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About Blessed CBD:

At Blessed CBD, we’re passionate about helping people in the UK lead healthier and happier lives. We’re a small family-run business on a mission to provide our customers with the very best CBD oil.

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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I have been using your product for the last two weeks mostly for anxiety and sleep difficulties. I carefully researched the appropriate dosage for me and built it up so that I feel I am at the right dose for me. This product has been amazing. Within half an hour or so of taking it my anxious thoughts decreased and when taken a hour before bedtime it has enabled me to drop off to sleep straight away and stay asleep. Thank you so much for a great product and your very attentive customer service! I shall be repurchasing in the future.
I have been using the premium cbd oil for 3 weeks. I suffer from costrocondritis. I’ve had it For a little more than a year now. I have tried loads of other pain relief methods to no avail, so I bought the premium oil and was not disappointed. The pain is not completely away but is so much more manageable and I’m also less anxious about the pain. Win win!
A big thanks to the Blessed CBD company. Not only are you the best website in the service you provide (purchasing and shipping your products) You high quality potency oils have changed my life. My anxiety was debilitating and this have given me a new lease of life. You have a customer for life!
I have been using the 500mg now for a couple of weeks and have noticed a vast improvement in my focus and energy levels,I can honestly say I have never been a morning person but now I am up early walking my dog before work in the best mood ever my partner can't believe the change,I have also had an improvement with my arthritis and insomnia I have slept right through the night since taking the oil. Now for the shocker I have been using this on my dog ..please note Sarah at blessed has not recommended this as their product is not for animal use akita has fear aggression and has severe anxiety she also has has ACL surgery to both legs and spends her days suffering with joint paint , I have been giving her 3 drops a day and she is a lot calmer and more relaxed and she is now on two 40 min walks per day where before she could only manage 10 mins she also had acid reflux every morning and was sick now this has stopped so this is proof enough for me personally how good this product is so thank you!
Our son has a back problem, he's had an operation where wires were attached to his spine and he has a Control Box where different pulses can be arranged on different wavelengths (TENS) machine type but where the probes are inside the body, quite an expensive operation. The Control Box can be programmed to produce different intensity of pulse and different phases, quite complex and takes time to experience the different programmes, which can be reprogrammed to produce even more programmes. He had also been made redundant recently and was going through a "bad patch". Stress doesn't help when you have back pain.

His Mum and I thought if we could reduce his stress, his back pain would reduce.

He's a Computer/Programmer/Analyst and use to stress but the back pain and strong tablets and redundancy really got to him. We asked him to try your CBD oil after reading a report in a newspaper. I am glad to report that he has had good results since in the short time of using the oil and has been able to reduce the pain killing tablets he was taking, lost weight, talking and feeling much better, reduced the original amount of CBD oil, we are now crossing our fingers for the remaining goal of getting work.

We are so impressed with his improvement, my wife has ordered CBD oil to help with her back problems.

Thank you Blessed
V Thank you for sending your CBD stuff to me. It has changed my Dads life. I told you my Dad has been suffering from sjogren's disease for over a year now and he's also a recovering alcoholic. Not the best combination. Both are very painful diseases which causes inflamed joints, chronic breathing problems, anxiety, brain fog, and a constant poor mood. The doctors have refused to grant permission for my Dad to go back to the job he loves but yet the medication they provide do not work at all. Using your CBD stuff has changed my Dads life. I was confused if its a placebo but I haven't seen my Dad function this well in over a year so I am convinced its the CBD. Thank you V.
I cannot tell you how much this product has changed my life since using it. I decided to go for the maximum strength due to suffering from high anxiety and panic attacks. After the first use, I noticed a difference straight away. It eased the horrible symptoms away and gave me almost an overall calming feel. I wasn’t expecting for the effect to be so immediate and work as well as this. To be honest I’ve been blown away. It’s my little angel in a bottle right now. I have even got some of my friends to try who suffer with similar symptoms and some who suffer with insomnia. They reported the same. My sister in law never sleeps more than 4 hours and on her first night of trying it, she had the best night sleep in years! Not only is this product the best out there, the customer service is amazing. I had a slight issue with the bottle and contacted Sarah. She sorted my issue within an hour and replaced the product to arrive the next day! No quibbles! Who does that nowadays! I cannot recommend this product or company enough. If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would give it 10! Believe me when I say, this product could change your life. I’m so happy 😊
I’ve started to noice a difference 😊 I think I just had to give it time. I’m no where near in as much pain. Also I needed to hold the drops a lot longer, I was only doing it for 60 seconds. Thank you so much
You will see I’ve just ordered my second bottle of 1800mg CBD oil and I wanted to provide you with some very positive feedback.
I suffer from relapsing/remitting MS and have been taking alternative medicine and made changes to my diet which I swear by, however my CBD experience has transported me to whole different level of wellbeing (just to note - I’m also going through the menopause🥴)
So, since taking 2 drops in morning and 2 drops an hour before bed, I have experienced the following:
- hot flushes almost disappeared
- Palpitations gone (caused by hormonal changes)
- sleep has improved tenfold
- huge decrease in nerve pain/ sensory MS symptoms
- I feel much less anxious and happier (not that I was miserable before though but the other half has clarified this😀)
- my energy levels have gone through the roof (fatigue was my main MS symptom) I’m hitting at least 8k-10k steps a day. This includes a 30 minute work out as soon as I get out of bed!! Every morning!! (well after I feed my birds, 8 resident squirrels and 1 hedgehog 😀)
Oh and I’m much more focussed, motivated at work and have a noted improvement to my memory. (although I forgot this in my first email ha ha)
Thanks so much for this quality product Blessed - as far as I’m concerned anything which makes me feel this good is priceless!!
Carolyn x
***** 5 Stars for Blessed both for the Product, Process’s and Attention.
Having tried other “High Standard” CBD Oils, Blessed’s 1000mg really does do what anyone could/would expect from an Oil.
Suffering from Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia my pain levels were very high daily and there was no relief, having tried other oils with minimal effect I was getting very despondent with the claims in the media of how effective CBD Oils are and in fact considered giving up on taking anything else other than the numerous prescription medications for my conditions.
Now having received Blessed’s 1000mg Oil and taking it for only 2 weeks, I have had a significant reduction in pain and am now considering going to the 1800mg to see if I can reduce it even further, hopefully bringing back some near normality into my life.
Anyone with these conditions or any other pain related issue will know what it is like to live with constant pain and fatigue and I can only say Blessed’s CBD Oil is a fantastic product and works really well for me and I would encourage anyone needing something to assist with their daily life then not to hesitate in trying these fantastic CBD products from Blessed.
It is also great that this is a UK Company, home grown talent, producing what it says with no fanfare or cheap marketing and just letting the products speak for themselves
I cannot thank you enough.
I purchased the 500mg CBD oil and it has helped to no end with my anxiety and sleep issues. I had tried many different self-help methods before and I only wish that I had come across this earlier. It's made me feel like I can take back control of my life. My mood has improved and when I go to bed I'm no longer having a dozen different thoughts bouncing around my head. I urge anyone who has issues with anxiety to give this a try. The service is also incredible and I've never felt more looked after as a customer. Thanks again Blessed CBD, I wish I could explain just how much you have helped me.
i have never bought from such committed and kind company before. i bought the 500 and have had a lot of promising things happening when my husband and i took a couple of drops morning and night. my wrist pain is getting better, my fybramylosis is not so bad, and my panic and anxiety are less.

