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Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 27th December 2020
Pavithra Rukmani
Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 27th December 2020
Pavithra Rukmani
Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 27th December 2020
Pavithra Rukmani
Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 27th December 2020
Pavithra Rukmani
Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 27th December 2020
Pavithra Rukmani
Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 27th December 2020
Pavithra Rukmani
Academy Of Freelance Makeup 5 star review on 27th December 2020
Pavithra Rukmani
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The opportunities offered to students both during the course and after are completely unique to AOFM. By getting to learn from different artists who are currently working in the field, AOFM grants students the chance to explore varying techniques, approaches and mediums without fear of "doing something wrong." One of the most appealing aspects of the school was the repetition of the phrase "there is no right way to do makeup." As an individual who believes creativity should never have a cap, this was something that encouraged me as an artist. In addition to all that was done during the course, AOFM's aftercare and master classes are a huge bonus that few schools can rival. One of the best perks (and as far as I'm concerned exclusive to AOFM), is the opportunity to work fashion weeks all over the globe. I have personally worked backstage at New York Fashion Week on the AOFM team and have found it to be rewarding in experience and a great chance to network with models, stylists, etc. Also, being able to work with people you know and trust to help achieve a vision is reward enough. As a past and pleased student, AOFM would definitely be the first place I direct any prospective or seasoned makeup artist who is looking for a well-rounded and unbiased teaching.
Posted 4 years ago
AOFM really goes an extra mile for their students and graduates!
This school offers an amazing opportunity to study and work with highly professional, industry recognised makeup artists. AOFM creates a real life industry environment and techniques I have learned at this school can be defenetly applied to day to day work. The course is intense and many people asked me if that was worth the money you pay for a 4 week course. Well, I can say with all the confidence that every second of the training is a valuable experience. Everything I learned there is helping me through my career - practical skills, theory, discipline, product knowledge, ethics etc. Of course there's so much more to learn, however AOFM offered me a first hand aftercare and a range of a high quality master classes as well as an amazing work opportunities. I haven't doubted a second choosing this school and the experience I gained was beyond my expectations. Since I finished my course last year, I was lucky enough to work backstage as a part of AOFM team at London and Milan fashion weeks and other exciting projects, which gave me an Indepth knowledge of the industry, an opportunity to network with other industry professionals and a great deal of confidence And fulfilment
Posted 4 years ago
Hands on Knowledgeable teachers in a fun and exciting learning environment with amazing once in a lifetime opportunities.
Posted 4 years ago
I attended the Academy Of Freelance Makeup at their Soho school in London in December 2014, completing the "Total Pro" Course.

The 4 week course sets you up brilliantly for a career in the makeup artist/hair stylist industry, starting with great coverage of basic makeup application (foundation, brows, contouring etc) all the way up to full creative makeup, body painting and hair styling. You will leave with a full set of skills ready for building a portfolio. AOFM also gives great insight and excellent advice on what life will be like after graduating, and that hard work plus the skills learnt are going to put you in good stead for a successful career.

The aftercare is second to none, Including a great range of brand masterclasses for graduates (with the Urban Decay and Chanel evenings being firm favourites of mine so far!). I have been to Milan Fashion Week 3 times, along side other European countries with the school, with New York next on my list! This as well as working at London Fashion weeks regularly for both the Men's and Women's shows thanks to AOFM.

