to find out .if the engine is the same.please stay well clear of this dealership.
Posted 2 years ago
I spent over £15,000 on a car from the Dundee store, I noticed before I bought it that it had a few issues with it, ie broken plastic panels, reflector light, sat nav not working etc, I agreed only to buy the car if the issues were fixed, the deal was made, I received a call 2 days later to say my car was ready. When I went to collect it I noticed that not 1 thing had been fixed. I took the car as they promised to have all the issues fixed within the next week, once I got the car home I noticed a total of 16 faults, this included safety issues. To cut a long story short I have had the car for a total of 3 weeks out of the past 9 weeks, I went to collect it today to be told it has another fault and some of the others were still to be fixed.
Posted 2 years ago
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