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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Very rude owner, faulty product, worst business ethics and customer service.
Posted 3 months ago
Good afternoon Following our communication via phone and email i would like to clarify a few things one last time . Baby Iconic Studio is a Family Run Business fully Operational and Professional adhering and governed by High Standards of Customer Service and a strong will to always do right by our customers . I started this Business from nothing and we keep making it grow stronger day by day by respecting our customer’s making sure we do everything by the book and by helping our customers in the right way if problems arise . Our promise to our customers is that if and when things go wrong we will make sure to resolve them in the right way , by adhering to high standards of not only fairness and impartiality but also compassion and human understanding . When i started this Business i made a vow that in BABY ICONIC we will not be tolerating abuse or coercive behaviour by any customer for any reason and that no one , my staff of I will be subjected to any such behaviour , it is simply not acceptable and we will not hesitate to ban any customer who does not respect this . I ended the call with you this morning because you were yelling at me with an inexcusable loud voice , did not allow me to spell half a sentence and started becoming aggressive in a very uncivilised manner quite out of control . I am sorry if me ending this call hurt your feelings or if you feel entitled to speak to people in Customer Service as if they are nothing but obliged to accept this behaviour , however you abusing me over the phone is simply NOT OK . As mentioned to you and as generally mentioned on our Official Policy for Returns or Potentially Defective Items on our website if an item you or any customer receives is defective we require customers to contact us and we do offer a free returns label to have the item back to our premises . Upon receipt of the item we provide a full refund to our customers . In your case there is absolutely no visible sign of defect such as ( tears , holes , ripped stitches , dropped stitches , bobbles or anything else that can deem an item as defective ) that you can visibly show us other than a notion that the cardigans might be small for your baby when it is old enough to wear them . You insist that the cardigans that you received are actually made small to size that even though they are sized as 3-6 size they don’t fit your son who is only eight weeks old and as such they should be deemed defective . You move forward to support that claim by comparing the cardigans with another cardigan or a top that you have currently in your possession by another retailer and feel that you are absolutely right in that claim . However that isn’t right or the way to judge and determine whether any clothing runs small , true to size or large . As i have tried explaining to you on multiple occasions today , we feel that these cardigans are absolutely true to size as we have sold dozens of these over the past few months and we did not have a single complaint about their sizing from any of the parents that bought them , they are in fact a best seller and we will be restocking them again in August . Furthermore we always measure and test all clothing before listing them on our website and these were found upon measuring and testing to be true to size from day one , finally we also reserve the right to allege that actually you might be comparing these cardigans with other clothing that aren’t true to size themselves or even suitable for comparison reasons and ending up having the wrong impression . Despite of everything and wanting to keep an open mind and put our faith into our customer i have asked of you to send the cardigans back so that we can inspect them , measure them compare them with at least another 10 cardigans of the 3-6 sizing to make sure we are being fair , to check all details and to see if there indeed an issue by finally having them worn by an actual five month old baby that models for us on a regular basis , which will absolutely give us an extra indication to determine whether they run indeed small as you claim . I have informed you that if we end up determining after we have done all this comparisons and measurements that the specific two cardigans you bought are running small we will be more than happy to provide you with a full refund and of course cover the postage fees to return these to us . However if we end up finding that the cardigans are actually true to size , adhere to the baby fashion industry dimensions for 3-6 sizing for baby knitted cardies which we suspect they will and also fit properly onto our 5month old baby we will not be determining the cardigans as running small and as a result of this we will only be refunding you with the value of the items and not the postage fees . I mentioned to you that we will be absolutely fair impartial and transparent and we will share all these findings with you . You did not like that and i genuinely don’t understand why . If you are so convinced that these cardigans are small and as such should be deemed defective you should actually feel good that we are happy to go to such extreme length to inspect , measure investigate and test the products in order to get an accurate and fair result both for you and ourselves . However you refused to return these items to us upon hearing that we would actually investigate to truly verify if they were indeed running small . I could be wrong but it feels to me that you wanted to force us to accept blindly that our items are defective without wanting us to inspect them or investigate the matter further .. So i am not sure what to make of that other than to think you really don't want us to measure and test the products as you already are aware that we will find there is nothing wrong with them . Finally you mentioned at some point that you want us to give you money for delaying the delivery of your items ( I could be wrong but this feels a bit cheeky ) .. again .. as stated on our Policy we aim to process all orders on the same day if the order has been placed before 11.59 am however that isn’t always possible and on busy periods this might take longer as we might have to process a great deal number of orders . We are going through a global pandemic and are experiencing a general national emergency , we operate under limited capacity as we need to make sure that we adhere to social distancing in our warehouse at the same time that online shopping is experiencing an extreme increase in demand and these are those ‘’busier periods’’ that we refer on our Policy . You placed your order Sunday at 17:23 pm , this order normally would have been shipped on Monday and delivered to you on Wednesday ( as mentioned on our Policy we do not ship orders on Saturdays or Sundays ) due to high demand and those busier periods we are mentioning on our Policy your order shipped out on Tuesday and you received it on Thursday .. So i am deeply sorry again but we felt that we don't have to pay you compensation money for operating accordingly our full legal timeframe and having your order to you within 72 hours! Thats actually faster than most companies in the UK .. To sum this up i would like to let you know that our final response to your expression of concern and dissatisfaction has been addressed properly and in full compliance with our legal responsibilities towards you . We have invited you again and again to send the products back but it seems that all you expect of us is to blindly agree with you , hand over money and NOT investigate your claim of our products running small as you won't return them . I would like to remind you one last time that you now have 26 days to to send the cardigans back and choose to trust that we will investigate thoroughly and keep our process clear and transparent . If the cardigans are found to be small we will deem them defective and offer you a full refund if not we will simply refund the items themselves but not any postage fees . I hope our response finds you well and reminds you with one last time that we do put our customers at the heart of what we do , and we always do our best to accommodate our customers requests in the right way . We are honest professional people at Baby Iconic but we cant solve any possible problems if you don't want us to do so and we aren't providing refunds for items that aren't returned to us . From all of us at Baby Iconic Studio , the best of luck on your future endeavours Sofia Nina Sutherland Founder & Managing Director BABY ICONIC STUDIO
Posted 3 months ago
After being notified via email that the item had come back in stock , i purchased this item straight away, only to be informed the following day that the item was no longer available
Posted 4 months ago
Hi there Sandra , i am really saddened , regretful and very sorry that you feel our family run business deserves such a negative feedback . As we explained to you on our email we had to fully refund your order and would not be able to ship your item due to the fact that by the time your order was actually fully paid and reached us someone else had bought that very last pair of booties that was in your basket . Unfortunately no items are reserved or secured in any way while being in a customer's basket .The time delay on your payment provider's part while processing the payment lead to someone else managing to buy that last pair before you . As also mentioned in our email we understand this can be frustrating and we are happy to accommodate you and reserve a pair for you on the desired size once these are restocked in a few weeks . Our customer's truly mean the world to us and we do go our of our way to make everything we can to keep you happy . I genuinely hope that since you have been a long time customer you will consider us giving us another chance and revise your feedback in the future . Have a lovely day and Stay Safe Sofia S. Baby Iconic Team Delete
Posted 4 months ago
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