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"The below transcript shall show what went wrong: my conversation with an AnyVan rep. when I called to reschedule a delivery because the seller could not be around waiting for the driver all day. The driver, however, who works freelance, turned out to be very courteous. Please note, all identifying details have been removed. AnyVan Rep. Welcome to AnyVan! How can I help? 12:56:13 pm Customer: Someone called AAAA just put the phone down on me She is not suitable to do the job AnyVan Rep. 12:56:25 pm Hey 12:56:30 pm Customer:: Can you please check what the problem is with her? AnyVan Rep. 12:56:50 pm Im very sorry to hear that Customer: 12:57:32 pm I have booked the delivery and I wanted a different slot - she said I have lost my money and she won't help me. I have never experienced this before with AnyVan and I have been using it for many years. 12:58:05 pm AnyVan Rep. 12:58:39 pm Please can I take your booking reference number? Customer: 12:58:57 pm She said I won't get a refund for rescheduling. This is extremely rude and unhelpful. She won't put me though to your manager and she won't give a number to call to complain. XXXXXXXX 12:59:15 pm AnyVan Rep. 12:59:33 pm The number to call is: Our number is 020 3872 3050. Customer: 01:00:02 pm AAAA refused to give me a number or the manager's name or any other contact AnyVan Rep. 01:00:33 pm We cannot give out our managers details In order for me to be able to allow access to your booking, please can you confirm that you're the AnyVan account holder? 01:01:18 pm Customer: 01:01:26 pm I would like the table to be picked up in the evening or weekend - because the seller is saying she is not available after 10 am tomorrow. This is just an one off unfortunate incident, when I need your understanding. AnyVan Rep. 01:01:42 pm Great! For security reasons, can you please therefore confirm your full name, phone number & one of the postcodes listed on the booking? Customer: 01:02:04 pm XXXXXXXX AnyVan Rep. 01:02:20 pm Thank you! :) Customer: 01:03:53 pm Hello? AnyVan Rep. 01:04:27 pm Just reading up on the situation Unfortunately to book in for a specific time you do have to pay extra as AAAAA advised. Customer: 01:05:57 pm Do you really think you're being nice to a regular customer? The driver only contacted the seller today. If he had contacted her when I booked - two days ago, she would have made sure she stayed at home. I am asking for your understanding and goodwill. AnyVan Rep. 01:06:53 pm I cannot give you a free time slot of 7pm it will be £16 extra to change to that. However, the driver should have provided you with an ETA rather than asking you to stay home all day. I will ask that he provides an ETA to you. 01:07:02 pm Customer: 01:10:41 pm Please would you make sure he does that? AnyVan Rep. 01:11:19 pm Yes, of course! :) Customer: 01:12:15 pm If it could be picked up another day and the seller gets a longer time to arrange her day, it would be most appreciated. AnyVan Rep. 01:12:38 pm I will add a note to suggest this. Customer: 01:12:52 pm These are her times: Wed 20th Before 10:00 or after 19:00 Thur 21st Before 08:00 Friday 22nd 07:00 - 16:00 Sat 23rd 16:00 onwards Sun 24th Flexible As you can see, she's free all day Friday. 01:13:20 pm I would be so grateful if you could please set the day on Friday? Here's her number: XXXXXXXX 01:14:15 pm AnyVan Rep. 01:14:55 pm I will ask about this - however - there would be an admin fee as you are altering the booking within 24 hours Customer: 01:16:08 pm The driver only texted her today. AnyVan Rep. 01:16:27 pm Okay so the driver will be due to arrive between 11am - 3pm tomorrow. Customer: 01:16:39 pm But you should have contacted the seller when I booked, not just today I did 3-day flexible booking AnyVan Rep. 01:17:21 pm The driver would not be assigned to your booking for a while and always contacts 24 hours prior to the move with ETA's Customer: 01:17:38 pm If the driver contacted her earlier, she would have advised him with her availability. AnyVan Rep. 01:17:50 pm The driver wouldn't have been assigned to your booking before then The drivers don't work around your schedule, he fits your booking in with his schedule. 01:18:09 pm Customer: 01:18:16 pm That's why I did a 3-day flexible booking. So the seller got plenty of time to be around. Where do we stand now? AnyVan Rep. 01:18:41 pm This is booked in as a fixed date for tomorrow The driver will be arriving between 11am - 3pm tomorrow. Is there anything else I can help you with? 01:19:10 pm Customer: 01:21:31 pm I always click on flexible booking - if this has happened, that is a digital error. Would you please please reschedule for Friday or according to the times that the seller has sent as above? AnyVan Rep. 01:21:54 pm Sorry, but we cannot do that. If you wish to reschedule there is an admin fee. Customer: 01:21:54 pm I am asking you as a very loyal customer. AnyVan Rep. 01:22:15 pm I cannot alter anything without charging you. Customer: 01:22:23 pm You can check my account - how frequently I have been using you. AnyVan Rep. 01:22:33 pm As there is an admin fee for all customers who make changes within 24 hours. Customer: 01:22:47 pm There's something called customer service / goodwill. Goodwill gesture. AnyVan Rep. 01:23:13 pm I cannot do that. Customer: 01:23:23 pm I now know that I won't be making those changes again. AnyVan Rep. 01:23:33 pm We unfortunately cannot confirm this is a digital error as on confirmation email it is a fixed date. Customer: 01:23:35 pm This is one off. This is a request. AnyVan Rep. 01:23:55 pm No, sorry. Is there anything else I can help you with? 01:25:48 pm Customer: 01:28:21 pm Don't think you can - you WON'T help? I messaged you for help. You have refused. AnyVan Rep. 01:29:08 pm I haven't refused - I have stated our policies to you - there is an admin fee to change the order within 24 hours of the move taking place. Customer: 01:29:15 pm Any other customer service is there to help customers - especially the loyal ones. You have refused to move an inch from your profiteering position. AnyVan Rep. 01:29:21 pm If you are willing to pay for the changes we can go ahead and make the changes. As you are not willing to do so I cannot change it. Customer: 01:30:03 pm You are trying to take more money from a loyal customer AnyVan Rep. 01:30:25 pm Loyal or not, those are our policies, all customers are charged an admin fee to change the order within 24 hours. Customer: 01:30:33 pm I am asking you to understand just an one off occasion. AnyVan Rep. 01:30:45 pm I cannot do that. Customer: 01:30:48 pm There's something called "goodwill gesture" AnyVan Rep. 01:31:18 pm Okay. I cannot give you a goodwill gesture. Customer: 01:33:02 pm Yes, I know that! You MUST make profit. Never mind, good luck with your mission! 01:34:02 pm AnyVan Rep. 01:34:16 pm Driver will be at collection between 11am - 3pm tomorrow Goodbye for now! :) Have a great day! :)"
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