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About Boots: Buy health and beauty products online from the UKs most popular chemist, Boots. Find pharmacy services, prescriptions, baby, diet, fitness, hair products and perfume. Check out the huge selection of our online products, the number one store the UKs.

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How quickly does Boots resolve customer queries?

Greater than 50% of reviewers feedback is Boots resolves customer queries within an hour.
Industry Average
" It's not very often i have come across someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about the products and also have great customer service skills. "
- Emily
" I had excellent service from Chloe in the Motherwell shop on Friday the 2nd of August. I was looking for new perfume. She spent a lot of time with me and I was delighted with what I chose in the end. I would definitely go back to Boots in Motherwell when buying perfume again "
- Anonymous
" I had an item missing from my order- and had the dread of having to call up and sort it out. I could have not had a more pleasent and plain-sailing phone call to sort out the order. No longer than 5 minutes I was on the phone and i received the missing item the next day. Excellent service. "
- Millie C