After having been taught by the best professional tutors and Directors at AOFM, plus on going support with work opportunities, my career has become very successful within just a year and a half of graduating. My own hard work and perseverance has been so worth it when I've been lucky enough to work with celebrity clients through AOFM at events, award shows, editorial shoots and look books to name but a few!
Posted 4 years ago
AOFM review
I attended the Academy in February 2012.
I wanted to refresh my skills from past training that I felt had not been adequate and I’d also had a break to have my 2 children so when I was looking for schools this one was the school that really jumped out at me.
The promise of the aftercare programme I felt was very important to me….as a make-up artist you never stop learning and wanting to improve so I guess I choose this school over others because of that reason.
My first day was one I will never forget! As soon as we were handed out our brushes (the AOFM brushes are given to you as part of the package) I was hooked!
The great thing about the course is it’s so hands on and you get down to practical pretty much straight away which in my opinion is the only way to learn!
I was worried at first because I had thought after having my children that my career was over! My First tutor , Maria revealed that she had in fact been a mathematician until her early 40’s and had taken a huge career change, proving it’s never too late to follow your dreams and yes………….she completely inspired me!
We were taught by different artists every day that are out in the industry, so the wealth of experience and advice they teach you is second to none, teaching us not just how to apply makeup but how to handle the industry and succeed is so important also!
Each tutor I found to be so inspiring and full of passion which really adds to the magic of this school!
The products that we were let loose with in class were all Top class brands……Chanel, Armani, MUFE, Charlotte Tilbury, Shu uemura , Benefit, Nars to name but a few! This was so important to me as I was able to work with and experience the differences! It’s the only way to get a feel as to what you want to use in your kit as we all have a own personal favourites!
The whole course experience was amazing and only fuelled my make-up passion more! Further still I made friendships with other students, whom I still see often and take great pride in supporting their careers, some of them have gone on to do amazing things since we graduated and it only inspires me more!
In February this year I was offered an amazing opportunity with the school to fly to Milan and work backstage with them for the Sergei Grinko Show, assisting the very talented Michelle Webb.
I can honestly say that in a little over 24 hours I had the time of my life…..bringing a lifelong dream to reality!
The team I was part of were wonderful and I was lucky enough to travel out with a fellow student whom I was put in touch with via the school and we really looked after each other and gave each other great support!
During the show Jana (head of Education) was never far from me and gave me great direction and support of my work! The show was very fast pace and as it was my first time back stage I was very well looked after!
After wards having experienced my first adrenaline rush from a live show I was on a high!
Jana took all us graduates for cocktails at the Dolce and Gabbana lounge in Milan to say thank you! It was such a lovely Gesture and made us feel truly valued for our work!
I would 150% recommend this school to any aspiring artist!
The master classes that are offered as part of the aftercare programme are invaluable for keeping me inspired, up to date and in contact with all the right people.
My make-up passion continues …………….with AOFM!
Posted 4 years ago
My experience with AOFM was what I was expecting, since class number one till the opportunities after get the certificate. Makes me feel more motivated, trained and with the thought that I can do even more. Given me and to a lot of people the chance to be part of the FASHION WEEK was one amazing experience. So many thanks to all the people who is involved for make this happen.
Posted 4 years ago
Attended AOFM a year ago now and so far I have had so many great opportunities with their aftercare programme, I have had paid opportunities as well as attending 2 London Fashion weeks and Milan. AOFM also offer free exclusive masterclasses available after completing the course like with Charlotte Tilbury and Chanel which are great to attend. AOFM was a professional but friendly school and offers a good working relationship with tutors as well who you can also have assisting opportunities with. Very pleased with my AOFM experience and look forward to keep working with them.
Posted 4 years ago
I enjoyed my time throughout my course, and was delighted to represent AOFM at this past LFW. Near the end of my course with AOFM in April 2015, I was hired by MAC (Fenwicks, Bond St.), and I am also the Product Specialist for my team. My time at AOFM was well spent, and I was awarded with a wider knowledge of the fashion/ makeup industry and a new found confidence as an artist. Though it was alot of information to take in, and adapting to different styles of makeup took practice, I am happy that alot of the information, tricks and tools stuck with me, and it is reflected in the quality of work produced. Learning from such a wide variety of professional makeup, hair and nail artists during the course was extremely advantageous - they all had something valuable to share with us. I have, and will continue, to recommend AOFM to others.
Posted 4 years ago
When I initially trained at AOFM the tutors and classes thought were great, I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new techniques and was informed very promptly about the industry which actually helped me after graduating because I knew I had to work hard and not get disheartened at the beginning of my career as it is going to be hard to lift my career off at the start, which gave me the motivation to keep improving myself and working hard.

