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"***WARNING PLEASE AVOID*** There were a number of problems I experienced which made my experience both unpleasant plus stressful, to say the least. 1) I have seen 7 different dentists since my first appointment, that is, within the space of 17 months, that’s one new dentist every 2-3 months, this radically reduces the ability to build any type of relationship with your dentist (I have looked at there reviews on Google and I can see that I am not the only one who has had this problem) Honestly, it is like going to the hair dressers and having one person take out your plaits, another person wash your wash, another person condition it, another person towel dry it, another person blow dry it, another person apply leave-in conditioner and then another person style it, read how bad and sad that sounds and yet that has happened to me here. 2) A lot of the dentists never had a hand over so I had to explain what my treatment was for the majority of the time that I met a new dentist. 3) When I went to my first invisalign appointment I asked the dentist specifically if I could achieve a specific result with the invisalign Lite, he said yes, as soon as I signed the document and was tied into a contract and they had my money, I went back and the same dentist said it could not be achieved with Invisalign Lite and that I needed the full treatment, of course, that really saddened me and hurt me immensely that I was lied to, and was in debt for a dream that would remain a dream. 4) One time I travelled all the way to the dentist for my BOOKED appointment only to find that the dentist was not in and nobody called, texted or emailed me to let me know, (how sad is that, I actually have a job and sometimes I have to take time off work to attend appointments and no-one let me know). For me personally, they didn’t seem that sorry to be honest, it was like they said sorry just because they thought it was what they should do and not because they were genuinely sorry that this had happened to me, of course from reading my review I will leave you to come to your own conclusions. It was horrible after that experience, I often turned up to the dentist scared that no-one might actually be there to see me, such a horrible feeling. 5) Another time I turned up to my appointment and I was told that the dentist had popped out, they knew I was coming and yet decided to pop Sainsbury’s, how very considerate of them. 6) I was not explained about filing properly and now I still have gaps in my teeth where my teeth where filed and have not closed properly. To be honest, I had braces when I was 16 and no filing took place so it saddens me that they did this to my teeth. I already have small teeth so would prefer to keep everything I have :) Now I will have to pay more money to get the problems created by them fixed, needless to say I will be taking my service elsewhere. 7) A Receptionist at Finest Dental Barkingside "kindly" informed told me that they were going to be stopping the 0% finance so I should sign up quickly to receive this offer, not surprisingly, 1 year and a half later and they are still providing 0% interest to new patients, it seems to me as if it was a way to make people act impulsively and spend money they don’t actually have, knowing that if they want to get out of the contract later they have to pay 25% minimum of the total price, plus £100.00 cancellation fee, anyway, I'm sure you are aware of the hard sales tactics companies play these days. Please read the Terms and Condition before signing contracts. 8) I literally had to beg and next to bring tears to my eyes just to get the next 14 aligners I was actually entitled too, funny enough when the dentist explained this to me at the beginning he said it so quickly it was like he didn’t want me to hear that part, that is of course the part that I do not have to pay for. The dentist should have been able to see that at the end of my first 14 aligners my teeth was nowhere near what it looked like in my video projection and should have offered it to me but instead I had to nearly cry and beg to get extra aligners I was entitled too. 9) After I had my attachments on my teeth that the aligners fit to, taken off, and went to see a new dentist, I was told I had an overbite, which was what the aligners was suppose to fix, I know they say you should get about 90% of what the video looks like but after the first 14 it wasn't even 50%. Not surprisingly, I was quickly offered the opportunity to go for extra aligners, why? I will leave you to put 2 and 2 together and get 4. 10) Inconsistency between Finest Dentals very own dentists. One dentist said when I take out my retainers I should wear it for 6 weeks consistently, another dentist said I only need to wear at night, talk about confusion. 11) Inconsistency between Receptionists and the dentist. The dentist at Barkingside told me one thing and then the dentist at Brentwood told me another. 12) Incorrect information in relation to teeth whitening, I was told I would receive a 14 day teeth whitening kit when in fact the product lasts 10 days. Seriously... do head office know what is going on in their dentists????? 