Animed Direct Q&A

30% of reviewers recommend Animed Direct

How quickly does Animed Direct resolve customer queries?

Greater than 33% of reviewers feedback is Animed Direct takes over a week to resolve customer queries.
Industry Average
" I ordered Panacur worming paste for my kitten from Animed. After lots of online searches, Animed was the cheapest seller. I received my item within a couple of days and it was well packaged. I have used this company before and am always pleased with the service so I would recommend this seller. "
- Susan Caygill
" Animed Direct often have the best prices, they usually have stock , but the real value is in their excellent service. The website is clear and the delivery is totally reliable. Excellent company. "
- Steven Totterdell
" When I made a mistake with my order, a quick phone call corrected it. Super service. "
- Jenna Griffiths