The classes were small so one to one attention was provided to each one of us. It honestly was an educational and amazing experience.

I am so grateful and thankful for the after care as it has helped me to experience things which initially take basic make-up artists years to reach. I couldn't have picked a better academy to train with and I am astonished for all the after care support I have received so far.
Posted 4 years ago
Having worked in the beauty industry for a number of years, I decided to take the plunge and follow my yearning to become a freelance make up artist. I researched many different schools but AOFM shines brighter than all the others! If you are considering training to be a make up artist AOFM really is the number 1 acadamey ...lots of other schools are trying to imitate AOFM but don't be fooled..
I attended the total pro creative specialist course in November 2015. This was the most amazing 4 weeks! All of the tutors/artists were incredible and are actually working in the industry. Each day we were inspired by a new tutor/artist and taught different techniques.
The acadamey is very well equipped and offers students the chance to work with top brands such as Chanel, Charlotte tilbury, Mac, to name a few, we literally used a different range each day!
AOFM offers an outstanding aftercare support programme, I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work at London and New York fashion weeks, working on shoots for candid magazine and maxmara, and attending various masterclasses, this is all in the space of only 4 months! These opportunities are once in a life time and only made possible because of AOFM.
Thank you to all the fantastic tutors and to Jana, Jason,Barbara, and Danni ?? This really is a life changing course and the best in the industry.
Michelle Mitchell
Posted 4 years ago
I graduated in Oct '15. I joined the 5 weeks Pro Creative course and it was one of the best experience of my life. I really enjoined to be a student of such renowned makeup school. I met different teachers/artists and I have learnt different things from each of them. I did a similar course back home and I have to say that what I really liked about Aofm is that at the end of the course you really can assist such renowned makeup artists like Michelle Webb or Yin Lee backstage for Fashion shows and photoshoots. I had the opportunity to work backstage at Milan fashion Week '16 and London Collection Men Feb'16, it was both a great experience. I certainly learnt a lot from being behind the scenes I feel more confident now than how much I used to. You can steal some tricks from the best. I will definitely recommend this school to whoever wants to pursue carrier in the makeup industry.
Posted 4 years ago
The total pro course was amazing! With excellent tutors and a huge variety of products from the best makeup brands..
The aftercare program is also great by giving us the chance to assist backstage at London fashion week! Definitely a huge opportunity!
Posted 4 years ago
I was very glad to attend AOFM Professional Makeup and Hairstyling Course in July 2015 because at that time it was the right choice in my learning process.

As I did my first makeup school in Paris in 2013, when I attended AOFM School I already had a little knowledge of the classic makeup techniques. But this School is different, I mean it has a different approach to makeup, it's more fashion focused, and it was what I was looking for.
I liked very much that teachers were all freelancers who actually have been working in the fashion industry, they were up to date with the latest trends and they shared their experiences and their portfolios. I loved Michelle Webb, Valentina Creti, Barbara Braeunlich, Philippe Miletto, Angela Davis Deacon, Louise Dartford, Karla Mujica Barchieri because they brought their own style and personalities to the lessons giving me advice and tips. And I loved when some of them were strict about techniques and when they corrected my mistakes.
Another positive aspect of the school is that I learnt to do mood boards and to choose the right themes and inspirations in preparation for the final shooting with a professional photographer, pro models, pro stylist and pro hairstylist. I had also the chance to try various makeup brands like Mac Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury, Giorgio Armani, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura and learn the differences in colors and textures.
The thing I loved the most was the opportunity to do the Fashion Week trial and join the Pro Team during the FWs in NY, London and Milan. Amazing learning experiences that helped me to learn, improve and grow as a makeup artist and that gave me the chance to meet some great people who are ready to work hard for free.
I'd recommend this school to everybody who is already into makeup, like an intermediate level, and want to take a step forward into fashion.