to conclude i have just bought the 1000 and hope for even better things. we are gonna be using the cbd cream this week and will report back on its progress for my husband on his penphifoid boulous which is an extremely rare skin rash and he is in total angony and on high doses of steriods which give him terrible side effects, so lets hope the cream helps him - thanks so much sarah, you,re uch a caring company and many thanks for the cream xx
We have received the 500mg cbd oil and it is fantastic, and we will be upgrading to 1000 then 1800 it has helped my husband and myself with our anxiety, hip pain and my fybromylgia! and also our sleeping problems and just gives one a well feeling, which is fantastic , almost like being in a spa for the day !! you are such a lovely and caring empathetic company and we look forward to buying from you for some time!
Thank you so much, I’m really grateful. I’ve had 3 doses of your oil now and I really cannot believe the quality of it! I’m taking it for an inflammatory bowel disease and I have horrendous allergies, plus hip replacements (I’m only 34!) I’ve found cbd oil to work well in the past but it was so much more expensive and definitely of poorer quality from the previous company I purchased with. I’m really hoping I’m going to see some big health improvements due to the quality of your oil. So glad I discovered your company!
Hi Sarah and family I would like to tell you my personal experience with Blessed CBD I suffer from MS Sleep disorder and arthritis I had heard about CBD and did some research on the net I After a lot of searching I decided to purchase the 500mg After using it for a few days I noticed an improvement in my sleep pattern and on wakingI felt more alive and refreshed My pain levels did decrease a little I have ordered the1000mg and I am eagerly waiting delivery fingers crossed it will work it’s magic I will let you know how I get on in the next week or so Well done Blessed CBD many other companies would do well to emulate you Best Wishes to all the team love Gill
I have been purchasing your products since December and I must admit the are wonderful and would like to commend you on your service. I think your product is top notch and it is really helping me with my anxiety at the moment.
Hi, I have been using the 1800mg CBD oil for anxiety and it has literally worked wonders for me! I highly recommend trying this oil because it really does work! Many thanks.
Just wanted to give you some personal feedback.

My mother in law started using your CBD cream for some back pain she's been struggling with for years.

We tricked her and didn't say anything about CBD.

She called us just now and told us it stopped the day she started using the cream. You have yourself a customer for life now 😊
After trying probably 10 different brands of cbd i come across blessed, i ordered the 1000mg, its by far the best cbd ive used. I work in construction, helps with aches and pains, also been sleeping better. Chuffed with this product.
I purchased the CBD oil 1000mg and have been using it for about a week. I definitely notice a difference when using this product. Its like the absence of the anxious feelings/thoughts. I was worried it would make me tired but not at all. My sleep quality has improved the last few nights and I expect that to continue. I have never tried another brand so I can’t compare but I felt confident based on other reviews and their customer service which is GREAT. I had a few questions and got lengthy thorough responses within a few hours. Right now I’m taking 2 drops in the morning and 2 at night, adjusting if needed if I’m feeling more or less anxious. The taste isn’t amazing but it goes away quickly and you don’t taste it while it’s under your tongue. If you have any questions or hesitations definitely message them!
Blessed CBD is rated 4.77 based on 244 reviews