13) My regular dentist told me that I should not go ahead with the veneers and that he could get me amazing results using white fillings. Why would one dentist say this and another dentist say something different? During my time at Finest Dental I still visited my dentist and he noticed that my teeth needed fillings. This was not picked up by Finest Dental? I asked the dentist at Finest Dental if there was any alternative to veneers that did not involve drilling and he said no, nonetheless, my original dentist gave me a fantastic smile using white fillings which did not include any drilling. When I told the Receptionist at Finest Dental she said that they could do the same thing but it would not last forever, umm, well, neither do veneers love, Not only that but I never asked for something that lasts forever, I asked for an alterative, I conclude that they knew about it but as it would not make them as much money as veneers they did not want to inform me of it, you can make your own conclusions. That actually really saddens me to think that there are people out there that just care about making money at the expense of actually giving the patient what they truly need/want, I am not factually stating that Finest Dental is one of those companies, but believe me they do exist. It has been an awful experience, if I could go back and change the clock I would. 14) When I asked the dentist if he could shape my two canine teeth he said, “why don’t you get veneers” wow, really, my dentist said he wouldn’t touch my canine teeth if I asked him to do veneers on it as it is not needed and yet this dentist just offered it to me when all I asked was for a bit of contouring, I do wonder if these dentists get commission on every treatment they are able to sell the patient. 15) The day on my prep for the veneers I was given a list of things that could go wrong, really, on the day?!? That’s like somebody coming in to a surgeons for liposuctions, and the doctor saying ok, the person handing over a sum of money, and then the day they are about to go into the operating theatre, the surgeon hands them a piece of paper with a list of things that could go wrong, (which you know most people do not read) and then going ahead with the treatment. I thought that genuine surgeons that care always sit down and explain the risk before the patient agrees to the surgery, but hey, what do I know? I could be wrong. What scares me is that one of the potential hazards was sensitivity. If my teeth were sensitive permanently I would need a root canal treatment worth £300.00, per tooth, if I needed it for all 4 teeth (as I was getting 4 veneers) that would be £1,200.00! As I do not have that cash in my bank account that would mean living with that kind of pain, or getting another loan and getting myself into more debt, not to mention I had a poor credit history and most loans wanted to charge me 49% interest, ridiculous. I had a root canal treatment before and the pain is really bad, it was so bad that I even tried to take my own life by taking too many tablets because I couldn't bare the pain, and yet this is something that I could experience and the dentist never thought to sit down and actually explain this to me, if I never read the paper I would have been none the wiser, that really saddens me. 16) There are times when they are not available to speak to you on the phone, what they do is defer all calls to the overflow, the overflow takes a message and say they will pass it on, sometimes they do not pass it on, sometimes, they do pass it on and no-one contacts you, of course this is very distressing when you are trying to get out of a contract with Finest Dental and are still paying monthly to the finance company, which I was. 17) No handover between Receptionists. I was very distressed trying to close my contract, the Receptionist was aware of this and yet failed to hand over to the other Receptionist when she left. I did not even know she had left, it is only when I asked to speak to someone in accounts (whilst speaking to someone in the overflow) that the other Receptionist got in contact with me and said she had no idea what was going on and could I please explain everything to her again, really sad. 18) I am not very happy with the way my teeth looks and will need to get braces in the future to fix the problem created by Finest Dental (i.e. over bite, gaps in teeth) although I can't do it now due to lack of funds sadly. 19) When I did pay the money to get my contract cancelled they completely messed that up as well which meant that I had to use more of my time and effort to inform them that what they were doing was erroneous, and how to do their job properly. They tried to send me the refund instead of the Finance Company (which was hundreds of pounds short by the way) which means I would have still been owing money to the Finance Company and would have been one thousand and four pounds out of pocket! 20) They took ages to pay the Finance Company which meant that I had the Finance chasing me with phone calls, voicemails, letters, text messages and emails for their money, understandably, just because Finance Dental took so long, they had to chase Finance Dental to get their money too, it ended up in a very embarrassing experience for me as well where it looked like I couldn't keep on top of my bills in front of my friends when my mum called me to say that the finance company had called about their money and my phone was on loud speaker, my friends heard and I felt so embarrassed. 21) Finest Dental asked me to keep paying the Finance Company my monthly repayments as they take 28 days to sort it out. They also said that the Finance Company would refund me, funny enough, the Finance Company had no idea of this arrangement and I probably would not have got a refund from them. Finest dental asked for my sort code and account number to give to the Finance Company so they (the Finance Company) could send me a refund and yet the very next day Finest Dental emailed me stating that they were going to give me a refund, therefore they said they would do one thing with my personal information and did another, not sure how that would go down with the Data Protection Act???"
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