Thank you very much!
Giulia Carini
Posted 4 years ago
I personally thoroughly enjoyed the course, the best part was meeting all the different makeup artists and hair stylists, each one having completely different styles and tastes to the last. To name a few, Suzy Rucroft she was very professional and her work was fantastic. Carolyn Roper, her class was brilliant, getting to learn completely new techniques and she made it really fun. Angela Deakin, I really admired her work and for me it was my favourite style.

I took the course as an opportunity to kick start a whole new career, I was a PA for years and desperate to get out and do something creative, the part time course fitted in with my life perfectly as I could still work in the week. I am now working with Lancome as an Account Manager and do some freelance work when I can.

After the course I was lucky enough to work on the S/S 16 Gyunel show with Louise Dartford, she was great at leading us all, it was one of the best experiences and I am so glad I got that opportunity. I have also been to a few master classes including Chanel and Charlotte Tilbury which were full of great tips and tricks also not forgetting the free goodie bags and discounts.

The only thing I was disappointed with was the brush set and belt, myself and a few of the other girls on the course had faulty brushes where the whole brush head fell out. The hairs would fall out and the black dye on the belt came off onto the brushes making them impossible to use on someone's face. To be honest this minor point was completely over shadowed by the great aftercare and the fact that we got such huge discounts on the shopping day to purchase our own set of brushes.

I always highly recommend the course to friends as I get asked a lot about it through social media. I would love to look into doing another course with you guys at some point to better my skills.
Posted 4 years ago
Hey there Chloe!
Firstly, a massive congratulations on your new position at Lancome! It's always such a pleasure to hear of our graduate's success stories once they have departed the academy!
We are so glad to hear of your great experience whilst educating with us & that you love our aftercare programme as much as we do!
We are very sorry to hear of the issues you have had with the brushes that you were supplied with at the beginning of your course, all of our brushes are handmade & at the time of your education there was an issue with the glue that was being used by the manufacturers, we have since rectified the issue by going with a new manufacturers, if you continue to have issues, please don't hesitate to pop by the academy or just give us a call
See you soon!
Posted 4 years ago
I did the Total pro creative specialist course with AOFM, it is a go to academy for everthing you need in the make up, fashion, and beauty industry.. i was being taught by the working industry bests, who will teach every area of the business, including good time keeping. All products used at the Aofm are all high end produdts, eg Charlotte Tilbury, Marc Jacobs, Mac, Nars and lots of others. Aofm does what it promises, as i assised back stage at the milan fashion week, New York Fashion week, master classes with Aofm and Charlotte Tilbury how exciting!!! And it goes on.. I'm really pleased to be part of the Aofm pro team as working back stage gives me both confidence and and more learning experience. Highly recomended, go and have a fantastic learning experience with unlimited after care ..AOFM actually keep there promise. Thanks to the fantastic Aofm team !!!
Posted 4 years ago
My experience with AOFM has been extremely positive, especially the interaction with the Makeup Artists during the course, I found them all to be exceptionally creative, compassionate and patient. The Masterclasses I have attended have been insightful and beneficial through learning about new products/techniques and receiving Pro discount. All of the assisting opportunities have fuelled my passion for this industry and have enabled me to work on incredible fashion and beauty events, assisting highly regarded and talented Makeup Artist which I would have otherwise never had the opportunity to work with. Whenever I am available I still love to attend the Masterclasses and assist the amazing Makeup Artists for London Fashion Week. I genuinely wish I had done this course years ago!!!
Posted 4 years ago
Having always had a love for all things makeup but never working in a field remotely close to this, I decided after much thought (and reaching the milestone age of 30) that I had to take the plunge, change my career and take the first step towards achieving my dream job! I researched many courses and none stood out as highly regarded as AOFM. I booked on to the Total Pro Creative Specialist 4 week course in November 2015 and it has proved to be the best thing I have ever done! I have learnt so much and gained so much knowledge and experience of the Makeup industry through AOFM both during my course and after. All the tutors on the course were very well established in their field and it was a privilege to have had the opportunity to learn from them. Each tutor had their own expertise, experience and unique style and so provided such a wealth of knowledge and advice which proves invaluable when you are taking the first steps in your career as a Makeup Artist. My particular favourite was the Avant Garde training, where we were encouraged to be really creative with makeup and try so many things I had never done before and I was amazed with the results we all achieved, particularly after starting the course only a week earlier as a complete beginner!

