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About Blessed CBD:

At Blessed CBD, we’re passionate about helping people in the UK lead healthier and happier lives. We’re a small family-run business on a mission to provide our customers with the very best CBD oil.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for how much your products have helped with my anxiety & sleeping over the last few months. I started suffering from anxiety & insomnia back in January, which I have never experienced before and was very difficult - I was very against trying the normal anti-anxiety medication prescribed by my GP given all the side effects you hear about. I decided to try CBD oil from a high-street chain initially; and had some success, which is what led me to research more and find your website and products which have undoubtedly helped further. I can only thank you and your team for the speedy delivery, even during a global pandemic which has meant my sleep and anxiety has not been hindered at all - amazing!
I would like to thank you all at Blessed
for your absolutely fantastic product
I have tried over ten different hemp oil
ones of all strengths(not very good)
I have now used your product for less than a week.And the difference In my well-being plus my sleeping of which I have had difficulty with for a long time My anxiey and sleep has already improved drastically for the better.
I have recommended a few of my friends to Blessed who I'm sure will also benefit
On top of all that the service,advice
Plus the super fast delivery.THANK.YOU ALL AT BLESSED.
Just a quick message to let you know how much of a difference your product has made during these difficult times. I was very impressed by the faster than fast delivery on my first order. It was the 500mg, now I can’t wait to try the popular 1000mg. I suffer with PTSD after an incident a couple of years ago and your product has made a great difference to my sleep and overall mental health, despite whats going on in the world right now. Shame it goes quite fast! Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.
Having only recently tried this product I was surprised at what a difference it has made to my wellbeing in such as short period of time. I purchased this product after suffering with chronic pain for many years. Blessed CBD has helped with lessening the extent to which I feel it and has helped with my mental health more than I thought it would. This is a product I have and will continue to recommend.
CBD is something as a product has interested me for a while. Looking for the right brand was challenging and I read the reviews and saw blessed CBD is one of the best at what they do. I have their 500 mg bottle a go and it has helped a lot. It has definitely helped with the physical symptoms of anxiety and helped a lot with my sleep.

I am so so grateful to have been introduced to Blessed CBD. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and many more health issues. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia almost 4 years ago. I kept getting prescribed all sort of medicines from anti depressants and sleeping pills to very strong pain killers and muscle relaxants.

Unfortunately Nothing worked and all I was experiencing was side affects which eventually made the situation worse. I started taking Blessed CBD roughly a couple of months ago after my sons finally convinced me and the results left me very pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, the pain from my Fibromyalgia has been extremely relieved which is massive for me, along with that I’ve noticed when taking the oil before bed, it helps me to have a restful sleep too. I recommend CBD oil and Blessed’s products, they have helped me dramatically!
I've been suffering from anxiety for about 2 years now, and for those who don't know what it feels like, it's like having adrenaline pump through your body non-stop. Your heart beats fast, your stomach feels tight, and the slightest push feels like it can send you over the edge. I've been using Blessed CBD for several months now, and can say that it's absolutely worked wonders for my anxiety. The feeling is still there, but it's come down dramatically from what it used to be. It took a few days to find the right dosage and dosing time (for me, it works best if I take half the recommended dose right before bed, and another drop or two in the morning after breakfast).

In addition, huge HUGE fan of the customer service. My last order was stolen and they were able to help me replace it right away without any hassle at all. They were super friendly every step of the way, and I definitely felt valued as a customer. 10/10 would recommend.

After trying various CBD oils i came across this brand called Blessed. I found it to be the most potent and effective yet to date. I purchased the middle strength bottle which has helped me endlessly with pain and anxiety. Look no further if you want to find a genuine and effective oil, they are a great family based team who also offer the personal touch and aftercare.
Hi Sarah

I Hope you and your family are all safe and well. Please stay healthy in these traumatic and horrific times. Hope your business is thriving. I know I certainly need my Blessed CBD especially in these stressful times!!

Many thanks again for your kindness and excellent customer service.

Blessed CBD CARES about its customers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Well deserved Every good wish to all our team.
To the Blessed team.

