Boots Reviews

2.98 Rating 1,184 Reviews
Happiness Grade

Boots have a Customer Happiness Grade of D. Customers love their prices but are unhappy with their refunds.


Price - Excellent

Industry Average
Very happy with the price reductions on the purchases I made and happy with the pleasant and helpful assistant.However not so happy with the lack of large paper bags for my purchases Had to buy several small bags 7p each .Unbelievable that especially at this busy time of the year when people will be buying more than usual purchases there would be a lack of the large size of bags for these. Seems like bad management.
- Anonymous
Happy with the price reduction on purchases.
- Wendy
Spent £200 a bit pricey but it was worth it Brilliant afternoon.
- Bev Hil

Delivery - Average

Industry Average
Would of given 0 stars because the site is misleading people that delivery is free but you still got charged for it! Tried to talk to them rationally stating that their website is misleading people but got no answer! Thanks Boots for losing a customer lol
- Cosmin Florin Marin
My delivery arrived and I was ecstatic till upon arrival there were a few items missing so then I got straight on the phone to Boots.
- Anonymous
Service was so good when they put a charge of £55 for the year for delivery I went along with it especially as I'm disabled and couldn't make alternative arrangements.
- Anonymous

Refunds - Difficult

Industry Average
Today I was told I wouldn’t be receiving a refund since it was rejected on the 19/02/20.
- Anonymous
Today I went to the store expecting my refund and collect my parcel that I ordered online yesterday.
- Anonymous
To summarize, the delivery address was never confirmed to me when I placed the order, and there is no option available to cancel the order or amend the delivery address what so ever after the order was placed, and my refund request has been objected when I do not receive my order, basically I have not been offerred any solution at all after the order was placed, nobody has even tried as far as I am concered.
- May
Industry Average
I am sorry to say that your staff at Kingsland Dalston pharmacy section needs serious training to improve their services...staff behaviour should be polite and approachable .... anyhow, I will not go to the store anymore. Good bye.
- Anonymous
Online order would not accept payment. Tried phoning but no reply after very long waits. Very poor service- constant referring to website which cannot answer my problem.
- Martin
Disappointingly poor customer service all round.
- Julia