Since completing my course at AOFM in December 2015, I have had the privilege of working on several shows at London Fashion Week in February 2016, including the prestigious Paul Costelloe show. This was an experience of a lifetime and I learnt so much! The school keeps in regular contact with students regarding many fantastic opportunities and I look forward to being involved with many more in the future. AOFM also offers amazing free Master Classes, where you get a great deal of information on the latest looks and product knowledge, usually hosted by a professional with a great deal of high level experience within the industry. You also get exclusive discounts and offers on products which is great when you are building your kit. The most recent masterclass I attended for Charlotte Tilbury also gave me the opportunity to provide my CV to Charlotte Tilbury Management for consideration for any up-coming roles they had. The masterclasses are also a great opportunity to catch up with your old class mates and the AOFM team.

If you are thinking of becoming a Professional Makeup Artist I can highly recommend this course, as there are no other schools that offer the training and opportunities offered by AOFM. I would like to thank the AOFM Team as a whole as they all contributed to what was an amazing experience for me and one that has given me so much knowledge about the Makeup industry. It has allowed me to follow my aspirations and feel confident in establishing my dream career as a Professional Makeup Artist!
Posted 4 years ago
I attended the combined certificate program in NYC last summer and it was the best decision I have ever made! The classroom setting was amazing- with wonderful brands like Chanel,Mac, makeup forever, Marc Jacobs, shu uemura to name a few. It was so nice to have different teachers who had their own special artistry and were willing to share their knowledge and guide us althrougout. We also got to meet Jana Ririnui, who is the founder of AOFM. He spent some time with us althrougout the course and where he got to share his creative input with the students. I can never say enough good things about the course. I have been fortunate to join the aofm team for New York fashion week. I had such an amazing experience and I would encourage everyone who want to pursue their dreams of becoming a make up artist.
Posted 4 years ago
" For me, Make-Up meant a complete career change as I studied Law before, but I wanted to follow my dream and start a new path as a make-up artist. I wanted to choose one the best schools in the industry and as I did a lot of research, I finally found AOFM.

After completing the Professional Hair and Make up course and taking part in various masterclasses such as Bobbi Brown, MAC, Dermalogica and Smashbox, Lancome, amazing opportunity offered by AOFM, I managed to open my own make-up salon back home in Romania. In the meantime I had the chance to work alongside great and talented people and made very good friends while attending the fashion shows as part of the AOFM team in London, Paris, Milan and New York.

I will gladly recommend the Academy for anyone interested in building up a career in make-up. I felt inspired by the wonderful team of teachers, all of them renowned make-up professionals, the stimulating environment, and above all, the unique approach of creating opportunities for their graduates after the course. I worked with the best make-up artists team from Aofm at LFW, Milan Mens Collection and Milan Women, Bath in Fashion, Fashion Finest, New York Fashion week etc.
Therefore, I highly recommend AOFM as an academy that combines all ingredients to a successful career in the make-up industry.
Posted 4 years ago
I Studied Total Pro Creative Course with AOFM London. I have to say that I made the right decision coming from Copenhagen to London to study makeup, which was not easy financially speaking, but quite rewarding in terms of experience. AOFM opened a huge door for me, not only in terms of my acquired experience from the amazing AOFM staff, but as well, it opened a door for a continuous learning opportunities through their Master classes that it freely offers, as well as giving me opportunities to collaborate backstage at fashion weeks. This is the big difference between AOFM and other academies that I've attended in Copenhagen, Barcelona and Las Vegas. Obviously, I'm not expecting AOFM to provide me a job, but at least AOFM is constantly encouraging me, as well as other ex-students to build our Portfolio for potential jobs.
Posted 4 years ago
Academy Of Freelance Makeup is rated 4.94 based on 121 reviews