I just wanted to thank you for creating your CBD oil, I have suffered with arthritis and anxiety for many years and tried all kinds of prescription and herbal remedies with limited success until I discovered CBD oil. I initially bought a different brand from the high street and saw a slight improvement in my symptoms especially my Arthritis pain. It was enough to make me actually research the available products and that process led me to you. I was sceptical (despite reviews) that your product would make that much difference to the shop bought equivalent but I thought it was worth a try as a one off. I was really shocked at what a difference your oil actually made not only with my arthritis but I have never slept so well! Amidst all the chaos at the moment I actually ran out last week and immediately saw a difference in my pain levels so more proof of how beneficial it has been. In short I have been converted and hope I never have to go without it again!
So thank you for making something that has provided a little less suffering for me and I’ve no doubt lots of other people. What a fantastic product...I just hope my next bottle arrives soon!!

Best wishes, stay safe

Hi there

Just wanted to say I found the CBD oil really beneficial. I suffer from anxiety and I find the oil has helped massively. Took time to get the right dosage. I've finished a bottle and going to order another now.

Thank you
Were do I start ..

The idea of using another company after i did my research out of the uk was not necessary as I looked into uk companies just your self stood out reviews , putting lab reports up , and just your vision was enough to give you guys a go.....

...well I am not disappointed I've struggled like most people with stress, anxiety, sleep issues , anger issues and general mood swings on day 1

I honestly felt a release of some sort that night I slept the best in a long time , day 2, morning dosage give me a overwhelming feeling until 3pm ish then I took a small dose 1.5 hrs before bed and this works perfectly for me...

Please keep up the fantastic work, and please keep the same morals and dont let slip like others ..👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the product, so much that i reordered! I've tried a few different oils from different manufacturers but it is yours that i seem to have responded to.

I have peripheral neuropathy ongoing for the past 15 years and as it became gradually more debilitating was seeking alternatives to the usual Gabapentin / Lyrica etc..and if anyone suffers from this uncomfortable and utterly miserable problem they will understand that any type of relief is extremely welcoming....
I researched CBD and was very sceptical about its use, even speaking to my GP... However was willing to try it, initially buying from you 1000mg about a month ago and am just coming to the last drops so bought 1800mg, Your product has changed my life enormously making the constant nerve pain I suffer daily in my feet so much more manageable, and for that I cannot thank you enough. The relief far out-ways the initial taste, but stick with it.

i will spread the word of blessed cbd oil all over cornwall and also when i visit with my family in northern ireland
people are asking me today when i visited the supermarket, what are you taking you look so well and i tell them cbd oil from blessed!

so i,m doing my bit for you ! lol
i am so well since i started taking the cbd oil , and i will now order the 1800 one which will be so good for me!

keep well
Hi there,

My name is Jenessa and I use BlessedCBD oil. It has helped me live a more fulfilling life. Thanks in advance for your hard work.

With Kind Regards,
In this time of anxiety I turned to CBD oil for its beneficial health effects. I tried various other brands over the past couple of years for osteoarthritis but none seemed to help much. Nor did these brands help with anxiety in the first week of Covid-19 lock down when the whole world economy was in free fall. I looked for the best brand of CBD oil and Blessed CBD came top of the more balanced reviews. It is quite unlike the cheaper and inferior products on the market and has a marked beneficial effect once you get the dosage right. The explanatory booklet that came with the oil is very informative and should not be ignored in the same way most of us try out new products!
Your product has made such a difference in my life. I almost never write reviews but for this I had to. I started using it in January to manage anxiety and within a couple of weeks I started to see a real difference. Now it also helps with sleep - I've upped my daily dose to 10 drops of the 1000mg at night, and I am finally getting deep, long sleep. Thanks for staying open during this time, and for the next-day delivery. Be safe, stay well and God bless. -Sonia
Hi there I have been using your 1000mg cbd oil and what wonderful stuff!!!!! I suffer from general and social anxiety disorder and depression and this is the first thing in over 10 years that has helped so a big thank you to you all for selling such a great product!!
I didn’t want to post on the board as my anxiety is a private matter however, I have been suffering very badly from anxiety for nearly 15 years. It hit me like a train from nowhere and basically ruined my life – big statement and true.

I don’t want to count my chickens but I have gone two days without anti-anxiety medications - 2 days might sound like nothing for a lot of people but trust me this is massive for my life.

Only 2 days I know but WOW, what the hell is this this stuff – if this continues this will have helped me in ways you could not imagine.
Blessed CBD is rated 4.80 based on 297 reviews